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Super Party of 57th Miss World

¡ª¡ª57th Miss World Final in Sanya, in Crown Plaza

In winter time, the tropical city Sanya is sunny and warm, it's pretty and passionate Miss World Contest, the top beauty contest in the world come to Sanya again and contest for beauty and wisdom By the Yanglong Bay, a Chinese royal styled hotel  Crown Plaza Sanya decorated in a whole new fashion to welcome the Miss World to go back home.
In November, 2007, 106 beauties from 105 countries of 5continents came on time A month past. They show the world an absolutely beautiful super party.

Party host spot: Crown plaza Sanya
At the beginning, that's in 2003, when Miss World contest was introduced to Sanys, which is also the first city in China to host beauty contest, it aimed at city marketing, and was made to be one part of promotion for the development of the city tourism through social attention. We got good social and market gains. However, ort of everyone's expectation, after first try, the Miss World Committee assigned 3 series of contests in Sanya and the first Mr. World contest also held in Sanya. This year, Miss World Contest back to Sanya again.
Was it the Miss World conquered Sanya, of Sanya conquered the Miss World? It's a bit more that Miss World could hardly leave the charm of Sanya behind than Miss World pushed the internationalization of Sanya.
For 5 years, every meet is the meet of beauty and beauty, every assembly is a super party of the world. Sanya as the host kept on undertake the contest with high attention, absolute passion and high standard accommodation. This year, the host hotel Crown Plaza Sanya especially did their best to create a "home for Miss World", they made a home from home for the beauties from all over the world.
Crowne Plaza Sanya lovated at the famous Yalong Bay Resort, traditional construction style, Suzhou Garden's pattern featured with bamboos and small streams and bridge; there are folding screen of Qing dynasty and fauteuil in the hall, even the table cloth is of classic pottery line. Together with traditional tower and gateway, the feeling of royalty is all around, the thick feeling of Chinese culture made it own specialty in Yalong Bay.
The hotel have been to be one sponsor of Mr. World 2007 Final Contest, and it was the first hotel to push the concept of "make a home for Mr. World", which was highly appreciated by Sanya Government and Miss World Committee, and deeply welcomed by the gentlemen of Mr World. This time, it became the only appointed hotel for Miss World again, so it's making more efforts on the organizing, accommodating and operating.
The decoration of the hotel is more international and fashionable under the lead of Chinese style and Sanya style, banners and guiding boards in the hotel were carefully arranged, national names of contest ladies were along the gateway, which shows the friendliness to the ladies.
Tradition and Modern, Chinese and western, secrecy and beauty, the super party is born with the brilliantness.

Family Party Member: 106 ladies from 105 countries
We call it family party, because this "home for Miss World" created by Crown Plaza Sanya is indeed warm, comfort and safe like home. We also call it super family party, because it's super pretty, every family member is the most beautiful women form every country, also because it's big, these are member form 105 countries to join. Besides Olympic game, I guess Miss World is the contest covers most countries! Also, it's really flourishing, 30days, party on every day.
They came from different continents and countries, they are different in color, language and experience. In this big family, everyone is serious and hard to undertake the contest, showing their beauty and wisdom, at the same time they make friend with every tourist and staff in the home of Miss World.
After a month's tracking report, media and ladies became friends, we communicate some times, they know the need of the media so they give their best look in the front of the camera. At the semifinal contest of acquirement on the Havana Square I came about to meet some of them getting prepared for the contest. I was holding my camera and hope to shot some casual pictures, they find that and posed for me, some even made faces- I thought they'll get angry for that at the very beginning.
Beautiful without proud, wisdom without peacockery, they are all real Miss World.

Party Show: absolutely pretty, super beautiful
We call it party, because it's not simple as a contest, we all aiming on creating happiness, discover happiness and deliver happiness, of course in which feast and show are must. The home for Miss World lasted as long as 30 days filled with shows everyday, every second, which are super beauty.

The most pretty show ¡ª welcome dinner party 2007-11-8
At the night of 2007-11-8, Crown Plaza Sanya holds a "Miss World Welcome Dinner Party", that was the first show of the contest, and the first show of all the ladies.
Taking safety into consideration, the guests invited to the diner were mainly ladies of Miss World, government and media, and a small part of tourist. The outdoor stage made by Crown Plaza Sanya was braveness; the beauties were fully dressed to show their grace and charm. When they waving and say "Hello, Sanya" in Chinese, the cheer sound in the air of Sanya, the 57th Miss World Contest intimated its kick off.

Most catching show ¡ª Bikini Show 2007-11-10
Winter of Sanya, amorous sea, loving sunshine, sexy bikini, the ladies are putting on a bikini show, at the private beach of Crown Plaza Sanya in Yalong Bay. Hot, sexy, healthy and energetic, the original and mysterious vision impact brought by bikini is so irresistible and moving people's heart.
Member and won the prize of Miss Beach, directly entered top 15.

