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Home>Learn about sanya>Afternoon Tea Time: Foreigners' Mood in Sanya

Afternoon Tea Time: Foreigners' Mood in Sanya

From the cosy and bustling streets, from the sandy beach in the sunshine to the exciting bars at midnight, or even the ordinary restaurants and teahouses on the streets, or further even the stalls at the roadside¡­ almost everything in Sanya, including the sunshine, sea water beach, seafood, customs, always attracts many foreigners in different skin and languages to visit. They stay on the sea shore for sunbath, bargain at the streets, sip and taste tea in the Chinese style teahouses while chatting, reading books or playing chess on their balconies facing the sea, or driving their cars on the streets just for a drive. To Sanya, you might not be more accustomed and familiar than those foreigners. This is simply the characteristics of Sanya! Also the inevitable trend.
I am always curious about that and desire to know more about the stories between those foreigners and Sanya. A British gentleman I met in a Christian church, Peter, who has lived in Sanya for over ten years, introduced me to know about those foreigners' life in Sanya.

Study Only for Integration
Getting out of the church, Peter mysteriously said to me, 'Follow me to a place, you should be very interested in. 'I did not know the name of the mysterious place until we arrived there: Afternoon Tea Time, an utterly name. Rather than a teahouse, it is virtually a tea selling store. Different from other tea stores, there are some tea utensils in antique style, around which several foreigners are sitting, talking with each other. Peter introduced me to them. Before I could say "Nice to meet you", I was taken aback by their extremely standard Chinese pronunciation of "Ni Hao"! From Peter I know this is also a club for foreigners to learn Chinese. Everybody here tries best to speak Chinese as much as possible. By chatting with them I know this gathering place was initiated and developed by visitors through each other's introduction. Every one here was strange in the beginning but becomed acquainted friends soon after, as they all love the Chinese culture very much, especially Sanya local culture to the utmost. Originally here is a place where Peter and some foreign fiends drink tea and chat. After it is known to many more people, it becomes a place for foreigners to learn Chinese and exchange what they have learned as well as a place for them to kill their time. Naturally they call the place Afternoon Tea Time.

Lantian, a Danish handsome young man at only 22, could be counted as one of the founding members of the club. He was happy to share his fine mood he had enjoyed during the more than one year's stay in Sanya with me. "I love the colour of Sanya, the clear white, the pleasant blue, the bright and fresh green. Everything here is so fresh and natural. "He told me, "I went to Beijing with a map, then I traveled to the water towns in the southern area of the Yangtze River, later I traveled to many places, from the ancient Phoenix (Fenghuang) city to Guilin, and I also drunk the fresh beer iced by Lijiang snow water, met beautiful Tibetan girls at the foot of Potala¡­But now, I am already determined to stay in Sanya. I will learn Chinese with efforts! I want to become a person of Sanya! Haha!" He said without stops. After that he held his fists to make a gesture of go-on. I could see from his words that he loves the place very much. For example, he got his Chinese name Lantian (meaning the blue sky) when he came to Sanya, as he enthusiastically loves the quiet and blue sky here.

Peter was talking with a Russian girl named Karinna, planning for a Chinese saloon at the weekend. From time to time I heard they mentioned my name. As it turned out, I was selected into the members of their saloon. This time we intend to visit a small village in Tiandu town to explore and fend out about local Li people's culture by speaking Chinese. They study by melting into the society, and melt into the society by study. How envious I am to the foreigners for their positive determination and enthusiasm!
Holiday due to Fascination
More foreigners, of course, can not live in Sanya for a long term like Peter. They can only make a short visit to Sanya for enjoying their holiday. The most typical among the foreign visitors are probably Russians. For the Russians who live in freezing Siberia, the warm sunshine in Sanya is the most favorite of the fascinating things.

Several Russian visitors in Afternoon Tea Time are suntanned to red but full of pride." Spending holiday in Sanya is a fine expectation, the soft sandy beach, the warm sunlight, the gentle sea wind, and the old granny' s herbal tea¡­oh, when is the next time to come here?" They begin to look forward to the next trip to Sanya even when they have not left. Such feeling probably only occurs to passionate loves. I make a joke, I Cut down one piece of the sky in Sanya and ship it to Russia by plane!" Everybody was amused. However, the great difference in temperature is really fascinating to them.

In their words, spending holiday in Sanya is one kind of luxurious enjoyment, which does not only refer to the money they spend but also the time and the far distance etc. the airline needs to take 16 hours' continuous flight from Saint Petersburg of Russia to reach Sanya. But how many days a person could have for holiday in a year? For this reason, the visitors from Russia cherish their trip to Sanya very much. Every time they come here on holiday, they would stay at the least over one week, usually half a month or one month. When they stay in Sanya, the greatest pleasure is to have sunbath, and then to get physical therapy given by Chinese herbalists, or to enjoy sunlight SPA or something else.

Most of the visitors to Afternoon Tea Time are old visitors to Sanya, and some are from America, Europe, and South Korea. Although they are purely visitors for holiday, except the difference in staying term from other foreigners, they love Sanya as much as those foreigners staying long. Among them are Korean couples with a surname of King. They are crazy fans of Sanya. Since they came to Sanya in the year before last, they completely fell in love with the place. Now they have purchased an apartment in a real estate project located in Dadonghai, and can be said to have their "home" settled in Sanya. Mr. King said, "When I and my wife retire, we will come to Sanya to live for a long term". As a matter of fact, foreigners can not be excluded from the property purchasing clients, who are preparing to spend their retire life in Sanya. According to Mr and Ms King, quite a few friends of them are also planning to purchase an apartment in Sanya. In the near future, the whole family of Mr.King can realize their dream of spending a long term holiday in Sanya. More foreign friends whom I am not so familiar to, I believe will certainly have their most beautiful vacations in Sanya as well.
Life is a Habit
Peter introduced me to Paul, an Australian who is at the same age with Afternoon Tea Time. He is a photographer but lives in Sanya for nearly two years. From my understanding of the profession of a photographer, I know the most outstanding characteristic of their life is that they can not live in a place for long. For this reason I curiously asked him," Why do you settle in Sanya? Moreover, your home town seems more special than Sanya." Paul laughed heartily. "Because I love to eat Hainan Jiandui too much." I was amused by his witty answer. "There are many similar aspects between Sanya and Australia. For example, both are cities of migrants. But the people here are simple and honest as well as kind hearted. They do not repel the arrivals from other places like us. I love such feeling so much¡­Perhaps Sanya has become one part of my life, that I cannot abandon." I can understand the willfulness in his eyes. Maybe, falling in love with a place does not need too many reasons.

Photographers are "beauty finders". For a lot of photograph works of Paul, the inspirations come from the sea in Sanya. He said with inebriation:" I have seen the blue and boundless sea in own country, but the most beautiful sea is in Sanya. The sea water here is so charming, so charming as to seize my soul. It is not grabbing, but slowly penetrating into my eyes carelessly, soft and close, and the entire sea water is as transparent as an entire block of crystal, coagulated together with the sky. Even the wind over the coconut palms could not resist its wide and great mind, which accommodates thousands of rivers and brooks, but only to throw into the arms of the blue sea¡­" Amazed at Paul's professional artistic view. I said to him, "This is just like a marvelous love trip." He laughed to reply:" Yes, the feeling is splendid, just as Pushkin expresses his love to the sea: Oh, How much I love to listen to your echo, the mute voice, the song from an abyss. I love to hear your peacefulness at dusk and the burst of your willful temper!"

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