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Light the Passion Share the Dream

The serial activities held by Sanya for the first Olympic Torch Relay

If say the successful bidding of Olympics Beijing fulfilled the Olympic dream of 1.3 billion people, the victory of becoming the first relay city in Mainland China for Olympic torch on April 26,2007signifiled the realization of SanYa peoples Olympic dream.

The logo of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay owes much of its inspiration to the traditional concept of "fire phoenix", and presents the image of two runners holding the Olympic Flame high. As ancient Chinese legend has it, phoenix is the king of all birds, and symbolizes good fortune, eternity, nobility and happiness. The use of the phoenix image in the Torch Relay will send the best wishes from the Beijing Olympic Games to people all over China and the rest of the world. Sanya has long been predestined to have unspeakable relations with phoenix. Speaking merely of the coincidence that Sanya phoenix Island has been chosen as landing point for the torch ,the city has been doomed to become the "coronet" of the "fire phoenix", let along its phoenix international Airport, Phoenix Town etc. The"fire phoenix" will once again ignite the long-intended passion of Sanyanese, carry forward Sanyas dream to go international!

Since then all circles of Sanya have come up to pass on the same dream in various forms ¡°dream of the Olympics, dream of going international¡±.

Preparative Work Initiated in Hainan

On April 30,2007,preparative work on torch relay in Hainan for 2008 Beijing Olympics was officially initiated. On that day¡¯s morning, Leading Team of Torch Relay in Hainan for the Beijing Olympics had a press conference in Haikou City, released that major tasks would be carried out such as establishment of associated organizational organs ,methods for selection of torchbearers, escort runners and volunteers.

Symposium held for One-year Countdown and Preparative Works of Sanya

to Discuss on Torch Relay Route and Designing Concepts of Transmittance

On May 4,2007,one week after Beijing Olympic Committee declared Sanya the first torch relay city of mainland China, Sanya Government took immediate actions to assemble associated organs during the "May Days" Golden Week for a symposium held for one ¨Cyear countdown and preparative work of Sanya for the 2008 games at Kempinsiki Resort in Sanya Bay to deliberate on the preparations for the torch relay in Sanya and release the"one-year countdown for the first torch relay mainland China of the 2008 Olympics". Issues pertaining to first torch relay and tentative route of relay and scheming concepts of delivery were discussed during the symposium.

Route for Torch Relay to Enter Sanya £¨tentative£©:

The torch has been confirmed to be delivered from Macao to Hainan province and will travel within Hainan for 3day .Hainan province will take advantage of its particular ,marine resources .innovate boldly to deliver the torch through means of water surface, underwater, land and air,a four-dimensional form of transmittance covering Sanya£¨Xisha islands£©, Wuzhishan City, Wanning City, Haikou City and finally the torch will be passed into Guangdong Province ,total ,mileage of which will be 659km.

Scheming Concepts of the Relay in Sanya and Hainan as a whole £¨tentative£©:

Ancient ethnic fishing boats to receive the sacred fire :

Regarding the delivery from macao to Sanya, the torch is planned to sail by passenger liners to Sanya directly. When the fleet reaches Sanya, the torch will be transited to the ethnic fishing boats perching on pier. At the landing pier grand welcome ceremony will be launched with participation of leaders from Sanya City and Hainan provincial government, specially invited guests, visitors form around the world and local residents will present to hail arrival of the sacred fire. A monument will be set to for perpetual commemoration.

Underwater delivery at Xisha Islands

   Xisha is the southernmost tip of Chinese territory consisting of 32 island ,reefs ,islets and sandy beaches spreading in a marine zone of over 500,000sqkm. As the tip stays afar from the mainland and is scarcely populated, seawater around the islands is very clean with highest visibility up to 40 meters. Xisha boasts coral reefs extending several kilometers, nearby waters of which is home to all kinds of marine plants and fish, with large number of sea birds residing on them. Diving as an exclusive water sport in tropical oceanic area attracts thousands of diving spots. Underwater delivery can visually make a difference, and contrast with Mt. Everest in forms .

 Delivery by Eastern Expressway

Hainan¡¯s favorable climate and landform make the island perfectly adaptable to cycling spurt. Its warm in winter, humid in summer and cool at night, where cycling is increasingly favored by the public. Eastern Expressway is the artery of Hainan to link up the whole island, which provides very good geographic location for the torch relay by bikes.

Delivery by Wanquan River drift

Wanquan is the mother river of Hainan that remains unpolluted and features exquisite eco-environment. Wanquan Rivet Drift ranges from Yanyuan to Huishan Town covering a length of 15km that may take 3 hours. The Wanquan River Gorge is truly primitive, natural, ecological and pristine, and is as well a perfect location for best outdoor sports for its typical tropical rainforest adorning the banks and artistic landforms. Delivery of Olympic Torch with modern methods in a pristine environment will become another shining spot of the entire event.

Delivery across Mount Wuzhishan Li ethnic stockade villages

Li minority are aboriginals of Hainan Island. Wuzhishan is the highest mountain and the symbol of Hainan, is as well the cradle of all major rivers in Hainan community takes root deeply in the remote mountains, which is closely correlated with Mt. Wuzhishan. The Li people will light up Mt. Wuzhishan with the sacred Olympic Flame.

