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Coconut: Still Precious without juice

As soon as you take a step into this beautiful island city Sanya, you can find coconut trees everywhere which are waving as the tall ad straight bough, the vigorous branches, the plump fruit, this spirit of the coco island heartily demonstrates its irresistible charming to the tourists.

There are words to say that the coco is treasure, this is true. Besides it¡¯s the tropic island¡¯s unique scenery, its tall and straight bough could be manufactured into various furniture and handicrafts, the sweet coconut juice is the best drinks for the summer to relieves thirst, even the coconut shell which usually discarded by tourists are also a kind of superior raw material for handicrafts. 

Natural "treasure"
In Yuejin Street of Sanya, kinds of handicraft shops made this street a very refined place. The shell wind-bell plinking outside the gate, in the shop there are dazzling accessories made by coconut shell hanging around everywhere. This street is the demonstration center of tropic characteristic handicrafts in Sanya, there is a little shop called ¡°Workshop of Ancient Coconut¡± has made the street something special by its extra characteristics. In front of the shop the owner Mr. Yu placed 3 coconut shells. One was just discarded after the juice was drunk by the tourist, one had been shaved and showed its primary color, and the third was polished brightly that reveals a kind of chocolate color.

The author looked at the 3 coconut shells and asked: ¡°Are they 3 kinds of different coco shells?¡± Mr. Yu smiled and said that, actually they are exactly one identical kind of coconut shell, the first had not been experienced any kind of processing, is the raw material. The second had been roughening that already could be use for to manufacture some of handicrafts, but the third one had been polished very carefully, that could be use for manufacture superior art ware. Mr. Yu took a incised coconut shell and said that, the color of periphery of coconut shell is light, more approach to inside place deeper the color is, the quality will also by harder.

Take manufactures a small coconut shell accessory as an example; the worker needs to remove the coconut¡¯s brown hair to polish it first, then the coconut shell will be cut apart, modeled by the modeling machine and go on with polishing, coloring, waxing and so on processing that a unique exquisite accessory was finished. ¡°Besides making small accessories, the usage of coconut shell is very broad¡± said Mr. Yu. The ancient islanders used to make household utensils like bowl, cup, dish and so on with the coconut shell; they were all very solid and durable. Compare with other woodiness raw materials, the coconut shell is more densely and more anti-corrosive, that is of extremely utility.  

Big Opportunity of Little Coconut Shell
In ¡°workshop of Ancient Coconut¡±, a very fine textured dale board caught my eyes. That is a big plank enchased with small light and dark blocks. Many visiting tourists inquiry the price about it, all said is a very special dale for home decorating. Mr.Yu said that these small blocks are exactly coconut shells that enchased after incision. As the color of coconut shell is plain and elegant, it always presents different colors according to the different force when putting them together, makes them into windows and doors and even merely hang them on the wall could make the room looks very natural and original but fashionable still.

Coconut shell craft in Hainan has a long history, the small accessories are shopping-musts for tourists longtime ago, but coconut shell dale for decorating was just emerges in recent years. Now many workshops of coconut shell in Hainan are aiming at this kind of new craft which is prolific and of good opportunity and great market potential, they are vigorously stared to develop the coconut shell dale market. Mr. Yu said all of these coconut dales were booked by decorating company. Now, more and more stat hotel used them to decorated gust room and hall.

Besides dale, the coconut shell also outstanding in the upscale luxury craft. The author once saw a very special ¡°small wooden box¡±, and was curious to its material and texture. Its surface certainly is not smooth like the ordinary wooden box, but longitudinal agglutinated by many ¡°small wood chip¡±, each small wood chip also has its own radian, after the process of cut, polish, was, a stratified and the stereoscopic ¡°small wooden box¡± was made. After the introduction the author suddenly realized that the ¡°small wooden box¡± is precisely made with the coconut shell.

The decoration box agglutinated by coconut shell has a kind of natural and noble feeling, use it like a container will make people feel like to keep the box and return the content. The process of this craft is complicated, but the quality is solid and it¡¯s very characteristic. Several star hotels which located in Yalong Bay, use coco shell product, such as salver and doorplate.

Mr. Yu said that, compares with other woodiness dalles and decoration box, the coconut shell product possibly does not have the advantage in price, but as long as the merchant colleagues in the island could aim at the right opportunity to cooperate for the development, the coconut shell will not only be the small accessories hanging around the tourists¡¯ neck but also can occupy a certain space in the domestic upscale handicraft.


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