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Home>Learn about sanya>Everyday is Sunday in Sanya¡ª¡ªInterview with General Manager of Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa

Everyday is Sunday in Sanya¡ª¡ªInterview with General Manager of Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa

In many people's point of view, France is the pronoun of romance, which shows the sagacity and exquisite of French people. However, Sanya, the tyropical city in the process of internationalization is attracting the eyes of business men and tourists from all over the world, and one of them is the host for today ¡ª general manager of Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa, Mr. Mainardi. Now, let him to lead us into his world and see the Romantic Sanya in his eyes.

The weather of Sanya is quite unique, pure water and has the second purest air quality in the world, splendid sunshine, genuine smile and warm welcoming people of Sanya, reason why JP Mainardi come to live and work here with his 35 Hilton international experience years in hotel management.

"I never see such refine beach like this and such pure air fresh like this." He said happily, "Living in Sanya made my life different, it's not only feel good in your body, but also a kind of power, which give you plenty of energy and more! And I really enjoy working here, although I'm not having more time to rest, but working in Sanya is actually a kind of comfort making you feels like everyday is Sunday, but the problem is that you never take Sunday off."

Mainardi loves to play golf or to collect beautiful butterfly specimen in forest when he doesn't work. He told us that 25 years ago when he was in Thailand, he had collected over 400 pieces of butterfly specimen, later he went to work in Pakistan and Turkey, because the lack of butterfly in those countries, he could just seal up his fond of this. However, when he comes to Sanya, he surprisingly found that this is a place of abundant kinds of butterfly in the island deep forest thus he could go on favorite fine collection. While saying this, he speak to my college Wenhua "the butterfly is pretty just like3 you." He is such a kind and humorous French gentleman. Besides, he has another special hobby that is to learn how to cook Chinese dishes from Tony the famous Chinese chef in hotel China Harvest Restaurant. Recently he had just learnt how to cook canton dishes, as he loves hot taste, he started to learn how to cook Sichuan dishes now. He said Chinese cuisine is very popular and best over the world, from those wide varieties of dishes you could also see how broad and profound Chinese culture is.

Mainardi got appointed in March, and feel very honored to work in such a world famous holiday paradise with such an owner company "Jin Mao". To adapt to the environment of China and Sanya, and the work of the hotel, he insisted on to get to know more about the culture of China first to understand, communicate and respect Chinese people and hotel team member. He said that both the tourists and employee are the assets of this unique and award claimed resort hotel, only by knowing the difference on the culture background can we reach a better Resort. In Hilton Sanya team work and team development is the key to success.

Since Sanya Hilton opened its business in 2005, it had been initiated of "perfect holiday different from others" and to bring customers creative entertainments. TTG China had reviewed Sanya Hilton as the 2008 "Best New Resort in China". By the right of excellent service standard and efficient operating method, Sanya Hilton was awarded the "Golden Pillow Award" and the "China Top Ten Resort" in 2008 again. Besides, in the first half of the year, Hilton also won the "The Best Beach Resort Hotel of China" by 2007 China Hotel Starlight Award. For the activities of hotel recommendation by government, Mainardi said that Sanya Hilton will do anything to support it. Sanya has a very unique location and very excellent tourism resource, for those we will try to improve airline frequency, work with our international sales system to increase customers.

When talking about the earthquake in China, his eyes filled with sadness, he talked about this in a low viice that makes his more than a dear old friend. He said some staff of the hotel were from Sichuan, when we know that their homeland was destroyed and their family was suffered from it we were really sad, we are much more like a family than co-workers, we should give them a hand and to make donation, both the group and the staff. We also set a donation box at the receptionist of the hotel and hope that every customer stay in Sanya Hilton will also join us to help the earthquake relief work and to give a piece of love of their own. When the kids from disaster are come to Sanya for psychology recovery, we could se there is hope and happiness grows in them. Sanya Hilton also joints the activity of "love cares for the sunlight action". We prepared little gifts for 25 kids to express our benediction and attention; we try our best to relieve the shadow and pressure in their hearts. We also joint the charity golf auction hold in Shanghai, all the income was to donate for the reconstruction of disaster area.

I asked him that "France is the pronoun of romance, do you think Sanya is romance?" Mainardi said intoxicated that "the most romantic thing I could ever know was that to spend Spring Festival in Sanya with my wife, we had a Chinese dinner in Hilton Chinese restaurant, with pure French sherry, and then we went to watch fireworks, it lasted a long time, I believe that was the best time of me. At that moment, my taste, smell, auditory and visual sense were all great satisfied, that was the most romantic night I and my wife ever had." While speaking this he started to laugh: "I guess this should be the romance in French way."

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