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Home>Learn about sanya>An Interview with Mr.Sergio Bretti, Gm of Gloria Resort Sanya

An Interview with Mr.Sergio Bretti, Gm of Gloria Resort Sanya

A Journey of 13 Years with Gloria Resort Sanya: Providing the Greatest Guest Satisfaction by Heart

Walking into the Gloria Resort Sanya, the waiter¡¯s warm smile will always follow you and the same kindness you can feel from Mr. Sergio Bretti, a warm, humorous Italian with so much romantic feeling. This time, Foreigners Teahouse will get you close to this gentleman who was born in Rome, and makes his home- Gloria Resort Sanya.

Mr. Sergio Bretti has more than 30 years¡¯ working experience in hotel and around the world, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong and China. Since he joined last year Gloria Resort Sanya has been rewarded with several awards from the hotel industry and one individual award 'GM of Excellence¡¯ presented in Hong Kong. His innovative thinking is inspiring and synergize bit by bit the all Gloria Resort Sanya team which help Gloria Resort Sanya to take an entirely new prospective in everyday¡¯s sunny environmental place.

Enjoy Super Garden and Unique Sea view
When we entered the room, the 270¡ãsuper-wide breathtaking view, opening the see trough glass door looks like walking to the beautiful blue ocean facing the South China Sea and will make you feeling the sound of the waves and feeling to be in a different world. Mr. Sergio Bretti told us, this is the best sea view room of Gloria Resort Sanya, surrounded by the hills on one side and the other, the mountain and sea view are unobstructed. Later, we knew that this special arranged room for our interview is used to be the room used by Asian popular singer, (Sun Yanzi).

AS THE FIRST 5-STAR RESORT IN Yalong Bay, Gloria Resort is no doubt located in the most advantageous Beach area. Based on the superior terrain, Gloria showed a magnificent design in landscaping. Besides the sea side, a full open garden design surrounded by the main building, the waterfront lawn is able to accommodate more than 2,000 people, and can be rated as luxurious as the whole Yalong Bay. We can imagine how difficult it is to maintain such a large lawn, but the guests can get the maximum free space for their leisure time, definitely Gloria¡¯s Management do care for their guests enjoyment.

Word of Mouth Is the Best Publicity
The first time we meet, Mr. Serigio Bretti revealed his unique Italian humor. When we are busy at taking photos, he deliberately kept a straight face and suddenly emerges with jokes. As he saw we are standing in amazement, he started laughing just like a Child whom succeeded in having a good fun. While the hotel staff explained with a smile: ¡®He often jokes like that, you will soon get used to it.¡¯ Mr. Sergio Bretti¡¯s jokes are seemed to have a good ¡®massage base¡¯.

Chatting about Gloria Resort Sanya, Bretti immediately opened the chatterbox, his pride was palpable. ¡®We are always committed to providing the highest to enjoy the highest cost-effective.¡¯ He admitted, it is impossible to have no pressure as the ¡®most experience¡¯ resorts in Yalong Bay. But due to the resource advantages and solid infrastructure, Bretti always put the pressure as an interesting challenge with optimistic attitude. Through him and his colleagues¡¯ team work, we can see Gloria achievements, and he has been doing very well.

All guests will be impressed with Gloria¡¯s meticulous service. In fact, Gloria Resort Sanya always regarded guests¡¯ satisfaction as the first objective as the ¡®Word of mouth is the best publicity¡¯, Bretti said. Therefore, Gloria developed a flexible price system and offering value added packages for guests who have different needs, strive to make every guest who arrives in high spirits and return home in their heart¡¯s pleased and satisfy for they stay at Gloria Resort. You will find that no matter who you meet been the managers, directors, bellboys or waiters everyone has a warm and friendly smile on their face definitely it is the genuine smile from the heart not only for working purposes. This is also the recipe in Gloria Resort Sanya which has been attracting guests from all over the world for more than 13 years.

Innovation Do Never End
Although Gloria Resort Sanya has made so many brilliant achievements, it doesn¡¯t end from moving forward. Constantly pursuit of innovations is the other distinctive feature of Gloria Resort Sanya. Mr. Sergio Bretti is a new beginning.¡¯ Because of this, he always has new ideas in his mind, and put those ideas into practice little by little. After the interview, we were invited by Mr. Sergio Bretti to visit his ¡®masterpieces¡¯. He said that, after work he likes strolling along the beach and watching Gloria Resort Sanya growing or we should say changing day by day, then he would feel pleased and joyful due to the great surround and as well the environment.

Mr. Sergio Bretti has a wide of creative ideas. Therefore, he especially made a ¡®wishing well¡¯ at hotel¡¯s lawn to create a feeling which it does re-mind his hometown. Besides, he also built a ¡®Sea Lounge¡¯ near the sea side, which creatively integrates the stylish T-shaped stage with the wooden leisure platform. Moreover, an Italian pizza oven has been built which is unique in China. Just image from the shadows of coconut trees and a slight sea breeze, you are eating pizza while watching a wonderful fashion show. Such a creative and genius idea can only be thought out by Mr. Sergio Bretti.  

We have reasons to believe that under the leadership of Mr. Sergio Bretti, Gloria Resort Sanya will bring different surprises every day.

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