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The Stunning Luxury behind the Low Profile

---- An Interview of Peter Pedersen, the General Manager of
Banyan Tree Sanya

Only by walking into Sanya Banyan Tree can we feel the stunning luxury through its low-profile, similarly only by talking with Peter Pedersen face to face, can we observe humble, precise and plenty of romantic of this European gentleman. Peter Pedersen was imperturbable and gentlest. He comes from Denmark, the country of fairy tales and he also a veteran in the experience in hospitality management as a result of, resulting working in this field for almost two decades. During the last 2 years, he successfully made the Banyan Tree involved into Sanya and guided all team members in the correct direction; indeed he created ideal aspect of the luxury vacation.


Meet with elegant through a low profile
With the humdrum and not eye-catching scenery by the gate, you might miss the rendezvous with the Banyan Tree Village at the foot of the fantastically elusive Luhuitou, if it were not for the temptations of the spring-like garden and the inherited unique temperament.

When enters the Lobby Bar of Banyan Tree Sanya, your vision along with the trend of stretching through lush vegetation go to the broad ocean, in the meanwhile your hearing is beat by the sound of running water and breathe into the air of a delicate aroma, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere suddenly surrounds you. No need to deliberated select, any spot in this beautiful village is suitable for our interview.

Through low-profile, meet with luxurious. The topic is extended from contrast between low-profile and the luxurious, Peter said, ¡°Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts have always been unique style of far from the city¡¯s noisy and creates the ultimate luxury in quiet. As the hotel¡¯s location, not competing against Yalong Bay, but rather selecting quiet Luhuitou Bay, it has distinctly advantage about creating large areas of private space to enjoy the supreme elegance.¡±

Banyan Tree Sanya is positioning as China¡¯s first all-pool villa resort, internal decoration is spacious and comfortable as well as merger into unique local elements, Chinese flavor is specially displayed; there are bright points of giving couple the romantic space: transparent glass wall shines brilliantly, open-air shower and tub is designed into the lotus pool, you could look up to vast sky and look about for banyan tree and lotus. Peter told us, not only in Sanya, each has sought to create a quite luxury enjoyment, such as all Banyan Spas in the world are uniform clothing, products and services, and from what a consistence business philosophy maintains. And Banyan Tree Group in Phuket Island also offers its own Spa Training School and all spa technicians have the unity professional skills.

With unique style design and high-quality service, Peter¡¯s business philosophy is that ¡°the so-called ultimate luxury is not only providing the guests a perfect accommodation environment and enough private space, but a more important matter of fact is personalized and tailored private butler service.¡±

Exclusive privacy, ecological village
This season¡¯s theme being ecology, we asked Peter how we can perfectly combine the ecological advantage of Sanya and the design of hotels. Peter told us that Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts have been building on the conception of eco-environmental protection since the beginning. Banyan Tree Sanya we see today has a water recycling system, purifying the used water into the artificial lake, for irrigation of vegetation; all public areas are open for the natural circulation of air; it also keeps a lot of ancient and high-quality tropical trees inherited from its predecessor, the State Guesthouse. Peter happily pointed at the lush tropical plants around hall and the sea, ¡°it is such a comfortable and satisfactory life to embrace the nature everyday¡±.

Peter took us for a visit to the resort after the interview. The delicately designed tropical lagoons perfectly connect the 61 exclusive lagoon villas, with the Banyan Tree Spa, resort facilities, special cuisine and the advanced MICE facilities to be the ideal place for both leisure and business; what is most peculiar is the two presidential villa, occupying large space with extreme luxury. Peter said with proud that ¡°the resort covers an area of 18 square meters, but only has 61 villas, in which the presidential villas take up 100 mu. It is among all hotels in Sanya, the resort with the lowest average rate of building, allowing each guest to enjoy large private spaces¡±.

As the world¡¯s top resort, apartment residence and spa operator, Banyan Tree Sanya even integrates Chinese culture with Sanya¡¯s coastal culture, at the same time highlighting Asian tradition and Chinese regional characteristics, combining ancient and modern elements, Chinese and western style, finely merge into regional taste, by which the local attractions are well impact. Interior decoration and design demonstrate strong characteristics and profound literary feel; A benign circle between cultures, which greatly displayed the spirit of Banyan Tree Group; you can get the feel of ancient styles from those modern constructed, rather than rigid classical, but the relaxing elegant mood.


Individuality lead, warmth integration
Peter, a Danish who is always full of curiosities of the surrounding environment. In the two years¡¯ life in Sanya, his affection for Sanya has grown form the simple like upon arrival to a more proud love. His wife also lives in Sanya, they often go to the beach and also like to play tennis ball in gymnasium, to enjoy the quiet and leisure time together, Peter said Sanya is the place that continually gives people surprises, and is never in short of new discovers, but he still hopes there is better development in life quality of long time habitats, such as children¡¯s education, medical, as well as selection of shopping. This is probably the suggestion only made by a foreigner and who starts to have feelings for Sanay and who intends a long-term stay in Sanya. At operation, facing the current global financial crisis, Peter bluntly said there is no significant impact no hotel¡¯s normal operation, we are smoothly developing in the challenge is the coming summer off-season of Sanya tourism market, therefore Banyan Tree Sanya has bee doing a series of promotion strategy. At present, China, Hong Kong, Russia are the top three tourist source from currently proportion of tourist source, China¡¯s tourism market is coming stronger and stronger. Since last year, we launched an offensive campaign through the media promotion at Beijing and Shanghai, a lot of countries in the Southeast Asia which are near Sanay, will also be a potential market for us. At the same time we will strive hard to work with the government, last year, Banyan Tree Sanya was taking part in the promotional activities ¡°Going Out¡± organized by Sanya government, so this year¡¯s market strategy is going to be ¡°Fetch in¡±.

It was obvious that Peter was really integrated into Sanya and China; He will lead Banyan Tree Sanya into a new luxury vacation area.

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