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Tourism Circle of Sanya, Big and Abundant

On march 13th 2007,sanya government signed the cooperation agreement with 6 cites(countries),such as Baoting country, Five-finger Mountain city, Lingshui country, Wanning city, Dongfang and Ledong country city, thus to work with the nearby cities openhandedly to share resources, guest and benefits to build up a achievement and new development¡­¡­

Sanya Tour:
A. Sanya Seashore tour:
West Island; Wuzhizhou Island 
B. Hotspring of Sanya Tour:
Pearl River Nantian Hotspring;
Tianyuan Hotspring
C. Folk cultures of Sanya Tour: 
Areca River Village; Yacheng town

1£©The most pristine island of Sanya Tour----- West Island
The West Island is also called Xi Daimao Island because of its hawksbill-shaped. It is the nearest island away from Sanya city (only 8 miles away). The West Island covers an area of 2.8 square kilometers. There are about 4,000 inhabitants and fisherman living on the island. As the most pristine island, the West Island boasts fascinating scenery, fresh air, gorgeously clean sea water, and soft beach. Moreover, there are lots of pristine coral reefs and abundant marine life growing around the island. The West Island is one of the ideal destinations in Sanya for diving and water sports, which boasts crystal clear waters with a wide array of marine life and extensive coral reefs to explore. It is the place that is not to be sneezed at your Sanya tour.

Transportation: The travel line begins from Yalong Bay to Nanshan, via Dadong Sea, urban, Sanya Bay and ends by West Island Marina. It takes about 40minutes to complete whole trip. The earliest bus is at 6:00 am from Yalong Bay, and the latest is at 7:40 pm back from Nanshan.

Accommodation: There is a private hotel which called West Island yunaxing Resort Hotel, and it has standard room, king-size bed room and, usually the price ranges from RMB 120 to 180, but there will be a rise holidays.

From 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, you could enjoy your food in BBQ and seafood Bar of the scenic zone. If you are interesting in experiencing of flashing life, you can try to go angling (RMB 160 per 2 hours) and DIY yourself seafood dishes. But there is a particular thing has to be reminded that some fish may be poisoned, you must check with local fishermen before eating.

Recreation: 1. Regular water activities are parasailing, motorboat, diving and so on.
2. Looking for historical traces of Women's militia who used defend West Island by   riding a bike, as well as finding out the story about anti-Japanese hero, the "eight sisters".
3. Climb Niu Ling in the west of the island, and visit scenery of this island and the military legacy which are preserved perfectly.

Ticket: Entrance ticket plus boat ticket is RMB 130 per person.

2£©The most romantic island of Sanya Tour----Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island is shaped like an irregular butterfly, covers 1.48 square kilometers with a coastal line of 5.7 kilometers. The southern and eastern parts of Wuzhizhou Island are hilly and two high mountains connect to form a peak about 79.9 meters (262 feet) high. There are over 2,700 plant varieties on Wuzhizhou Island, including the tall trees and dense bushes. Specially, there is one of the most ancient plants, called dracaenadroco. In the west and north, the terrain is flat and soft white sandbeach stretching. Protected coral reefs are rich in sea cucumbers, conches, sea urchins, and various tropical fishes. Wuzhizhou Island is a romantic place in Sanya tour. Moreover, the island is the best place for scuba diving in China. Tourists can have opportunities to experience the unique and beautiful underwater scenery which is a treasure house of a great variety of fish, corals, and other marine denizens. For those who want to spend a night on the island, Wuzhizhou Island Holiday Center offers 81 Guest Rooms with a choice of onshore or inner island Wooden Cabin, the Presidents' Villa.

Transportation: It is about 20 minutes away from Yalong Bay by car. There is no particular tourist bus to Wuzhizhou Island, you can take the bus to Tenqiao at Sanya Bus Station, and take off at the crossing of Jianglin village, Linwang town, then change to take a local tricycle to arrive the marine. To take a taxi from urban to the marine, you may cost RMB 35 more or less.

All hotels on the Island are wooden house of pure natural, the cheapest one is with hillside view and priced at RMB580 per night, and the price properly increases on weekend. However, it is very valuable experience to live in sea view wooden house and the weekday's rate is RMB128 per room night.

