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Home>Learn about sanya>Enjoy the living-like working way in Sanya ¡ª¡ª Interview with Mangrove Tree Resort Resident Manager Frank

Enjoy the living-like working way in Sanya ¡ª¡ª Interview with Mangrove Tree Resort Resident Manager Frank

It was one and half year later when we meet Frank again in Mangrove Tree Resort Yalong Bay. His remarkable hot smile and humorous style reveal that he¡¯s just as talkative and passionate as before. The only difference is that his former fair white skin has got a big ¡°Sanya lago¡± on it.
What Sanya had granted to Frank was not only the health tan skin but also a kind of happiness he never knew. Frank said, he enjoys such kind of job just like living so much.

From a "Chinese Sinologue" to a "Sanya fan"
What German left in Chinese idea was serious, clinging and even stark and punctilious. However at the first sight of Frank with his charming smile such view was totally broken away. Over 10 years career in china not only granted Frank the Chinese style smoke but also made him a Chinese Sinologue.

Dumpling if northeast china, not pot of Sichuan, beer of Qingdao, grape of Turpan ¡°the kind of cater that Frank tried could be more than any extensive Chinese traveler. He counted his fingers humorously to list the please he had ever been and correct the pronunciations of the places such like jilin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Urumchi, Turpan and Dali, Kunming, Li River and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan¡±.. Although he is not good at speaking in hotels all over the china made him fell in love with china. After coming to Sanya, the days in Mangrove Tree Resort became the best days of his career.

¡°Everyday, when I open the door and seeing those hard working staffs and guests on vacation, I can not help to smile.¡± Since Frank started his career in Mangrove Tree Resort, he was living and working here. In his point of view, living by the beautiful Yalong Bay and working in a lively and energetic great holiday hotel is the perfect status of living.

When you are in love with a city, you are in love with everything in this city. In the days in Sanya, Mangrove Tree team leaded by Frank had been working hard in a warm task¡ªhelps the poor students to finish their high school study and go to school. Talking about the poor living of the sister, his eyes filled with sympathy which tells that he is not only a wise businessman but also a warm-hearted. He said that such kind of grant ¨Cin-aid will be continued to help more and more children to achieve their dreams. He said this is what must be making effort by Mangrove Tree team and what should be making effort by other hotels and the whole society.

When time permits, Frank will ride a bicycle ramble in the city to exchange smile and beautiful mood with the native people. Frank said that passion, energy and cozy feeling are Sanya¡¯s signs that make him feel in love with Sanya deeply.

Do everything to make a native hotel brand of china
Frank had been worked for tens of hotels, but the 2 years working time in the native hotel Mangrove Tree Resort had been the longest one. Besides the tropic live style in Sanya, the native hotel feature is what caught his heart, Frank said.¡± What international famous hotels gave me was professional management experience, but an ascensive native hotel could make me passionate and energetic.¡± Said frank, the management system of international hotels is very sophisticated however such complicated system could always consume the creativity and passion of staffs and also could decrease the efficiency of them. But a native hotel could handle the finance and human resourcing by itself and the resistance and interrupt of innovation could be much less.

Markus clambake, the newly in front office manager of Mangrove Tree Resort found it was a totally different place to work not walking in a haste but going. The staffs were not walking and you¡¯ll feel energy around.¡± Said klambauer. This is the charm of a native hotel.

Now, Mangrove Tree Resort is still the ¡°only kid¡± of the owner group, it owns great support extensive and it benefits a lot from the audaciously innovative marketing policy which endowed it with the recognition in the society. Frank told us that Mangrove Tree Resort gained the laurel of ¡°the top 10 resorts of china¡± again last April by its ¡°unique Balinese style¡±. This was also the third time Mangrove Tree Resort gained a ¡°Golden Pillow Prize.¡± He said as the popularity and reputation both increasing he is very confident to make it an international famous hotel. ¡°It¡¯s not easy to make a living in those world famous hotels in Yalong Bay. When introducing my hotel to the guests I¡¯ll need to say more than the world famous hotel.¡± Said Frank smiley.¡± However, when talking about the Competition for world strongest man in 2006 hosted by our hotel, many guests will tumble to say; your hotel is so great!¡±

Frank said that the hotel is his home. Working in home and living when working makes everyday a plenary and passionate day.


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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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