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Make you a young master in old time messuage

The visit to "modern messuage" Yalong Bay villas & spa and enjoy the personal service of butlers gave me a real fantastic experience of an old time young master in messuage. Such kind of courteous service could only be possible in notable families in the old time; however, by the beautiful Yalong Bay featured with romantic Bali style, we crossed the time and age and back to the old time and the old place with such great favor and pleasure.

Yalong Bay Villass & Spa under the moonlight was just like a graceful lady wearing fine veil that hosts me with her tender look and dignified manner. We entered through the solemn gate and the simple lobby to the reception. The house structure was pure wood and opened high ceiling. When looking back. We found it exactly the exalted and unconstrained style of the old messuage.

¡°Good evening Sir, welcome to stay at Yalong Bay Villas & Spa, I¡¯m your personal butler of your stay, anything I can help please let me know!¡± when we arrived at the gate of the villa. A gentleman was waiting there. He gave a brief introduction of the ¡°messuage¡± we are going to stay for the night and emphasized that he is the personal butler of our stay; we could have him in support in driver, housekeeper and chef services.

Private Butler? I remember my grandma had ever mentioned the messuage in her mother¡¯s home where they have both family members and servants in large number. Could I also be the young master of messuage tonight? The gates of the messuage were made by wood which looks reminiscent and elegance. There are various flowers and trees around. When entering the gate the space was suddenly opened in another scene. The hall room is capacious and compact; the personal swimming pool is elegant and refined, surrounded by the trees and villa wall which made me fall in love with at the first sight.

Going upstairs with butler to the 2nd floor, there is the main bedroom which comfort corner I shall spend my night in. there are elegant Bali styled decorations and daily articles in the room, the symbols and characters on them revealing a kind of easy felling. The swimming pool is down the corridor at the front of the house, shining and twinkling, where the moving seduction is in the whist. It seems that the chief butler here is a real emotional person, or how could he invent such a big capital at the so called ¡°golden priced¡± Yalong Bay just to please the visitor?

It was late and silent, the housekeeper shut the door gently for me but I¡¯ m not willing to sleep just now. I¡¯m so indulged in this beautiful feeling and unwilling to get away from if; I just want to stay in such beautiful dream and never weak up.

Dipping in the swimming pool, I¡¯m wondering how the simple water could comprehend the retreating soul. The daytime bright illumination was peeked off by the mysterious power if night, and finally left everything in secret and silent. There are voices of frogs from time to time, like a charming note in the poem of life. And the wide vacant meditation world which is just likes the amber-like water, away from the noisy city, wondering in the calm time-place just like smoke.

Suddenly some sweet smell broke my meditation; it was my squabby chef preparing dinner for me. Splendid and wonderful, I was drunk in the beautiful scene and forgot if late night was. At such charming moment I really should take some wine to cheer for the beautiful moonlight¡­.

The reflection of the moon is floating on the water just like my faintly discernible thought. These are a place could leave everything behind and just stay in imagination. Maybe tomorrow I¡¯m still a mortal but tonight, I¡¯m the yang master of the noble family in messuage. There is nothing to think about, nothing to worry about, just be unrestrained like this, up and down in the shining pool, watching the dew getting onto plantain, listening to the wind murmuring. The sky is clear still, like the clear time, the cloud-like fleeting times. There are twinkling stars in the night sky, what a beautiful scene just one feet away from me, suddenly I found that I already haven¡¯t been raise my head and watch the stars in the sky for years.

It¡¯s already the wee hours, but I just don¡¯t want to sleep, so I talk to the stone statuary of Buddha.

I¡¯m just mortal people; I cannot keep myself away from the wants of human being, but my heart still towards lustration in the world.

Buddha said a flower is a world, a monk is a Buddha. The stone statuary is smiling with a flower in its hand, just like wishing for the people predestined to be deserved. I closed my eyes and listen to it, when the Buddha is away, the voice is still around for life time.

I told myself ¡°the water took the vexation away; the imbroglio of the world is just like the billows, which will be in calm when the heart is in peace.¡±

My housekeeper handed on a dish of nice fruit and cake. I¡¯m lying beside the clear pool and enjoying the beautiful night. My personal butler is still freshly and in good fettle which infected me as well. I start to talk to him. He told me that Yalong Bay villas & spa is a combination style and service manner 1920s messuage and latest villa construction style like simple, transparence, natural and romantic, and adding the elements of Bali island culture. There are 8 types of flat as deluxe president style, noblest king style, romantic lovers style and etc. The villa we are stay in is a vacation styled 3 bed room houses. What

Is same in every house is that there is individual swimming pool, garden, dinning room, kitchen, lotus pool and SPA shelter in every house. I¡¯m thinking of enjoying a SPA tomorrow as I haven¡¯t been relaxing totally for a long time, what a nice place to enjoy, especially as everything is handing by the No.5 butler¡­..

When I woke up in the morning, I saw fresh flowers all around, which were all carefully planted, like delicacy love, bursting happily. They were all well-knit, and strewed this exalted and warm messuage.

Up to the pavilions there I saw the clear blue sky, far away, between the sky and the sea. The rosy clouds were getting blossom in the diamond sky.

The Ball styled villa was emerged on the clear background of the morning that looks so mysterious without surreptitious and brilliant without goblin. Such awaking ardor was so still that makes the flying time the clear morning, and it wash the anxious around my heart for days silently, suddenly touched my heart gently.

I had my breakfast at the aquatic dinning room on Leixiu Island; this is a novel styled comfort open dinning room on the water. The green mountain and lotus in the pool could be both seen from here, the air if fresh, and the food if delicious it¡¯s really a fancy place to enjoy dinner.

¡°The swallows wondering around the noble families at the old time are now in ordinary families¡±. Yalong Bay villas & spa combined ¡°Chinese butler¡± service and modern 5-star holiday hotel perfectly which pushed out a totally new qualified, professional, graceful, careful, willing to help at anytime and considerate. Warm like home, honored like dignitary.

Yes, last night and this morning, surrounded by fresh feeling, every arrangement was so reasonable but out of expectancy

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