1. The buffet lunch costs you about RMB40 per person and the restaurant gives you a broader
view for sea and vast expanse of coconuts.
2. Two options for dinner are Chinese and Western cuisine, but the consumption is more expensive in contrast with other meals, is you decide to stay there longer, you will be recommended to bring some food instead of purchasing on the island.

1.To sea sunrise in the early morning. You are able to see the most spectacular sunrise at sea if you could arrive to seaside before 6:00 am.
2. To collect shellfish on Valentine Island at morning, there are many kinds of shellfish and bigger than others.
3. To dive at 1:00 pm, as to you could find the greatest underwater visibility at this moment.
4. To take a walk on beach and enjoy sunset after 4:00 pm.
5. To visit the world of oceanic animals.

Entrance and ferry tickets are RMB 128 per person.

The special rate of RMB 88(entrance and boat) will be offered, if you could provide confirmation letter of your accommodation.

3) Southern feeling of coconut trees of Sanya Tour---- Pearl River Nantian Hotspring
Located in Nantian Farmland and separated from Wuzhizhou Island by the stretches of sea, Pearl River Nantian Hotspring has the reputation of "China No.1 Hot-spring". At the Nantian geothermal field, the average temperature of thermal mineral water that is low temperature thermal mineral water is 57¡ãc. The content of metasilicic acid and fluorine are 68.5-117.5mg/L and 2.04-7.7mg/L. There are more than 60 exteriors pools of various styles. They are designed in tropical landscape style, and each pool has its exclusive scene. Water temperature stays at 28¡ãc to 48¡ãC, where the swimming pools, constant temperature pools and high temperature pools are varied in settings, offer you impressing experiences in Sanya tour.

Transportation: Dadonghai Resort Intime Hotel have free sightseeing buses, depart at every whole clock, about 30 minutes reach hot spring area.

Hot Spring area have hotels, there are villa area and standard rooms area. The villa area is independent, and has small hot spring pool in every room, can adjust freely, water temperature, especially suitable for families with children.

Hotel restaurants, western-style breakfast and BBQ.

Have different feature hot spring. Particularly, the small fish hot spring, the small fish will nibble your body, you will feel itch in the beginning and not suited, but after 3 minutes you will feel comfortable. In the western, the bubble hot spring can knead your back; it's a good choice and very popular in Sanya tour.


4) Return to simple nature Sanya Tour---- Tianyuan Hotspring

Transportation: By the bus from urban to Nandao Farm in the west station, you can get the Tianyuan Crossing, RMB4/person. Only 15 minutes from the downtown by self-driving.

Food: The hot spring area have buffet cakes, fruits, meals can be enjoyed at any time.

Feature: 1. Small fish hot spring. Hidden in the midst of rice fields to enjoy the stroking of small fish and the recuperation of the hot spring.
2. Sleep heated floor. It is a special experience to sleep on the heated floor in the tropical Sanya. While you sleep heated floor, health-case assistants from Yangzhou will show a set of ingenious massage manipulation from your head to toe. It's good for eliminating fatigue and easing the pressure. Enjoy yourself with the simplest and neareat nature in Sany tour.


5) The modern village with primitive ecology Sany Tour---- Areca River Village
To experience a different and traditonal culture in Sany tour.

Food: In the Orchid Garden and Hut Restaurant, you can taste delicious dishes of Li Minority, at the same time, you will be honored to hear their traditional songs.

1.To experience the life in village by picking fruits and vegetables, tidying courtyard or drawing water from well.
2. To visit the hami melon growing shed.
3 To play hotspring pool at the edge of the village.

free to entrance.

6) The historical footsteps of Sanya ---- Yacheng town Sanya Tour
Yacheng Town is located 40km west of Sanya. Being a famous ancient cultural town, it is fertile of rice and fish. Visitors can experience the ancient culutre here in Sanya tour. Yacheng Town has beautiful scenery and riches in humane landscape. Here you not only can completely experience the ancient civilization and local culture of Sanya, but also can fully enjoy the southern scenery and the charm of countryside. You can totally forget the time, escape from the pressure of busy life and freely enjoy your Sanya tour.

spring entertainment, rainforest health preserving, Li & Miao culture and
special island.

