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Thematic Promotion Light up Sanya International Tourism Year

¡ª¡ªSanya Tourism Development Bureau's inventory of city marketing 2007

Hong Kong Spring International Performance
Feb. 15th-20th, together with Hainan Tourism Bureau and Sanya travel agent, Sanya Tourism Development Bureau attended the yearly ¡°Hong Kong Spring International Performance¡± hosted by Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau; current Miss World Tatana Kucharova attended the activity in representative of Hainan province. The delegation which made up of Hainan Tourism Bureau, Sanya Tourism Development Bureau and Sanya Travel Agent elaborated the ¡°Tropical island, Holiday paradise¡± thematic float to join the big pageant, during the period, the delegation also visited Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau and Hong Kong Dragon Flight that established a solid base for the cooperation of Hong Kong and Hainan province.

United States Alhambra Float Pageant
Feb.23th-28th, as the sister city of south California city Alhambra, Sanya was invited to go the States to attend the ¡°16th Float Pageant of South California United States¡±. The float of Sanya travel was themed of ¡°Beautiful Sanya, Romantic Holiday Paradise¡±, sufficiently demonstrated the unique tropical holiday resource and strong folk custom. The float of Sanya travel attracted the attention of the overseas Chinese and American people. During the promotion, Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau and local tourism traders reached the agreement of to develop the American tourism market in Sanya.

ITB (Berlin International Tourism Exhibition)
Mar. 3rd-17th, Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau coordinated over 30 Sanya Travel Agents and tourism enterprises to attend the famous Berlin International Tourism Exhibition (ITB), facing the tourism traders from all over the world they rollout the unique charm of Sanya as ¡°forever tropical paradise¡± on the land of Europe, which blew the clarion of Sanya¡¯s anabases to the world top holiday market.

Berlin International Tourism Exhibition is currently the top pest grade professional tourism exhibition in the world; Sanya rent a booth in name of the government and provided an exhibition and communication flat for the Sanya tourism enterprises and travel agents, which is the initial case in China. During the period, the promotion team of Sanya travel agent and tourism enterprises had also hold special promotion activities in Frankfort, London and Paris, which accrued tremendous respond and profit.

"Cool Summer Holiday in Sanya"  big thematic promotion activity
Jrn.28th ¨CAug, 4th, the promotion tour for Sanya summer travel product-¡°Cool Summer Holiday in Sanya¡± lasted a month and a half had been to Nanjing, Chongqing, Wuhan and Hangzhou the four stove cities of China. Over 50 Tourism enterprises, Sanya Travel Agents and over 100 promotion staff attended the promotion tour. They advertised ¡°creating amours street of Sanya¡± to the final customer, ¡°professional promotion activity¡± to the professional tourism traders, meanwhile cooperated with two sides media to push the three-dimensional advertising, integrated and packed¡± active campus¡±, ¡°honey moon¡±, ¡°cool holiday ¡°,¡±leisure sight seeing¡± and ¡°traveling real estate¡± and so on 5 big summer tour products, push the summer contrary-marketing concept of¡± the winter is not cold, summer is not hot¡± in Sanya . In the tourism promotion history of Sanya, this thematic promotion had the longest lasted time, the biggest promotion team, the widest advertising area, largest input and most extensive influence. Sanya Travel Agents got Summer tourists amount up to 30% due to this promotion.

Russian Chinese Year "Art journey of River Vodka"  thematic promotion
Sep.3rd-17th, taking along Sanya travel agent, Sanya Tourism International Development Bureau went to Russian to attend the tourism promotion organized by National Tourism Bureau and National Culture Bureau. The ¡°art journey of River Vodka¡± is one of the 3 thematic activities of Russian Chinese Year, Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau attended the activity in representative of Hainan Island. There were 9 main cities by the river Vodka, the journey was over 2000KM long, Sanya¡¯s tourism products were hotly welcomed by the local people. This promotion accrued very nice efforts which have a profound sense to further investigation, exploitation and development of Russian market for Sanya travel.

