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Home>Learn about sanya>Guidebook for International Tourists to Sanya: General Guide

Guidebook for International Tourists to Sanya: General Guide

In order to ensure any of you, who choose Sanya to be your travel destination, to pass through the customs smoothly and have a safe journey, we provide this guidebook including useful information as on entry visa application, traffic means on trip, foreign currency exchange, internet and communications, medical treatment and health care and so on. We hope the guidebook can offer help for your journey and wish you have a safe and happy journey to Sanya!

Entry Visa (landing visa)
Applying for a visa in Sanya is very convenient. Any visitor from country or region which has established diplomatic and trade relations with the People's Republic of China may apply for and get an entry visa to Sanya when he or she entries Sanya for the purposes of tourism, visiting relatives, trading, investment etc. He or she may leaves Sanya for other domestic cities from which he or she may leave the country. Where foreign visitors stay in Sanya or are leaving Sanya for other domestic cities of China but the time limit of their visas expires, they may reapply for a visa in Sanya according to relevant formalities. It only takes several minutes to obtain an entry visa at Sanya port. At present, Sanya has been approved to offer the favorable policy of 15-day Visa Waiver Program to tourists from 21 main tourist source countries including the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Korean, Russia Australia, Thailand and other countries, but not including the USA.

Instructions on Applying for a Visa
a)       Provide a valid passport or a certificate being able to substitute a passport;
Fill in a visa application form and submit a copy of two-inch, front-viewed, hat-free, and half-length personal photo.
Pay visa fee. The charge varies to visitors from different countries, and the least fee is RMB160. only RMB or US dollars in cash are accepted. Foreign currency exchange service is offered at the airport.
Please note: allowable applying for a port visa does not mean you can naturally obtain a visa.

Duration Time of Visa on Arrival
If any foreign visitor has no enough time to get a visa before starting off for Sanya, or come to Sanya due to a provisional decision, after taking off the plane, he or she may go straight to the Visa on Arrival office inside the united inspection hall of Sanya Phoenix International Aiport and apply for a visa. The duration time of the visa on arrival lasts 30 days at the most for every application. Foreign visitors, who are held up in the boundary of P. R. China for a period exceeding the time limit of their visas because their visas have expired, shall be fined RMB500 for one more days stay and be written into a bad record. If you want to prolong your holiday in Sanya, you may go st5raight to the Entry-Exit Division of Sanya Public Security Bureau, which is located on Yingbin Road, Sanya city, to apply for an extension of your visa. The application for visa extension at one time can extend your visa by 30 days and you are allowed to extend your visa twice at the most in the boundary of P. R. China. After your visa is extended twice and when the time limit is due, you must have your visa transferred to a third country, but Hong Kong can helps this as well.

Precautions for Frontier Defence Inspection
l        At entry inspection, visitors on individual visas must show their passports, valid visas, and fill out the entrance registration card;
Visitors on group visas must show their passports, group visas and do not need fill out the entrance registration card;
Visitors included in a visa-free group do not need fill out the entrance registration card but must show their passports and the name list of the visa-free group, and accept the entry or exit frontier defence in the name of the names on the name list, and enter the boundary of Hainan Province as a whole group.
Visitors from the visa-free 21 countries to Hainan Province need note that they must hold ordinary individual passport rather than diplomatic or public affair passports.
The visa-free visiting group is allowed only if it consists of above 5 members, and they are only allowed to stay in Hainan Province legally for 15 days. The members of the visa-free group must enter or exit the boundary of Hainan province as a whole group.
l        Visiting members of the visa-free groups must not leave the group without authorization to travel to the cities outside Hainan province before they enter or exit the boundary of Hainan Province.

Venues for Applying a Visa
Entry-Exit Division of Sanya Public Security Burea
Add: Traffic police Building on Erhuan Road
Tel: +86-898-88868093

l        Sanya Phoenix International Airport
visa Section