1£©The most supernatural island----Boundary Island
Boundary Island is located at the connection of Linshui country and Wanning country, as well as at the connection of tropical zone and subtropical zone. Because of its special geographical location, it can be seen that often wonders: in summer, Lingnan is a bright and sunny, and the North of heavy rainfall; in winter, Lingnan is sunny and the North was gloomy. Here people can experience the mystery of the nature and the life has been an uninhabited island without risk. Standing on the Peak, the clear delineation of the sea around the island, linked with the beach, constitute the artist as a natural picture. The east of island spreads cliffs, while the west boasts a pristine, white-fine-sandy beach with unbelievably wonderful turquoise water. There are a lot of coral reefs and abundant tropical fishes growing around the island. On the island you can experience un unprecedented novel and stimulating, fully enjoy yourself with the recreations, such as: reef diving, cliff diving, wreck diving, motor boats at sea, undersea walk, dragging the sea umbrella, beach bars, and other unique entertainments on the sea.

Transportation: It has longer distance away from the urban, about 2 hours to arrive.

At present, only camping is available, moreover there is no particular lighting on street so you had better to act under outdoor experts, direction.

The sea view restaurant mainly produces Hainan cuisine, but according to client taste, it could also provide some Sichuan cuisine.

1. Water activities include motorboat, canoeing, banana boat and so on.
2. To look farther from high in the mountain and let a superb panorama fell under your eye on the peak.
3. Various types of diving: scuba diving, platform cave diving, wreck ship diving, dolphin diving, single submarine, submarine sightseeing, coral view boat, seawalker. Professional underwater photography is served.

The ticket of ferry costs RMB 130 per person.

1. Pay attention to safety when you are on a yacht, because the wave is always turbulent in this area.
2. Due to climatic reasons, a larger temperature difference is between morning and evening, so you should prepare enough clothes to keep warm.

2) The Xanadu ---- Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone
Yanoda Rain Forest Cultural Tourism Zone is located 35km away from the downtown city of Sanya. The site has a total planning area of 45 square kilometers encircled by an ecological protection area of 123 square kilometers. The Rainforest Valley contains six rainforest wonders such as plant strangle, flower basket, old Stems Blossom, great roots, intertwined vines and huge stones embraced by roots. Here people can feel tranquility and the mystery in the deep forest, enjoy the joyfulness of playing waterfalls, and experience the pleasant surprise and the quiver of emotion on the fantastic sky bridges in Yanoda. It is a must-see place of Sanya tour and experience the natural beauty of Hainan's tropical rainforests.

Transportation: Complimentary shuttle buses are served. Boarding points: 1. the bus departs from Mingzhu square at 9:00 am and return at 3:00 pm; 2. the bus departs from Resort Intime of Dadonghai during 9:30 and return at 3:00 pm; 3. at Yalong Bay, the bus departs during 9:30 am to 10:00 am, and return at 3:00 pm; 4. at Sanya Bay, the bus departs during 8:30 am t 9:00 am, and return at 3:00 pm.

Hotels are still under planning, at present only tent camping is available, to rent single tent costs RMB50 per night and double is RMB60 per night. Normally people camps beside a pond by the entrance, but the best location is at the lawn next to the benches, you can lie down inside your tent and enjoy the most bright moon and beautiful mountains at such peaceful night.

You could find Chinese buffet of characteristic medicine diet in the restaurant near the entrance. All food are produced with rainforest¡¯s herbs and natural fruits, for examples there are tremella, papaya, yam and so on, and they could benefit you from relieving summer¡ªheat and expulsion of toxin. Business Hours are: 11:00 am ¨C16:00 pm.

1. Dabble on the waterfall, climb rock along the stream is definitely the most challenging activities. The most suitable spot of taking photos is below the second large waterfall with sight of trees and falling water, the valley and rainforest will be fully collected into your camera.
2. To run a risk in the rainforest by shuttling this tropical forest, getting close to pure natural.
3. To see sunrise at eh sightseeing platform on the peak at 6:30 am.

