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For Traveling, I would like liberalism!

A real tourist is never thinks it scoms to cursory and hasty travel, they advocate to more capacious, free and personalized travel. Even the journey filled with troubles and difficulties, they are still happy to do so, and as rare setback experience for the future life. Practically, that is the real value and charm of travel.

This quarterly, we have selected six most faddish travel modes popular among young white-collar workers, any mode of them will give you infinite carefree travel experience, made your Hainan trip more extraordinary, comfortable and happy.
1. Internet-travel
Suitable People: Adventurous and experienced travel fans
Members: Alone or with lover

Network was highly developed in recent years: thus search web is also available for tourism information. You just need to click the mouse, all details of flights, hotels, scenic spots could be easily found. Then getting ready for your luggage and carrying a map and a GPS, you are standing by for a trip which completely belongs to yourself. Even in strange city is nothing to fear for getting lost. Moreover, you can show your travel plan on websites, in order to hear valuable suggestions form others. By this way you are able to summarize a classic travel route contained all of the travel essences!
1. To search for travel information: Nowadays, Network Information is comprehensive, convenient and fast, there are many professional sites to provide immediate and authoritative travel information. As an internet-traveler, to collect information for your destination by internet is indispensable. Refer to others¡¯ experience, make a multiple comparison, and learn from more fact sheets, pictures and comments will help you to determine the most ideal destination and your greatest interests in scenic spots or activities.
2£®To make a plan in advance: After determined the destination and also your greatest interests, then you need a detailed itinerary based on departure date, budget and physical condition, in order to make sure a relaxed, happy and affordable trip.
3£®To reserve flights/hotels/cars in advance: In according to itinerary, be sure to determine the travel time, transportation and accommodation as possible. Normally, if reserved accommodations in advance may get more discounts, by this way, you cannot only cut down cost, but also ensure the smooth travel.

<<Have Fun on Hainan Island>> Top Recommendations:
The popular destinations are Haikou, Sanya , Qionghai, Danzhou, Ding¡¯an, Wengchang, Wenchang, Wanning Baoting, Lingshui, these cities have convenient traffic, developed tourism and good security environment.
2. Sharing Wedding
Suitable People: Travel fans who are getting awfully economical foe preparing wedding or like to travel with friends and family.
Members: With group of traveler  

When we speak of ¡°sharing wedding¡±, it means to buy wedding supplies, organize group weddings and have honeymoon together with other couples, as well as to arrange wedding photos and other wedding-related things together. Marriage is originally a matter of two people, mainly because those young lovers wants fashion lifestyle as well as save on money. Young lovers know each other via internet and get to know each other online for a period, when they come back to real life, they begin to negotiate with merchants for choosing same place but different time to hold wedding separately, and some of them even travel together for honeymoon. In view of existing market, Sanya¡¯s photography organization provides attractive discount for this   generation, couples not only share resource, but also win friendship, It¡¯s definitely a good way for the young lovers who is at the ¡°big spending¡± state.
1. Find the sharing wedding couple s or participate in group buy activities: Post your invitation on the major weddings sites or travel sites for inviting others.
2.  To determine the content and time of sharing wedding: The contents include buying dress, honeymoon plan, wedding photography, booking wedding company, wedding banquet and so on. Discussing the contents in advance and confirming the time according to proper itinerary is very important to avoid unnecessary troubles.
3.  To make a deal for expense distribution: The Dutch treatment is normally used in this section. Of course, if couples are close friends, expense can be allocated by each item as long as keep broadly average. Even number of couples is better.

<< Have Fun on Hainan Island>> Top Recommendation:
Haikou and Sanya are recommended, in where all sorts of resources condition reach maturity. In recent years, ¡°Sharing Wedding: gradually become popular, and is accepted by the most merchants.
3. DIY Semi-self-travel
Suitable People: Travel fans that lack of experience or have abundant time
Members: Alone or with group of travelers

Semi-self-travel is one of the most popular travel modes in recent years. It changes the traditional mode from ¡°only accept¡± to ¡°free choice¡± about what to see and how long to stay, while transportation and accommodation is still arranged by travel agencies. This is very helpful for tourists who are unfamiliar with destination and lack of travel experience. To a certain extent, semi-self-travel met people¡¯s strong desire upon different travel requests, and also greatly reduced cost. It occupies all advantages to have free, comfortable and group travel with convenient, security. DIY semi-self-travel depends more on the travel agency¡¯s recommendation and service than Internet-travel.
1. To select suitable travel agency: The first step is to select a good reputation and secure travel agency. We suggest to select several agencies for comparison, then to make serious consider from quality of service, comprehensive information and cost-effective.
2. DIY your trip with help of travel agency: To communicate with selected travel agency for your intention and requirement, try to learn more details about transportation, accommodation and scenic spots at first hand. Then combine all information to institute your favorite itinerary under travel agency¡¯s favorite suggestion, the thing to do in next is to reserve your trip. Certainly, you should know the departure time, and location of bus stations, ports or airports. After all, you should get a travel map, destination¡¯s introduction and other reading materials from travel agency.
3. Well prepared before departure: as you need to make care of yourself during the trip, so make relevant preparation in advance. Pay attention to the weather forecast; bring right clothes, cameras, batteries, chargers, toiletries and so on. We suggest carrying a small amount of money and taking your bank card for emergency needs. ID card and other important documents should be put away separately.

