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Home>Learn about sanya>Columbia Soneros Band of Crown Plaza Sanya¡ª¡ªFall in love with Latin salsa.

Columbia Soneros Band of Crown Plaza Sanya¡ª¡ªFall in love with Latin salsa.

Enjoy yourself anytime anywhere, make yourself full of charm and temptation, and inspire every audience at the spot to make them dance! This is happy, romantic, and magic Latin salsa!

Fascinating night of Havana plaza
It was a long time for me to be infatuated with Latin salsa. I love the mysterious and smooth feeling of it. And it makes me relax comfortably when taking a cup of savory Columbian coffee and moving with the happy rhythm of Latin salsa. I went to Crown Plaza Sanya on one day just to enjoy a show of a real Columbian band and enjoy the pure happy Latin spirit. The activeness of Latin salsa and the beautiful sound of spring in Havana Beer Plaza were blended together that makes the night of Havana Plaza super charming and extremely fascinating.

This hand was named after a legend salsa composer¡±Soneros¡±. 4 band members are all from beautiful and ardent Columbia. The band was established in Feb. 2007 and they used to put on lots of performances in South American language (Spanish) in world top holiday hotels all over the world.

Every night 8 o¡¯clock, at Havana Beer of Crown Plaza Sanya. Soneros band will be there with their hot Latin salsa. If you are a lover of Latin salsa, you shouldn¡¯t be strange to Latin salsa. It¡¯s also okay if you don¡¯t know Latin salsa, but you must know a representative of Latin music¡ªthe song of 1998 French world cup ¡°cup if life¡±

Latin music makes people feel easy, the rhythm is lucid and lively without restriction, and if relaxes your soul. I was clapping my hands down the stage with the different Latin rhythms; imperceptibly o started to move my baby. Usually o listen to Latin music via CDs or internet, to watch the watch the show put on by a Columbia Soneros band from such a short distance for the first time makes me really pleasantly surprised.

Happy, romantic and magic Latin salsa
As I¡¯ m fascinated with Latin music, I really hope to have a close contact with Soneros band. My request for an interview with the band was hotly accepted with the members of Soneros and Crown plaza Sanya. In an afternoon in March, we met each other in the private beach of Crown plaza Sanya at Yalong Bay. This is absolutely an energetic and passionate band that is always makes people feel happy, easy and active both on the stage and off the stage. They are very happy with our visit and tethering around from the beach volleyball count. Lovely Lisseth was very happy to see our photographer and requested him to shot some pictures for her, she said, Sanya¡¯s sunshine, ocean, beach are just like music that they are all her favorite things.

I cannot wait to ask then about magic Latin salsa when we stared to talk. Carlos, the drummer thought for a second and said:¡± just likes this!¡± and then he whistled a piece of salsa rhythm which made us all laugh. When asking about the soul of salsa, the coryphaeus and guitarist of the band Christian told me that:¡± enjoy yourself full of charm and temptation, and inspire every audience at the spot to make them dance!¡± he told me that he used to try to mix salsa into Chinese music to compose Chinese salsa, but Chinese is really hard to learn! Haa¡­everyone laughed and said that¡¯s right. The hand leader and keyboard Nicolas said the Russian guests in the hotel love their show very much; they really appreciate their support so they learnt to sing the popular Russian sings. Chinese guests love their show as well. They¡¯ll also learn to sing Chinese songs but if takes time, as Chinese is really hard to learn that they need to learn to speak Chinese good first and then to sing Chinese songs. Different guests love different music, the western the fast hot beat but eastern guests love easy gentle melody,¡± we¡¯ll change the rhythm, according to the favor of our guests, this is also one if the reasons why guests love us so much.

Hen seeing those 4 tacit people you¡¯ll think that they had been cooperated with each other for a long time, but the truth is that they don¡¯t know each other at all before they came to China, Lisseth, Christian and Nicolas were students of music major of Columbia Universidad industrial de santander at the time. They were incited to come to china for university by Crown plaza Sanya. When they came here decided to set up a band and stay in Crown plaza, Stay in Sanya, as they all love music, they wanted to devote to it and they love the beauty of Sanya, they hope to achier their dream of music here, and they deeply appreciate Crown plaza Sanya¡¯s help to built up a stage of music dream here.

Latin salsa makes the dream come true
Left their beloved Columbia and came to the distant Yalong Bay in Sanya, every member of Soneros band is with their own dream of music.

Christian started to know music when he was 6-year-old, his mama said he¡¯ll surly he famous one day as he have a beautiful voice. His mama supported him a lot. He learnt to play by himself and kept in compose by himself; his dream is to publish record of his own. I asked him how far it now to his dream is come true; he told me confidently that ¡°what I want to do is excellent, romantic Latin music. I¡¯m carrying on, and I¡¯m going to make if soon.

Nicola started to learn keyboard since 5-year-old, he can also play saxophone and trombone, and he is inflexibly in music. He told me that his that his goal is to make best salsa and promote it to the world.

Carlos is the oldest member in the band who is 40-year-old. He is a polished artist with a lot of performing experiences. His grandpa and grandma were all musicians, he was influenced a lot by his family that he loves percussion music very much. Although he¡¯s much older than the other members of the brand, yet music links them up loosely. That¡¯s why he loves a much younger and happier life than his contemporary.

Lisseth is the youngest member and the only girl in the band. She started to learn to play flute when she was 7-year-old, her school chorus used to perform a lot in her hometown. As she¡¯s really young, her parents used to be worried about her coming to china. But her inflexibility persuaded her parents, she told me that¡¯ll miss my parents very now.

When I suggested to sing a song to express their feeling about working, living in Sanya and yearning of their family. Lisseth started to sing a very sweet song ¡°Curry¡±, and the rest sang along, we beat time along, enjoying the magic charm tradition salsa bring to us on the limp beach of Yalong Bay.


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