The ticket (includes cable car) is RMB150 per person.

3) The fairyland ---- Qixianling Tropical Rainforest

Transportation: About 1.5 hours away from Sanya by riding a car. Both of short-distance bus and taxi are available, but you should take off at Baoting Town then change to electronic tricycle if you choose short-distance bus.

The best hotel is Narada tropical resort Hainan, there is still parts of small hotels or guesthouse for your potion. In here, most of hotels have natural hot springs. The rate is various from different standards, normally about RMB 300 to RMB 1000.

There are local restaurant to serve dishes of farmyard both by the foot and the entrance of the hill, you will taste characteristics Li's food and if there are special requirements, you can directly tell owner, generally they are able to serve your needs.

For climbing, you are recommended to get up at 5:00 am and start your trip at about 6:00 am, because energy is not easy to expend in morning air. The target of this trip is the second ridge. There is a rest place in the half mountain, so you must have a good rest here and could expend RMB 10 to buy fresh coconut from the mountain people. After this break, you should put on a spurt, otherwise it will be difficult to reach the peak.

4) Selection of ancient Li & Miao Culture ---- Binglanggu (Ganza Ridge Hainan Indigenous Culture Tourism Zone)
In the depth of the rain forest, it is full of mist just like a fairyland. There is an ancient small village where people can be apart from the hullabaloo and culture in the urban area, reserve the traditions and watch this field of the soul.

Binglanggu lies at the Ganza ride national natural reserve on the border of Sanya city and Baoting country. It covers an area of 369 mu (24.6 hectares), about 28 kilometers away from Sanya city. It is named Binglanggu because of it is formed by a several kilometers continuous vale, covered with millions of areca and lush jungles at both sides. The reserve consists of three spots, the primitive Li village, the ecological Miao village and the jungles, it is a top 10 most featured attractions and a 10 most satisfied scenic spot.

Transportation: About 40 minutes by taxi or bus that from Sanya to Baoting.

1.Tasting red potatoes ad bamboo rice. 
2. The Li's restaurants which are located at the entrance, serve you with kinds of Li's tea.

1. Free for trying height-slide to through valley over 500 meters height, to enjoy greens and wind whistling in your ear, as well as challenging yourself.
2. To have fun with Li's youths by playing various games.
3. To attend a ceremony of Miao minority's wedding at Chiyou Hamlet.

If time is sufficient, and you are also a hiker, you can choose to take bus from Sanshui Guoji and take off at Damao Valley, and then walk up highroad to go up the hill, the scenery area is down to 500 meters along the road after you u to the hill. You can enjoy the scenery of Damao Valley all the way; you can also take perfect photos at he half-way with continuous mountains.


Five-finger Mountain:
exploration in the tropic forest & folk custom tours.


Roof of Hainan ---- Wuzhi Mountain
Wuzhishan is the highest mountain in Hainan, locates at the center ofHainan Island. Seen from distance, the peaks shapes like five fingersof a hand, and that is how Wuzhishan got it names. The region has been listed by the International Tourism Organization in recognition of its supreme natural scenery which comprises one of the few natural rain forests surviving in the world today. On the top of the Wuzhishan Mountain, the cloud and mist is much thicker as if you were in the space. On the mountain, there is a kind of unique fragrance is full of air. The scenery of mountains and rivers forms the beautiful landscape. The best time for visiting Wuzhi Mountain is between November and April the following year, while the best time for taking a trip down the canyon is from July to October. This area is an ideal place to visit if you want to avoid sunburn while escaping from the cold of more northern climes.

Transportation: 70km from Sanya, self-driving is more convenience, about 2 hours to reach the foot of the hill.

1.There are special hotels in Shuiman Village in the foot of Wuzhi Mountain.
2. Encamp in the food of the hill or on the top platform.

There are many special Li restaurants in the foot, with variety foods, moreover its veritable farmhouse cooking. The most distinctive is: five feet pig, Wuzhishan potherb, Wuzhi beef and Shanlan rice wine.

Besides climb on foot, can be rock-climbing, waterfall drop, drift, and mountain biking activities. On the "Li & Miao March Three Festival", can sing, dance bamboo dance, slosh lucky water with local Li people, see the ethnic characteristic performances, and experience the ecology folk customs.


