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Backpackers' Outdoor Sports Map of Sanya Trip

Whether you spending a few dozen or hundreds of thousands money on travel, whether you indulging in your vacation pleasure in the top hotels beside the palm or hiking near the outdoor rivers, the trip of Sanya will get you the perfection. Completely open the body and mind, to move closer to nature, to trip to Sanya you will drink in the pure ecological landscape with a few money or even free of charge. Let the pleasure of Sanya trip indulged in the outdoor, the ecological beauty of Sanya's pure, the natural charm of Chinese homeland were instantly showing in Sanya trip. Trip to Sanya compared with the temptation of low consumption, choose to be a backpacker, in reality have found the real perfect experience. Feet longer than the road, people higher than the mountain, if you are the free and prudent backpacker, you were an outdoor sports enthusiast wouldn't walk the usual road, and eager to return to nature in Sanya trip, go beyond yourself, then Sanya trip completely belongs to you.

 Outdoors Map 1---- Hiking of Sanya Trip 

Hiking is a wonderful ways of outdoor sports in Sanya trip enthusiasts to visit a city, complete a journey.
Backpack filled with free, step into the nature, the trip of Sanya is worth to slow down. Hiking is not only the eyes travel brought by foot movement, but also dreaming of an unknown journey, the blend of body and nature in Sanya trip.
Sanya is a forever tropical paradise for trip, but not limited to sunny, palm and beach, a number of the original forests, the mountains and rivers, all of them in this magic land brings purely moving and original force in Sanya trip.

Recommended Lines for Hiking of Sanya Trip
Country Hiking (LizhiGuo --- Baoting):
Arrive at Qiongzhou University by bus, then get to Lizhi Guo hot spring by motorcycle and begin to hiking, through mango orchard and tropical rain forest of Areca valley, about six hours later can reach Luokui village of Baoting country. Camping in the locality and find a hospitable family for dinner; go on the journey at 8:00 am on the following day, through the small waterfall along the river, 4 hours on foot to Baoting by Wuzhishan bus back to Sanay.
Beach Hiking (Sanya Bay): Depart from the Phoenix Island, to the yacht beach of Kempinski Resort Hotel, about 18 kilometers, from east to west along the coast slowly, challenge the funny of sandy beach hike, enjoy the endless beautiful sea view in Sanya trip.

Tips of Hiking Sanya Trip
Equipment: Trip to Sanya for hiking, the equipment should small and light, brought tents to camping in the wild; wear special hike shoes or half-old rubber shoes; wear hat and sunglasses; also commonly drugs; you had better to take tea water with salt. To prevent excessive sweating caused by lack of body salt; drinks should containing vitamin C; eat more fresh fruits, in order to reduce fatigue and restore energy as soon as possible.
Trip: Go on Sanya trip, you'd better to together with friends; it is best to know a detailed condition in Hiking of Sanya triop, such as the weather before you departure; to ensure the physical condition in the best status; if carried out long-distance walk in hiking of Sanya trip, do several times adaptation training, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, in order to enhance endurance; master the sped and rhythm of walk; resting place should avoid the scorching sun and the low-lying damp in hiking of Sanya trip.

 Outdoors Map 2---- Mountaineering of Sanya Trip 

Mountaineering was became a global fashion health sport, accepted by younger backpackers.In Sanya trip mountaineering not only exercise physical and train endurance, cultivated the soul and temperament, but also inspire people to love nature and life, this is also a common harvest for outdoor backpackers. Trip to Sanya, mountaineering is also a good choice for people who lived in city and tired of office, because it can release pressure. Sanay is surrounded with sea and mountains, where the original tropical rain forest stretched long and unbroken for a thousand miles. It is absolutely that Sanya is a must place to outdoor Mountaineering in Sanya trip.
Trip to Sanya you will see the frondent vegetation, fancy stone forest is a beautiful Chinese picture, also hear the spring and waterfall, birds chirp and the steams flowing into the ear's made a original nature movement.