<<Have Fun on Hainan Island>>Top Recommendation:
The popular destinations are Haikou, Sanya, Boao, Xinglong and Lingshui. These cities are beautiful, with convenient traffic, good road condition and concentrated geographic. It is very convenient for travelers to plan own itinerary.
4. Budget Travel
Suitable People: Travel fans whose travel budget is limited
Members: With group of travelers

Due to economic recession, cost-cut has become the new fashion. As a result, budget travel is naturally become a fashionable way. The ¡°budget travel¡± is spring up by a group of Chinese students at Europe; it means make their own travel budget. For popular speaking, the budget travel is to get maximize saving while to be decision maker for own trip. But it doesn¡¯t connect with poor or rich, it just means use the most economical way to travel. Most budget travelers gradually fell in love with this simple travel, and also started to enjoy the process of saving. Even the most common roadside scenery would have the beauty to shock hearts.
1. Group travel, multiple comparison: For budget travelers, the golden rule is ¡°not wasting money¡±. You can choose some mainstream and secure tourism websites, such as Ctrip, Elong , Mango city and Sanya Travel Guide Website(www.sanyatravelguide.com), try to make multiple comparisons and pick out the cheapest,. If travel with others, you could consider about group travel, in that case to enjoy more.
2. To reduce the cost as much as possible in accommodation and transportation: In order to ensure the cost-cut during traveling, you could minimize the cost for accommodation and transportation. Usually, budget travelers don¡¯t travel by train or on foot instead of plane. They often live in youth hostel or bring their own tent for camping, but it must in the case of security.
3. Simple food and clothing: The budget travelers generally do not care about creature comforts, but interest in spiritual experience. So the luggage should be as possible, several suitable clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes are enough for all. When travel on foot or wildness camping, you should prepare an outdoor stove, food and water.
4. Sufficient time: Because it is difficult to ensure the travel length caused by the cheaper transportation, so it is better to have sufficient time; otherwise you may not fully experience on the way.
<<Have Fun on Hainan Island>> Top Recommendation: The Recommended places are Wuzhi Mountain, Ledong, Baisha, Changjiang, Tunchang, Baoting, Wenchang, Anding and so on which are more developed in Hainan. These cities have wonderful mountain, beautiful scenery, long history, heavy folk heritage and unpolluted natural; which are suited to hiking, adventure, visit and so on.
5. Flash Play
Suitable People: Travel fans that are busy and short of time
Members: Alone or with group of travelers

The word ¡°flash play¡± is already exist for a period of time, but it became a travel mode originating from Chinese white-collar, as to heavy work brings pressure to bear on them, they desire to travel for relax. Couple of days for special fare chance, so that they buy special fare tickets to start a brief trip, which is how ¡°flash play¡± comes from. ¡°Flash play¡± comes from. ¡®Flash players normally choose fast transportation.
1. To choose a suitable time, place, and transportation: The time is limited for flash players, generally they do not stay overnight, and weekend travel is more common. Therefore, they often chose Saturday and Sunday to avoid the peak flow. Plane is frequently-used transportation, due to its convenient and fast. The destination should have convenient transportation and airport. It¡¯s better if flash players come from different city, which could increase the sense of renewal, excitement and challenges.
2. To relax, but look out: ¡°Flash play¡± is a way to release stress, so don¡¯t live as same as usual. To lay down ferial restrained and behave and let yourself immersed in a strange and unfamiliar city, in order to enjoy easy life. But if all flash players are strangers, so you should maintain sharp vigilance, protect yourself and your property.
3. To keep to the rules of game: When you take part in the activity, you must be keep to the rules, for example, all related details must be agreed upon in advance and follow Dutch treatment, ect.
<<Have Fun on Hainan Island>> Top Recommendation: The recommended places are Haikou and Sanya; these two cities have international airports, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.
6. Minshuku Travel
Suitable People: Travel who want to have deep experience foe local customs
Members: Alone or with group of travelers

"Minshuku¡± originally comes from Japanese, it means privately-owned house for travelers except hotel and hostel. Such as private houses, leisure centers, granges and pastures, etc., people descript it as ¡°the space of warm care and approach nearest to own home¡±. Minshuku travel started from Japan and Taiwan which is gradually approaching our lives in recent years. Comparing with hotels, ¡°Minshuku¡± may not have luxurious facilities, but it let us deep experience for local customs by owner¡¯s enthusiasm and hospitality, as well as experience in different life, therefore it becomes more and more popular.
1.  To choose a suitable ¡°Minshuku¡±: You¡¯d better select a ¡°Minshuku¡± which has relevant qualification certificates issued by the executive department, or accept recommendations from your friends, at same time you should make sure the surrounding environment is in good condition and the internal facilities are well, clean, and sanitary.
2.  To Sign a travel contract: After reached unanimous agreement with owner, a travel contract should be sighed for identifying clear responsibility and rights. But if the Minshuku is a private house that doesn¡¯t have regular rooms to sale, you should get owner¡¯s agreement at first place, and then inform current arrive time, rooms and rental fees in advance.
3.  To bring along necessary belongings: The accommodation basis of ¡°Minshuku¡± is not as good as hotel; therefore, you should bring necessary belongs such as towel, toothbrush and so on. You¡¯d better list all categories and prepare according to the list.

<<Have Fun on Hainan Island>> Top Recommendation:
The recommended places are Haikou, Wengchang, Qionghai and Sanya, these cities developed earlier than others, and resident people live in high-quality life within opening folkway, at the same time physical environment is relatively secure.   


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