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The Beauty of the Hainan Island to be Discovered

About Archaic Rhyme
Prior to traveling around the whole island, I considered Sanya as a synonym for the whole Hainan Island, and I believed a lot of tourists also have such a sense of identity. Sanya is certainly a beautiful, stylish, and uniquely attractive seaside tourism city. However, in the central and western region of Hainan Island, there are still many cities and counties not well-known by more people such as Dingan, Chengmai, Tunchang, Qiongzhong, Changjiang, Dongfang, Ledong, and Baisha, and they also have very rich and unique tourism resources with a long history, profound cultural and beautiful scenery. And even earlier world-renowned Xinglong hot Spring, as well as Qionghai, Wenchang, Wanning and other places affected by the Boao Forum for Asia, China¡¯s Aviation Satellite Launch Base and other international projects have been recognized by tourists where still have a lot of the beauty of the island to be discovered.
Even if we have classified endless scenery and beauty, we can screen and list only a few for more tourists to go explore and to enjoy.    
Haikou¡ªWugong Ancestral Hall
Valiant the five martyrs are: forever the tide of hainan lasts.

Wugong Ancestral Hall is located in Haikou city. Since the great writer Su Dongpo in the Northern Song Dynasty was demoted to Hainan in the fourth year of shao Sheng (1907), and lived in Jinli Temple (now within Wudong Ancestral Hall) which has been retained as relics, the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty and the Republic of China constantly built additionally and rebuilt historic sites around it, including: Hainan First Building (also known as Wudong Ancestral Hall), Xuepu Hall, Guanjia Hall and West Studio (Wudong Vihara), East abstinence hall, Sugong Temple Liangfubo Temple, Dongzhuo Pavilion, Fuli Spring, Qiongyuan and new exhibition hall of Wugong Ancestral Hall.

Wugong Ancestral Hall (also known as Hainan First Building) was set up, presides over by Leiqiong Daotai, Zhu Cai in the Guangxu fifteen year of Qiong Dynasty (1889) the construction, and (Tang Dynasty) Li Deyu, (Song Dynasty) Li Gang, Zhao Ding, Li Guang, and Hu Quan five famous historic ministers, commonly known as ¡°Wugong¡± who wree demoted to Hainan are enshrined inside it.

Ticket: CNY20
Location: Haifu Road, Fucheng District, Haikou
Traffic Guide: to take No.1 public bus and get off the bus at Fucheng Station or take a taxi.
Dingan --- Former Residence of Zhang Yuesong
A native place of celebrity has outstanding people

Zhang Yuesong, as the only third place in imperial examination in Hainan imperial era, was praised "talent is in everywhere¡± in Divine Land by Jiaqing Emperor. He was Buzhang Shi as Hubei administrative commissioner (the deputy second place). He was learned and accomplished, studied quite widely, his articles and paintings were well praised, and he still also presided over the compilation of ¡°Annals of Qiongzhou Prefecture¡± in his later years. He was a well-known painter in the Qing Dynasty, and was described as ¡°Four Scholars¡± of Hainan with Qiu Jun, Hairui and Wang Zuo , and was the writing master of the four masters concerning "reading, chanting, writing, and loyalty¡± in Hainan. The Former Residence of Zhang Yuesong is located at Gaoling Village, Longhu Town, DingAn County, with 2 parts in total. The one is the ancestral home for his birth, built in the Qing Dynasty, covering an area of about 2,500 square meters; now, there is only a principal room, which is suspension mountain type architecture.

Ticket: free of charge
Location: Gaolin Village, Longhu Town, Dingan County
Traffic Guide: it is easy for access by a tarmac road which goes straight to there.

Wenchang ---
Song ancestral home
The home of the mother of the country is an elegant farm house

Song ancestral home, built in Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, is located on a hill surrounded by fruit trees, with a quiet surrounding environment, where coconut palms turn green and orchard is fragrant. The ancestral home was built according to the east, with a two-entry pattern, and elegant shape.

In order to commemorate the historical contribution and far-reaching impact of Soong Ching Ling and her families, Wenchang Municipal People¡¯s Government repaired Song ancestral home in 1985, and under the support of the Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the friendly people at home and abroad, successively built Soong Ching Ling Exhibition Hall and Soong Ching Ling Botanical Garden, and also built 3.2 meters of white marble statue of Soong Ching Ling at the north of the ancestrally gave an inscription of ¡°Song ancestral home¡±.

Ticket:CNY 15 per adult, CNY5 per student
Location:30 km away from Wengchang City, at Guluyuan Village, Changsa Town of Wengchang
Traffic Guide: it is easy for access, by a tarmac road which goes straight to there.

Qionghai ---
The Cai¡¯s Ancient Folk House
Overseas Chinese mansion blending the east and the west

The Cai¡¯s Ancient Folk House, located in Like Village, Boao Mo Village Committee, Qionghai, it is a house built by the wealthy businessman of Qionghai Cai Jiasen who drifed to Indonesia, the house is strong, generous, luxury, new, and western-style building. Although is has goes through 70 years, it still retains a great deal of charm and it is called ¡°The first house of overseas Chinese hometown in Hainan¡± and is often referred to as ¡°Chua¡¯s mansion¡± among the people. It¡¯s was used as the house of ¡°Nanbatian¡± in the television series. In May 2006, ¡°the Cai¡¯s Ancient Folk House¡± was listed as the sixth protection unit of national key cultural relics by the State Council.