Recommended Lines for Mountaineering of Sanya Trip
Forest Park (through Jianfeng Mountain): By shuttle bus from Sanya Bus Station to Huangliu, then take small passenger car or tricycle to Jianfeng Town, at there can take motorcycle to the scenic area, start to climb mountain and start your Sanya trip. The hotels focused near Tianchi, it is proposed camping here, in the rainy season should stay away from Tianchi or other place with water to avoid leech's collective attack.
Tropical Rain Forest (Climb Qixian Mountain): Depart from Sanya to Baoting by shuttle bus, walk on foot to Qianlong (Thousands of Dragon) Cave, then by bus to Xian'an Mountain, climbing typical "Tropical Karst" stone forest which 700 meters above sea level and arrive Luotuo (Camel) Peak.

Tips of Mountaineering Sanya Trip
Climb up: When climbing, the body should slight lean forward, climb steep slopes with a "z" word line; you can talking during climb, don't mind the speed, just slow down and enjoy the happy Sanya trip.
Climb down: In order to avoid hurting the knee and leg muscle don't walk to fast especially don't run; when you through the rainforest, daub some soapy water wit sulfur to prevent leech invasion to exposed body in Sanya trip.

 Outdoors Map 3---- Cycle Tour of Sanya Trip 

Free bicycle, rotary landscape, the pleasure from outdoor cycling is perennial fashion. Trip to Sanay even Hainan Island, the most fun, most cost-saving ideas and the most environmentally friendly way is cycle.
Shuttle in the coconut coast, country garden, winding roads, you can breathe pure green air like a player, and enjoy the simple of the countryside in Sanya trip. Such a refreshing time, invite two or three friends, leisurely forward together, personal feel such wonderful experience brought by aerobic exercise in Sanya trip.
Trip to Sanya you could stop any time or be quickly go ahead; it's depended on your pleasure, freely fly, just as a free bird in Sanya trip.

Recommended Lines for Cycle Tour of Sanya Trip
Personal experience the classic travel route of 2008 Hainan Cycle Tour Track: Starting point: 3km along Sanya Bay; First section: 163.5km (from Sanya to Xinglong); Second section:159.54km (from Xinlong to Wengchang); Third section: 148.3km (from Wenchang to Haikou); Fourth section: 161.7km (from Haikou to Chengmai); Fifth section: 171.2km (from Chengamai to Danzhou); Sixth section: 135.5km (from Danzhou to Changjiang); Seventh section: 210.6km (from Changjiang to Wuzhishan); Eighth section: 102.4km (from Wuzhishan to Sanya)

Tips of Cycle Tour Sanya Trip
Equipment: Trip to Sanya the wise choice is mountain bike and, also wear a pair of glove; before to rent a bike should test the bike first adjust seat height and brakes, derailleur is a must; if have a long time cycle easy to cause palm and arm numb; at least one shock absorber needed; bring a portable pump and bandages, plasters, Yuannan white powder spray, band-aids, alcohol swab, and other commonly used drugs.
Environmental Protection: Trip to Sanya advocate closes to nature, enjoy life, protect environment, not blind pursuit of self-transcend and challenge the natural.

 Outdoors Map 4---- Island Camping of Sanya Trip 

Everyone who has read Robinson Crusoe would keen to have his own island which is desolate but full of freedom, to lead a simply, stable and out of the world life.
Urbanite is not limited to find solace in the novel. Trip to Sanya escape the noise, find the most beautiful scenery in the depth of soul, just need action.
Sanya have a vast sea area, different size of Green Island around Sanay, bright as stars.
Trip to Sanya select a quiet island, sniff smell of the soil, fragrance of the vegetation, touching the texture of the sea and outline of the mountain ¡­
Pitch tent on the beach, earth as bed, the sky as quilt, sleep in the waves, waiting for red sun raise from coastline, brought tremendous joy in Sanya trip.

