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Sanya, 1st Olympic Torch Relay City of Mainland

2008,a figure with especial meaning to all over China, in the year, Beijing will be held the 29th Olympics Sanya will be the 1st torch relay city of  mainland China ,Sanya express passion and participating in to 2008 Beijing Olympics.

On August 20,ViceSecretary General of CPC Sanya Committee led a delegation taking initiative to contact with the Beijing Olympics Committee, through which to understand situation of the event, and display the characteristics of Hainan Island in an aim to seek for cut-in point of cooperation.

On August 29,Sanya positioned its goal on "apply for the first relay city of Olympics Torch in Mainland China". The Mayor of Sanya Lu Zhiyuan visited the Torch Relay Center of Beijing Olympics Committee in person and submitted the letter of application and relay program.

On Sep 3.2006,Sany mayor Lu Zhiyuan, on behalf of Sanya ,presented a piece Li ethnic brocade embroidered with Olympics rings to Beijing Olympics Committee in the desire to support and share the Olympics on the promotion fair of "Beautiful Sanya Beijing Tour". On November 16.a series of events were unfolded in the theme of "Olympic Committee" during the yearly-based Hainan Carnival in an effort to promote Olympic spirit among the mass citizens and echo to the move of Sanya's application for the first torch relay ceremony of Olympic torch in mainland China.

 To welcome the Olympics and prepare for the torch relay, Collection of Olympic Smiling Faces from One Hundred Cities kicked off in Sanya on January 10,2007.

On the nightfall of April 26,2007,Sanya became the first torch-relay city of mainland China for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

At 20:00,April 26,2007,Sanya witnessed a grand evening party labeling "Sanya Inundated in Joyful Songs to Hail the Olympics" that fully expressed the enthusiasm of participation from all walks of the city.

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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