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Secret Garden of Love - Yalong Bay Villas & Spa

This was a day had been dreamt of long time ago, to be with the dearest person in the endless tender time, and to write a book of life, in the name of love.
That's a kind of temperature spared in my hands, a kind of sweet fulfilled my heart, and it's the existence of beauty, just like a garden full of drunken red roses, a secret garden of us.

In the honey moon villa of Yalong Bay Villas & Spa Bali Island, time condensed to be tender flows slowly, every crack of memory is filled with the flavor and sweet of love.
So, it should be like this: in the time of love those beautiful frames rolls and connects in the movement of the light and voice of the sea. Having a candela dinner with my dearest one, the tender light colored her long eyelash which looks just like wings of butterflies, in our sights there is harmony and glory.
The sun is setting down along the bines wall of the garden, some kind of flavor smells like her hair is slowly become a poem of promise in my heart.

Blooming love alone the sea, insufflated in to the wild universe by the monsoon, in the ever lasted staring sky, it becomes a song of deity.
In the center of this world is our secret garden of love in Yalong Bay Villas & Spa. And you are the most beautiful scenery and flower, and the fairy dancing on my finger tip when I stretching my hand into the sky.

The reconstructed under the peaceful light is the unfolded wing and the stretching dream. The peaceful hue is back to life, just like your slender fingers.
In a form of century treasure, the light of the moon shoot into the amber-like private swimming pool.
And your lovely shape on the other side is like a lasting rose.

Capture the joy of time from your happiness, read the maxim of year from your quiet. Away from noisy, stay with private, in a place where sight and word could not reach, Yalong Bay Territory Villas & spa, not a remote island, not an unreachable Laputa, but a secret garden deep in our heart.
Right here, your eyes, your breath, our shape and your flavor, they are all the shiniest badge in my life.


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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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