Recommended Lines for Island Camping of Sanya Trip
Two Days in Lvye Peninsular (reference price: RMB368/person): At 9:00am, spend 40 minutes from Sanya to Houkai by rent car, a half hour by boat land Lvye Peninsular, the island is sparsely populated. Carry heavy burden, spend five hours through jungle, reach unmanned sandy beach, camping and fishing in the beach and enjoy your Sanya trip; At night, lie on the sandy beach, listen the waves, look at the stars, organize a bonfire party; the next day go to the Guanlang Stage to see the sunrise view.
Two Days Search Camping in Dongluo Island (reference price: RMB480/person): Dongluo Island located in Jiaotou village of Meishan Town, about 60km distance from Sanya. On the island cave bewildering, waves shot cliff. First day: Land Dongluo island,, visit the host; fishing, apprehend crab and abalones, find sea urchins; camp; island dinner; sea fishing at night; Second Day: Picnic breakfast; climb the highest point to see the sunrise; encampment protection; return to Sanya. Lvye club should supply: pick up and send-off cars, Chinese food, related equipment for the activities, commonly used drugs, insurance, outdoor professional coaches. Dongluo Island is good choice for camping in Sanya trip.

Tips of Island Camping Sanya Trip
Equipment: Trip to Sanya for island camping, as there is no shop in the island, so it is necessary to bring adequate fresh water, food supplies and personal medicines.
Accommodation: Trip to Sanya for island camping, doesn't camp near the dried river and below the cliff, as far as possible choose a hard flat venue. Tent entrance to leeward, but also consider the fire safety and convenience; before go to sleep, check out all the flames, tents are fixed solid; use lime, tar and other irritation substances painting a ring around the external area of tent to anti-invasive reptiles such as snakes.
Environment Protection: Trip in Sanya, do not cut down trees in the mountain, as far as possible to walk the way their predecessors walked, the non-degradable garbage should taken of the Island, to keep the natural original.
Safeguard: Be sure to choose a professional outdoor sports organization, must guard against self action in Sanya trip.

 Outdoors Map 5---- Rafting of Sanya Trip 

To drive unpowered rowboat move forward, to look for excite and fast sped in rising waters and break through the rising water by the quant in Sanya trip.
Drift, a sport of braves and annotate for unlimited youth, to fell cool and passion in the struggle of nature. You will be deeply impressed by its great thrill and cannot be calm for a long time in Sanya trip.
All of those will spread to the journey and become the most hopping Sanya trip in your memory.

Recommended Lines for Rafting of Sanya Trip
Wuzhi Mountain's rafting tour for 2 days:
it is a good recommendation to choose water-drift at Wuzhi Mountain in Sanya trip, this is the hinterland of original tropical rainforest, which is called "the first Chinese water-drift" as to its sheer and fast. At the first day you arrive, you could begin your expedition of 6km water-drift; after dinner, you can visit the temple at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain, then camp for the night, as well as listen to sound of spring in the Valley, bath in the spring and revel at a party; to wake up accompany with sun rise in next day, after breakfast, you may clear off for the peak of Wuzhi Mountain in Sanya trip.

Tips of Rafting Sanya Trip
To trip to Sanya, to change to swimsuit before drifting gas well as put on the lifejackets; you'd better not bring valuables onto boat, other belonging can be carried in plastic bags, and attached to safe rope;
Regulation: To participate this sport in Sanya trip must be accompanied by professional institutions; before rafting, you must ensure own physical condition, the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled are not allow doing it; please red instruction carefully and follow coach's direction to fasten safe belt and slant to the center, shall not swim or act alone far away from the hull; if capsize occur, stay calm and try to seize any rock or safety rope, then wait for rescue.

Outdoors Map 6---Rock-climbing and Prompt Drop of Sanya Trip

Rock-climbing and prompt drop has a large number of outdoor enthusiast, it's exciting fully meet the desires of return to nature and challenge nature in Sanya trip.
Experience the challenge of rock-climbing and prompt drop in Sanya trip, recommended join in the prompt drop in Diaoluo Mountain and Wuzhi Mountain organized by Lvye Outdoor Club.
Trip to Sanya, to learn the firm from climbing Cliffs and to enjoy the joy of victory from accomplishing a climbing routes. Trip to Sanay not only can exercise one's the quality of physical and psychological, but also can exercise whose climbing ability, willpower and self-confidence.
When you stand on the top of Mountain, the other mountains appear so small. All of the sceneries appear below you, you will enjoy the flavor of Sanya trip invincible beautiful scenery.