The happiest show ¡ª acquirement semifinal 2007-11-14
In the night, the ladies gave a show of their acquirement on the Havana Square. Those charming gentle ladies showed another piece of themselves. Beautiful voice, hot dance, imitations and mimes, they are beautiful outside and wise inside.
Miss Thailand gave a wonderful magic show, she was so charming and professional when acting, as if she is a real magician, Miss Gibraltar is a professional dancer, she joined many international performance as representative of her country, her dance overtake the whole committee audiences; Miss Moldova put on a imitation, the grandma she imitated was so real that her show bring the atmosphere into the climax. The most special one is the Miss Aruba who imitated Marilyn Monroe, she made the past super star true to life that impressed everyone.
Miss Ghana gave a strange dance in the 70s punk fashion, her flexible body and strange expression made the audience can't help to laugh, the applause, the laughter and the cheer, it seems that the ladies forgot they are in a contest. The compere come to say that "she's drank too much, please don't blame her", but her performance overtake everyone, and she get the group champion of the 57th best acqierement.

The most moving show ¡ª sport contest 200-11-14
Under the sunshine of Sanya, beauties broke the grace and put on the sport dress. Some of them taking a boat and run into the sea, some jump into the swimming pool and start to swim, some start to run, the sport contest start to go in the swimming pool and the beach of Crown Plaza Sanya.
It's a natural contest place, and also the most moving show. We got the chance to see another aspect of health and energy in Miss World. Miss USA won the Miss Sport prize as she had always been keeping on exercising, and she also directly entered top 15.

The most amazing show ¡ª Chinese Dynasties Fashion Show 2007-11-24
This is feast of Chinese and Western, this is also a show made by Huayu especially for the ladies of Miss World, the clothing of this show is the most featured one. It combined Beijing opera, folk, Buddhist, calligraphy, bronze, royal and so on elements into the clothing, it also combined the beauty of the ladies and the construction of Huayu Crown Plaza together, it's a lively demonstration of the tradition and modern, rebound and creation, music and light.
The show was divided into 3 chapters - wind, grace, praise, the "wind" was natural and charming, the "grace" was brilliant and colorful, the "praise" was noble and refulgence. The whole performance showed both the culture of China and the fashion of now days.
The colors of the ladies are different, but the clothing was all stands for China. Ms. Julia Morley Chairman of the Miss World Organization, said: "the world brings the beauty to Sanya delivered the beauty to the world."
Finally, Miss China Zilin Zhang won the Best Model prize for her outstanding vigour.

The most touching show ¡ª Coronation dinner party 2007-12-1
Dec. 1st, the Miss World Final Contest lasted a whole month fell its curtain perfectly.
This is a night of joy, everyone congratulates for Miss China Zilin Zhang as she is the final champion of the 57th Miss World, at the same time they celebrate for the 2nd prize Miss Angola and 3rd prize Miss Mexico, and all the champions in the group contest, also to all the ladies join the Miss World Final, because every girl is outstanding.
This night is the most relaxed night of the month. The contest journey was full of happy and pressure. Everyone represented one country, represented the glory of a country, they all hope to do their best to grant glory for their country. Everyone is great bit there can be only one championship. However, only if we had made effort, we won't leave regret. No matter what the result is, it's a; finished, every one can have a sweet sleep.
This night, is a night before apart, everyone feel sad about say good-bye. For a month, they stay together all the time and had become close friends already. Once apart, maybe many of them could never see each other again. They signed their names on the board and were bolding each other and shake hands, exchange telephone number, everyone was deeply touched.

Supplementary Express:

57th Miss World Final Contest award list
Championship: Miss China
2nd Prize: Miss Angola
3rd Prize: Miss Mexico
Beach: Miss Dominica
Miss Sport: Miss USA
Best Model: Miss China
Miss Acquirements: Miss Ghana
Miss affection: Miss Hong Kong, Miss Ecuador
Best design: Miss Korea
Fives Continent Beauty Queen (Top five in the final contest):
Asia Beauty Queen: Miss China
America Beauty Queen: Miss Mexico
Africa Beauty Queen: Miss Angola
Europe Beauty Queen: Miss SWEDEN
Caribbean Beauty Queen: Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Since Nov.1st to Dec.2nd, in the whole month, ladies from all over the world with their ¡°purposive beauty¡± come to the Great Wall and cheer for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; they donated their personal belongings for the fundraising of the poor area; they go to Sanya orphanage to visit the orphans; they show the world with their smile and behavior that they are the most beautiful and wise women, they are best outstanding Miss World. On the 1st Dec, 2007, they start to leave Sanya, leave Huayu, in the lobby of Huayu, I saw them hug each other. I guess there are too many things that they don¡¯t to leave behind, the friendship with other girls, the ¡°home for Miss World¡± created by Huayu and the super party.

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