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Upgrade of Sanya & Hong Kong's linkage travel

At the year-end, the night of Hong Kong is cool but not cold; this jollily noisy international city was filled with joyfulness to celebrate for Christmas everywhere. Standing on the street of Hong Kong, I recalled the first time I had been here for the propagandizing as a member of Sanya promotion team 9year ago.

At that time, Hong Kong was just returned to motherland, language, commerce and cultural were all impassable, it seemed that it was really hard to say it was somewhere of China.

But now, look around, you¡¯ll find familiar Chinese face from mainland China everywhere. RMB is popular here, mandarin is also the hot language that Hong Kong people eager to learn.

After 9 years long, the promotion of Sanya travel is not simply introduction, also not just satisfied with the simple traveler exchange between Sanya and Hong Kong. How go grant tourists the joy of both Sanya¡¯s easy holiday and Hong Kong¡¯s shopping fun, to provide a bigger market for the tourism traders at both sides has becomes the common interest that both sides government and tourism traders keep on exploring and trying. Thus, ¡°multi-stop for one trip¡± has turn out to be a new travel method and entered formally the marketing promotion period, it also upgrade Sanya-Hong Kong¡¯s linkage travel to a higher position.

Concept of "multi-stops for one trip"
Hong Kong is a city of fashion, world for shopping. Recent years, as the disembarkation policy relaxes, Hong Kong becomes the most attractive city for mainland China. Shopping, visiting sea park and Disney was once the point of Hong Kong tour. Sanya is the first choice for international holiday resort in China, also the area that gathers most of famous brand hotels for holiday. Till November, 2007, there are totally 178 hotels for holiday accommodation in Sanya, 17 of them are of 5 stars or built in 5 star sandstorm. Sanya and Hong Kong could perfectly compensate for each other¡¯s tourism resources.

Currently, there are at least 2 flights to Hong Kong everyday in Sanya, and it only cost about 1 hour and 20 minutes for the trip. At the same time, Hong Kong Star Cruise, Italy Costa Cruise also have a periodic luxury liner from Hong Kong to Sanya, the traffic is very convenience.

The concept of ¡°multi-stops for one trip¡± provides wider cooperation space for the two sides travel readers, it also provided a combinative travel product that more selective and more attractive, it contributed a for the two sides to rise up international competitiveness in traveling and enlarger the visitor¡¯s quantities. The space distance is short between two sides and the condition make the pushing of ¡°multi-stops for one trip¡± is the mature.

My travel group succeeded in building "multi-stops for one trip" of "England-Hong Kong-Sanya"
Ping Zhang, member of Standing Committee of the CPC Sanya introduced that Sanya and Hong Kong has already became promoted cooperation partner in the ¡°multi-stops for one trip¡± of international traveling. In the middle of 2007, My travel Group from England has started the travel charter flight of Manchester-Sanya, and try to actualize ¡°travel product of multi-stops for one trip¡± of Hong Kong ¨CSanya; In November, the Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau organized ten of England travel traders to inspect the possibility of open the London-Hong Kong-Sanya vacation route together. In addition, so far many large international passenger liners to Hong Kong stop at the special of phoenix island in Sanya, Sanya had been enrolled into many international luxurious passenger liners route, international tourists disembark at Sanya and visit the Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, the End of the Earth and Yalong Bay and so on famous scenic spots.

The promotion of "multi-stops for one trip", starts from Russian market
In 2007, Sanya received nearly 5.3 million tourists, 150,000 of them are Russian tourists. Russian tourist are hinging on the new type of seaside leisure vacation and they usually spend a long time there, generally 7 to 15 days, which is the biggest branch of international market source. According to the investigation, Russian tourists specially yearn for shopping in Hong Kong after Sanya holiday and then return to Russia, that builder up a perfect journey. In the promotion activity about ¡°multi-stop for the trip¡± in Hong Kong, Miss. Liyin Du, Director of Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau expressed that ¡° the collaborate develop of Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau and Sanya Traveling Industry Development Bureau combine to expand the material work stage.¡±

During the period in Hong Kong, by the invitation of Hong Kong broadcasting station and Hong Kong new town broadcasting station conversation program, Ping Zhang and Liying Du introduced Sanya¡¯s social customs and seaside travel vacation product through the broadcasting to Hong Kong people. Sanya delegation also visited the Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau, Hong Kong Tourism Parliament, Hong Kong China Travel Agent and Dragon Airline and so on have related tourism departments. Further discussing the cooperative space of ¡°multi-stop for one trip¡±, two sides hopefully will add each other¡¯s traveling essential factor into 2008 traveling product promotion.

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