According to the statistics of Sanya travel agents, Sanya accommodated 150000 Russian tourists in 2007, it¡¯s the effort of the close promotion activities between Sanya and Russian.

Russian Chinese Year-Hainan Day ¨CSanya Promotion Event
On Sep.24th, ¡°Russian Chinese Year- Hainan Day ¨CSanya Promotion Event¡± hosted by Hainan Government and undertook by Sanya Government was held in Presiednt Hotel in Moscow. 300 attendees from the Russian Government, enterprise and Hainan delegations (made up of tourism enterprises and Sanya travel agent) attended the promotion activity. 50 people from Sanya joined the activity and undertook the express dinner. The activity raised big response in Russian, 54 journalists from Russian National TV Station, China Central TV Station Phoenix TV Station and so on 41 media interviews, and broadcasted on time.

Russian Autumn Tourism Trade Fair and St. Petersburg promotion
Sep.26th-31th, Sanya team (made up of Sanya Tourism Development Bureau and Sanya travel agent) went to Russian to attend the yearly activity ¡°Moscow Autumn tourism Trade fair¡±, 30 Sanya Travel Agents and tourism enterprises attended the fair. Moscow Autumn Tourism Trade Fair is the biggest professional tourism fair in Russian, every year tourism traders from all over the world come to attend the fair and push their tourism product to local tourism traders in Russian. On the fair, the tourism products of Sanya Hainan were the most welcomed by the local government and traders, Hainan province governor Baoming Luo and Russian Federal Tourism Bureau Chairman went to the booth in person. During the time, Sanya travel promotion team and Sanya travel agent also went to St. Petersburg to hold the express dinner, 16 main trader leaders from St. Petersburg attended the dinner and gave a lot of good suggestions to Russian tourism operation of Sanya. Two sides started the cooperation of Tropical Island and Northwest Russian-¡°polar circle¡±.

China International Tourism Trade Fair
Dec. 2nd, the 9th ¡°China International Tourism Trade Fair¡± was held in Kunming. 200 enterprises and travel Agents from Hainan attended the fair, in which 80% of them were from Sanya. The unique tropical featured of Sanya travel booth was outstandingly shining in the winter of Kunming,

Every day the booth was full of traders from other regions and local town folks and tourists, many enterprises and Sanya travel agent signed the order at the spot.

So far, there has held 9 series of China International Tourism Trade Fair successfully, it makes deep sense both internationally and domestically and becomes the biggest scale and of higher professional and internationalized international grand fair in Asian Area, Sanya could always make it way to become the focus on the fair under the promotion of Sanya Tourism Development Bureau and Sanya travel agent.

Hong Kong-Sanya "multi-stop in one trip" international tourism cooperation promotion
Dec. 19th-24th, Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau went to Hong Kong to have further negotiation with Hong Kong Tourism Industry Development Bureau, Hong Kong China Travel Agent, and Dragon Air Flight about the cooperation of ¡°Hong Kong-Sanya ¡°multi-stop in one trip¡± international tourism cooperation affairs, and held professional activities.

The Promotion of ¡°Hong Kong-Sanya ¡®multi-stop in one trip¡¯¡± international tourism cooperation made important sense to both sides¡¯ enrichment of products, enhancement of international market. (Details please refer to ¡°multi-stop in one trip¡± upgrade of Sanya and Hong Kong Travel cooperation)

Series checking activity of International Tourism Traders and Media
In the year 2007, besides actively ¡°walk out¡± to attend international tourism exhibitions and to advertise for Sanya on the international stage, Sanya Tourism Industry Development Bureau also actively ¡°invite in¡°, they had ever invited Hong Kong Tourism Industry Development Bureau, England traders, TUI Group, My Travel Group, Meyers Group, JTB from Japan, Russian National TV Station and go on main tourism trades, medias and flight companies from international market place to Sanya to check and step the line, and via the propagation of media to widen the international market influence of Sanya.


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