1. Hill road is anfractuous, self-driving need to prepare a map. Best to confirm the road with the local residents.
2. Pay more attention to the leech, prepare the prevention drugs.

island and bay tour.

Nanwan Monkey Island
 & Ecological Zone

The Island is originally called Nanwan Peninsula, bordering on mountain and sea on three sides and is joined by the land of Lingshui Country in the north with a total range of 10.2sqkm, graced by 12 undulating radges in various sizes. 95% of the island is forested, flora blossoms and fruits release fragrance around the year. The island is home to nearly 2000 macaques of Class-II protective animals of China. Nanwan Monkey is as well the sole tropical island-style macaques natural reserve of China and the world at large.


Xinglong tropical paints and flowers ecology tour.

Xinglong Botanical Garden

Established in 1957, the earliest open-up tropical botanical garden of Hainan. It occupies an area of 600mu and owns 1200 of botanical species including such tropical economic crops as coffee, pepper, vanilla, coco and fruit trees as civet durian, mangosteen etc. In addition, there are upas and other wild botanical resources and rare species, and the transplantation of exotic precious tropical plants. With these, it is a compound tropical botanical garden featuring rich resources and beautiful gardenscape, functions like scientific research, science propaganda, sightseeing and protection of plantation.


Jianfengling Park, Maogong Mountain forest tour.

Jianfengling --- World's Top Tropical Rainforest

Founded in 1992, Jianfengling National Forest Park sits in the southwest of Hainan Island extending across Dongfang and Ledong, 60km from Nanshan Cultural Tourist Resort and 90km from Sanya, an international coastal tourist city. With round-the-island expressway passing through, the Park enjoys very convenient traffic. Its surface area is 447k©O with 98% of forest coverage. Its primitive tropical rainforest ranks top in China in surface area, preservation status, and diversity index. Moreover, it is China's only national forest park with seascape. The park is one of world's forty ecological units and is praised as "Tianya First Park", and "Hainan's Lung and Cool Mountain in Tropical Island".

The highest peak of Jianfengling Park is 1412m above sea level enjoying a reputation of "airy mountain of South China Sea". Its highlights include Buddha Light, mountaintop moss and bosquet, tunnel, and ancient hunter's path. The peak is in clouds and mist all year round. In sunny days, the summit is a good destination for the sight of "four seas", namely the sea of forest, the sea of clouds, the sea of fog, and the vast sea. From the sand beach up to the highest peak, the Park is vertically distributed with eight types of tropical rainforest vegetation with over 3,000 kinds of plants and more than 4,300 kinds of animals (including insects). There are four species of national first-class protected plants, namely living fossil Alsophila Spinulosa, Cycas Hainanensis, Cycas Rumphii, and Hopea Hainanensis, and seven species of national first-class protected animals, namely Hainan gibbon, clouded leopard, monitor lizard, Hainan Eld's deer, peacock pheasant, black bear and boa. The primitive ecology shows you such tropical rainforest wonders as garden in the air, single-tree forest, plant strangling, panel root, flowers on old stem, and drip-tip. The Park is renowned as being the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, butterfly hometown, and gene bank of tropical species.

In the Park, there are towering old trees. Wreathing vines, running streams and waterfalls, precipitous peaks, and deep ravines. The well-know scenic spots include Jianfengling peak, Tianchi (heavenly lake), Mingfeng Valley, Rainforest Valley, Butterfly Valley, Sandiequan Waterfall, Tiger & Dragon Roar, and Mengtong Ridge. With 20¡æ mean annual temperature, and 5,000 ¨C 80,000 pcs/cm2 oxygen anion in the air, this is a wonderland with perfect harmony of the man and nature and organic combination of unique rainforest ecology, healthcare culture, and national culture of Liand Miao.

Equipped with complete service facilities for sightseeing, conference, hotel and health center services, Jiangfengling National Forest Parks a perfect destination for tropical forest vacationing, adventure, summer and winter resort, scientific study, business conference, education and training as well as health preserving.


Wild animal (macaque, wild deer) protecting tour.

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