Cai Jiasen traveled and lived in 1911, returned to China and built the Cai¡¯s Ancient Folk House in Qionghai in 1935, and died in Indonesia in 1979. He was a leader of overseas Chinese in Indonesia.

Ticket: free of charge
Location: 23 km away from Qionghai City, at Like Village, Boao Town of Qionghai
Traffic Guide: it is easy for access, the roads to there are mostly tarmac and cement, and the best traffic tool is driving own car.

Lingshui ---
The former Soviet Site
A revolutionary base for red political power

Lingshui Soviet (a former Qiongshan Hall), which was first Qiongshan Hall and was originally built in the tenth year of the Republic of China, covers an area of 1127 square meters. In 1927, shortly after the failure of the Great Revolution, the first red political power of Qiongyan-the Soviet Government of Lingshui Country was born, where the fire of revolutionary struggle in the island was re-ignited. In 1979, Guangdong Provincial People¡¯s Government took it as a revolutionary site and listed t as a provincial heritage conservation unit for protection. In 1983, the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province, and Lingshui country government allocated special funds to conduct a comprehensive maintenance on the site, and to establish the Country Museum. In June 2006, it was recognized established as the sixth protection units of national key cultural relics.

After 80 years of rapid chang, the Soviet Government Site of Lingshui Country has never been manually destructed, and the building has also become a symbol of Lingshui.

Ticket: free of charge
Location: at East Zhongshan Road, Yeling Town, Lingshui Li Autonomous Country
Traffic Guide¡± it is at an old and narrow lane which is very crowd, should pay more attention to traffic safety.

Danzhou ---
Dongpo Academy
Delicacy for thousand years and naturally elegant

Dongpo Academy is located in the seat of the capital of ancient Dan state. The winding village streets are all paved with quartzite, the ancient temples and stone tablets can be seen everywhere; the ancient Dongpo Academy, under a coconut, was the residence where the famous writer, painter and calligrapher, poet and composer Su Dongpo lived in after he was demoted in the north facing the south, the courtyard gate is vast, quaint and unique, and teansversal ¡°Dongpo Academy¡± words on the gate was inscribled by Zahang Ji, a former second degree candidate in the provincial examination in Qiong Dynasty.

In the Qing Dynasty, the Carrying Wine Hall was renamed Dongpo Academy. The Academy site has experienced 900 years of wind and rain erosion, but the local people miss and admire Su Dongpo, so they built and expanded it for several time. Now the style and feature have been fully restored, and it has become a scale tourist spot and is classified as a protection unit of national key cultural relics.

Ticket: CNY15
Location: Zhonghe Town of Danzhou City
Traffic Guide: goes along with West loop highway and goes off the highway at the exit say "Yangpu Interchange Bridge¡±, and then head for Yangpu for another 15 km.
Lingao --- Linggao Confucius Temple
Famous ancient architecture celebrity memorial

Lingao Confucius Temple, also known as the Confucian Temple, Sanctuary Hall and Dacheng Hall, is located along the roadside of Yanjiang Beilu in Lingao County and is a place of historical interest with a long history (900years). Xie Wo, a county magistrate in the Southern Song Dynasty was dedicated in Minghuan Temple. Xie Wo, from Jinjiang in Fujian, former third degree candidate in the national civil service examination, Lingao county magistrate in the second year of Song Shaoxing, did good for the people, and the local people built a commemoration temple. In the Xiangxian Temple on the left side of Confucius Temple, Wang Zuo, Dai Dingshi, etc were dedicated.

Wang Zuo from Lingao in Hainan, participated in the Provincial Examination and got the former third degree candidate in the twelfth year of Ming Zhengtong. He was the chanting master of the four masters concerning ¡®reading, chanting, hand-writing, and being loyal and modest¡± in Hainan.

Ticket: free of charge
Location: North   Yanjiang Road of Linggao Town
Traffic Guide: ten minutes walk from town center. A local three-wheeled motorcycle can be chosen to arrive there.

Chengmai  ---
Meilang Tower Sisters
Elder sister tower beautiful designed and younger sister tower refined and exquisite

Dengmai Meilang Twin Towers, also called Tower Sisters, were built during the late Song and early Yuan dynasties. According to records of Zheng De Qiong Tai Zhi, Chen Daoxu, living in Yuanxiang Town, has two daughters, one named Lingzhao who gets married to a mogul, and the other named Shanchang who enters religion and lives in a nunnery, and to commemorate his two daughters, he denoted as much as 1000 strings of copper cashes to build the Twin Stone Towers with ingenuous stonework, which are higher than five Zhang (a unit of length, one Zhang equaling to 31/3 meters) and have levels of eaves each ,one having six angles and other one four angles.

Meilang Twin Towers, of purity and simplicity, are harmonious and beautiful in the overall modeling, with Elder Sister Tower beautifully designed and Younger Sister Tower refined and exquisite. Around them are serenely distributed with bamboos, mountain brooks and springs. Entering the towers, people feel like that they have entered into a Pure Land.

Ticket: free of charge
Location: In the northeast of Meilang hamlet, Meiting Village of Chenmai County
Traffic Guide: there are accessible roads to reach, but some sections are narrow rural roads, should pay attention to traffic safety.      

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