Recommended Lines for Rock-climbing and Prompt Drop of Sanya Trip
Looking for Diaoluo Mountain in summer: it is a good recommendation to choose rock-climbing and prompt drop at Diaoluo Mountain in Sanya trip.Diaoluo Mountain is a branch of Wuzhi Mountain, one of Hainan's three major forests, in which Fengguo Mountain Waterfalls, named as "the first waterfall of Hainan" and Tuonanri Waterfalls are magnificent. In the foot of Diaoluo Mountain have winding valley, full of rivulet and pond; in the depth of mountain have dense rain forest and freely waterfall.
Depart at 9:00am from Sanya; at 10:20am walk to Diaoluo Mountain Fengguo waterfall, rain forest valley, then do rock-climbing and prompt drop; at 12:30pm have lunch, then watch waterfall or swimming; at 14:30pm traversing and go against the rivulet; at 16:00pm muster and return to Sanya.

Tips of Rock-climbing and Prompt Drop Sanya Trip
Equipment: Professional light clothing; forbid to wear jeans and skirts.
Rule: Trip to Sanya for rock-climbing and prompt drop, accompanied by professional organization; adjust breath, keep mind in the best attitude, focus on lower body, mainly on the legs, arms fix up direction and keep in balance; relax physical and mental, close to rock as much as possible, with the force parallel to the rock wall to climb up; beginners may toe the lie more, follow the coaches, stumbles are inevitable, especially bear in mind the protection of your knees.

 Outdoors Map 7---- Hash of Sanya Trip 

To lay be heavy sociality and stay away from secularism and complex interpersonal relationship, ringing mobile and boring work, be relax and close to nature, even could forget your own name and accept a descriptive nickname in Sanya Trip.
The slogan of HASH is that advocate natural and health, be solidarity and affection, and become an optimism with liberty living attitude.
There are no fixed members or organizations, and there are also no fixed patterns, the theme of HASH is a running and drinking beer. All participants are divided as rabbit and hounds to escape and Chevy along with the complicated line which has been planned. Whatever gets over hills or wade across river, hound has to seek for any clue by which rabbits are discovered. At the end, after game is over, all hounds and rabbits sing together, laughter together and drink together in the terminal. Trip in Sanya, hashing is good outdoor sport.

Recommended Lines for Hash of Sanya Trip
Chitian Reservoir, Shuiyuanchi Reservoir, Hailuo Farm, Yacheng Town, Luobi Cave, Liupan Mountain, Bawang Mountain, Jianfeng Mountain, Hutuo Bay, Xiaodong Sea, Yalong Bay.
Tips of Hash Sanya Trip
Work together: Trip to Sanya for Hashing, each time when hounds pursue till the crotch, it is necessary for them to find a way separately, this is the best way to discover a right way as soon as possible, but when encounter difficulties, then have to help each other; if team member gets lost, he or she could once challenge the ability to manage crises, and could even more experience with solidarity and friends show by other members.
Share: The rabbits could freely create one time of run, it is just what the charm of HASH comes from, in which participants have an opportunity to enjoy self-display in Sanya trip.
Nature: Hash is purely leisure activities, but not a profit purposes and it also doesn't welcome any political or commercial actions, the balance of each event is going into common fund which for more activities.
Environmental protection: Hash is the environmental movement as any behavior of destruction will be punished. Empty bottles, trash bags must not be allowed to throw, and you are forbidden for destroying flowers, crops and so on, each participants of HASH must be strict to abide and set an example for others in daily life.

Travel Tips of Sanya Outdoors Trip
Team: Trip to Sanya for outdoor sports, participants must be ready to help others with the team, everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and strives to play to own strengths as well as mutual support with other teamers, in order to enhance overall effectiveness.
Science: To scientifically use equipments and go along with technical operation, to stay calmly in planning and constituting kinds of activities, furthermore , to promptly face and deal with various crises during journey and finally to find out a scientific solutions as you participate an outdoors sport in Sanya trip.
Environmental protection: outdoor sports in Sanya tip is to be close to nature, but not conquer, so the participants should be in harmony with nature; for all outdoor activities in Sanya trip, it is necessary to be committed to Nature protection, because of the other identify of outdoor sport enthusiast is environmentalists, this is the basic requirements for an outdoor sports enthusiast.

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