Endeavoring to set up Chinas first Olympic Cultural Square

China has been authorized by the ICD to put up 15 squares featuring Olympic culture throughout the country. Sanya will take active role in exploring and developing the healthy culture of Olympics through integration of its resource predominance, and a site will be selected for the first Olympic Cultural Square in Sanya. In addition, Sanya plans to build a ¡°Greater China Olympic Cultural Corridor¡± giving its theme to Chinese Olympic champions from all parts of the world on the coast of Sanya Bay Cocopalm Landscaping Belt in wish to promote Olympic spirit, spread Olympic philosophy, propagandize Olympic culture and develop Olympic economy. 

Sanya Recruited Route Map of Olympic Torch Relay from the public

     Delivery of Olympic sacred flame is a process to pass on the Olympic spirit, and is as well a kind of global promotion, propaganda and display of the relay host city. On May 21, 2007, in wish to showcase Sanya¡¯s unique natural scenes, humanity and ethnic culture with most effective measures, and endow the relay with characteristic, creative and diversified means, Sanya Torch Relay Office for the Olympics launched a notice of recruitment to its 520,000 citizens of all nationalities and tourists from home and abroad through internet, TV, newspaper, magazines and other forms of media, called on people to conceive and mastermind the route map for the torch relay.

The torch relay ceremony will not be completely covered by hiking. The relay parade consists of vehicles for commanding purpose, kindling torchbearers, TV broadcast and first-aid service. At eight to nine o¡¯clock every morning, getting-off ceremony for the day will be held .The kindling will be taken out of the vehicle for the torchbearers to start a day¡¯s delivery. Beijing the first relay city in mainland China for the Olympic Torch, the delivering route will extend from Macao to Sanya, Wuzhishan, Wanning, Haikou then Guangzhou. It will take three days to cover the whole island, with one day in Sanya. Every day there will be 208torchbeares and a number of escort runners involved. Sanya will send 208 torchbearers for the one-day relay. After the torch is passed from the Macao torchbearer to the first hand of Sanya, it will be handed over to the next torchbearer. Each torchbearer will run for 200 meters and the torch will be delivered to the finish point by the last hand to end up the day¡¯s journey with a celebrative ceremony. During the entire delivering process, Sanya will try to cover as many spots as possible in an aim to display, more of its topical flavor and superior resources being the only tropical seaside tourist city of China.

Selection Program for Sanya Torchbearers

    Selection of torchbearers and escort runners for Sanya will be carried out from June 24 to October 30,2007.

Criteria for selection of torchbearers and escorting runners:

1: Be patriotic and dedicated to the Olympic Movement;

2: Practice the Beijing Olympic Games concepts in daily life and have contributed to the building of a harmonious society;

3: Be distinguished for remarkable feats in his/her profession or community, or have a personal story that can inspire or motivate others;

4: Be willing and dedicated to community services;

5: Be distinguished for contributions to the Olympic Movement or for extraordinary performance at past Olympic Games.

Selection criteria of criteria of escort runners:

Mission of the escort runners is to provide backup service for the torchbearers, especially the handicapped torchbearers in passing of the sacred flame, and help the torchbearers conclude the delivering, mission when it is necessary. As a educational movement for youth, the escort runners will show the world the sound image of Chinas new generation. Except for criteria for the torchbearers, escort runners should meet up with the following requirements:

1: Above the age of 17

2: Be able to cover 3km in 20 minutes without much effort.

3: Be able to catch up with the torchbearers with best physical conditions.

4: Be able to carry put escort running at many relay sections.

Long-distance running for Olympics
In the morning of June 30, 2007,a long ¨Cdistance running was launched calling on physical building of all people alongside the Olympics in response to welcome ¨Cthe-Olympics and show-good-spirit movement themed¡± I participate, I contribute, I enjoy¡±. Nearly 6000people consisting of municipal leaders and other sectors such as education, tourism, Sanya-bassed, military and police forces joined the event to express their support to the Olympics and best wishes for Sanya.
On July 3, 2007, the ¡°divine deer of Hainan¡±-Zhang Huimin¡¯s ten-thousand-kilometer long-distance running was started to embrace the Olympics. The start-off ceremony was held at the Southern Kindling Platform of Sanya, with 22km covered on that day. The event received broad support from the citizens, many of whom donated to express their assistance for both the little girl and the Olympics on the send-off ceremony released at 8:00am on Buxingjie Street.

Tips for 2008 Bejing Olympics

Goals: High-level Olympics with distinguishing features

(Distinguishing Features: The features refer to Chinese style, cultural splendor, contemporary spirits and mass participation.

High-level: sporting venues, facilities and competition organizations; opening ceremonies and cultural events; media services and favorable press commentary; security work; volunteers and services; transportation and logistics; urban civility and friendliness; and performances by athletes from around the world.)

Concepts: Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People¡¯s Olympics

Policy: To launch an Olympics of openness, innovation, thrift, cleanness and involvement of all people.

Slogan: One World One Dream

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