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Sixty-seven Beautiful Models Twinkle in Sanya!

Record of the 26th Elite Model Look World Finals

In autumn and at the end of the Gold Coast, a group of young girls are summoned to Sanya by boundless expectation and their golden dreams. Those cheerful girls dress up and appear in where they can use their youthful body to compose the perfection. Sanya just parts from hot summer, and then dwells in crisp autumn wind and be permeated with fashion and charm, while a beautiful fairy tale story is staging: in the sea breeze, and follow along with a sea¡¯s melody, we witness to a moment of angles fallen to the human world, like many phosphors appear to bloom in Sanya and gleam for the world.

Elite Model Look is one of the most famous, extensive coverage and influence global model contest. Elite Groups Founded in 1971, every year it selects 70 models to enter the world final from more than 50 countries around the world and between about 350,000 entries. Comparing with other model contests, Elite Model Look pays more attention to potential talents, who can grow up quickly after accepting a series of professional course and become famous models at the end. With this business philosophy and talent competition system, Elite Model Look is not only a contest, but rather a institution of digging supermodel. Beside age, figure and appearance, nice personality of a player is also valuable for Elite groups. It¡¯s easy to discover certain characteristics from all previous contests: players are generally young with an average only 16 years old; inexperienced also shows a similarity in some respect, as most of them are new faces, some were even found in the street and has never engaged in this field. Thus, the girl who successfully enters the final has actually achieved a leap in modeling career.

On T-stage, we are fighting for dream
Someone says, Elite Model Look is a feast of ¡°looking for Cinderella¡±. Starting from putting on crystal shoes, they can gradually become the brightest stars.

Every year, Elite world final takes nearly half a month, players from all over the world have to come through trial, clothing and makeup test, strict training, rehearsals, and participating in fun competitions as well as location shooting, then ultimately picked out by the powerful jury composed by celebrities, famous models famous photographers and other experts. In the process, players can experience in professional training, photographing and also obtain interview opportunities with more than 30 brokerage firms over the world, moreover the first three players can win an new contract valued approximately hundred thousand dollars, as well as win many top-level treatments such as top international fashion magazine¡¯s cover shooting, and in cooperation with the photograph experts, etc.

Therefore, this group of girls hardly arrives at world final¡¯s stage, how can¡¯t they fight for dream. I still remember the scenes of when Miss. Julia Saner won the first prize at last night, the seventeen years ago Swiss girl cried for joy while she found out she won the first prize, although she has reckoned on this result for a long time, she obviously wasn¡¯t ready for the moment. She said: "when I heard my name, it even took me a long time to react until others told me ¡®hey, it is you¡¯, I finally realized that I was reach at the top of Elite Model Look.¡± She also told that it was the first step in working toward the goal, and the next step was to become a real supermodel.

Off T-stage, we are good sisters on the one hand
Elite Model Look emphasized on nice personality, on the other hand, full advantage of Sanya¡¯s natural resources were used to ease the tense atmosphere from the contest. During the process, Elite Model Look specially arranged two meaningful activities which were fun competition and location shooting.

These activities give the players opportunities to interact, understand and present them selves. Through such collective activities, they received friendship, and also let us see real aspect of them: lovely, softness, friendly and even naughty, who were so different from who they are on T-stage.

At 16 o¡¯clock on October 14, 2009, our editors personally visited the whole fun competitions. Girls were randomly divided into eight groups and carried out variety types of sports. With the referee¡¯s order, all girls started to have fun and naughty personality was shown up completely. They have enjoyed tug-of-war, polo-transfer and water war, although in some parts of games, girls broken the rules in order to excel other teams, the joy was still immense. Have to say it is a contest without lose or win and a sports game showing deep friendship. Girls became a group of beautiful elf to leave us the touch and pleasure memory. Finally, the game capped off with birthday party for Swiss player, Miss, Natalja.

Sanya, the most memorable memories of life      
Every contest gives expectation and also a tense atmosphere, our editor accompanied them for half of month and two parties get acquainted to each other. At leisure time, some girls loved t share experience with us, ¡°Sanya is extremely beautiful place, and I hope to spend more time here.¡¯ "Soluxe hotel is a perfect resort hotel and close with seashore, from my room I can enjoy the awesome ocean view and the most beautiful sunset.¡±, "In Sanya, many scenic spots are amazing like Nanshan, Binglang Valley, Yalong Bay Rainforest Park and so on, especially Li minority housemaid and her brocade, I have never seen such beautiful things before.¡±

With happy simile and true feelings, the words gave voice to their favor for Sanya, and meant they were unwilling gto leave. They told us that next time they would bring family and friends to Sanya, because here was the place to sail dream and the most memorable memories in their life.

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