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Home>Learn about sanya>Highly Recommend Eight Characteristic Holiday Apartments in Sanya

Highly Recommend Eight Characteristic Holiday Apartments in Sanya

Not Merely Because of Cost-cut!
If you are still regard holiday apartment as the travel accommodation for ¡°poor¡± people, then you were really OUT. In Sanya, these holiday apartments are more exquisite, elegant and warm than I thought, all of them occupies excellent geographic location, near to downtown and the sea, with well-appointed furniture, not only suitable for family and friends, but also a love nest especially for lovers. Certainly, the price is pretty affordable and reasonable. Just imagine, why not spend less money to enjoy more freedom, comfortable and relaxing holiday?
Elegant luxury --- Ten-rooms Holiday Apartment
What¡¯s the meaning of Ten-rooms? Actually, it just means ten simple rooms.
A complex space that reveals the owner¡¯s elegant affection, may be spacious or delicacy, the first thing that catches eyes when entering is the tenderness reflected by colorful and hazy drum lamp, with a kind of light intoxication and quiet. The beddings are comfortable purified cotton with moderate thickness, imported from Singapore. Imported bathroom facilities, striped floor, and golden cotton sofa, LCD TV writing table, also reveals owner¡¯s unique taste of high quality life.

At right, when the insects sound, the space is in complete quiet. In the distance, vaguely hear rough voice, it may sounds from waves rolling, or clock ticking, or people¡¯s busy voice, but it doesn¡¯t matter, this is the moment for calm and carefree to blend perfectly.

At the backyard, swimming pool is filled with clear blue; a light music bar is standing next to it, choosing a suitable seat to watch great sunset in the bar, maybe ordering a portion of delicious food, occasionally chatting with friendly bar waiter, such kind of enjoyment could only be found at Tem-rooms Holiday Apartment, the exquisite refinement is derived from a kind of pursuit for quiet. The luxury,, elegant, dignity, characteristic and reasonable price is only for ten private and high quality rooms.

Location: Haipo Resort Area 3-1, Sanya Bay Road, only 10 minutes away from downtown or Sanya Phoenix International Airport
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249
Features: High-speed broadband internet access, complimentary coffee/tea in room, fashionable sanitary hardware. In meanwhile, the apartment offers airport shuttle bus, convenient check-in and check-out procedure, free breakfast, VIP service,, golf course booking and free pick-up service, etc. The apartment also has outdoor swimming pool and chess facilities.

Warm house  ---
Sanya Rujia Mountain-sea Holiday Apartment
Looking toward in opposite directions, there is the unlimited sea, will bring the space to your incredible visual concussion. Deliberately choosing a pure white suite, the clean and fresh elegant furniture is shining with the vast blue sky out of the window, just looks like an elegant, crisp, calm, and slightly magnificent mountain-sea painting. After laying down the luggage, directly going to the soft bed, accidentally seeing the sea and the sky over soft white sandy beach, it fully meets northerners¡¯ desire for sea.

Looking around the whole room, details make people feel comfortable, furniture is exquisite and creative, bathroom accessories are in high quality, even kitchen facilities are complete. At a leisurely afternoon, cooking a delicious dinner to pamper your family, all the giving feeling is about home.

If can staying here as an anchoret, hiding behind the quiet and leisure, drinking coffee on the balcony, taking a look at magazines, or do nothing. No temper, no voice, only the gentle sea breeze kiss your ear.
Location: Shanhaitian Resort, Dadonghai, Sanya
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249

The apartment is beside the sea with lush garden, shared the services and facilities with Shanhaitian Resort, such as swimming pool, gym, beach chairs, battery car, etc. It is only 50 meters far from Dadonghai beach. Room facilities are in high-grade, free broadband internet access, equipped with full set of furniture, bathroom facilities and kitchen facilities. In meanwhile, the holiday apartment holds business in three more communities at Sanya Bay and Dadonghai.
Love in the house --- Sanya Romantic Sea-view Holiday Apartment
At fifteen or sixteen years old, youngsters suddenly want to have a private place to keep secrets, it¡¯s the initial hope for an ideal home; 20-year-old youths admire sweet feeling of love, and start to image a romantic two-person world, where could set flowers and sweetie photos at very corner; few years later, youths grown up and had much understanding of life, they may have marriage and baby, and begin to expect a spacious house to carry the warmth of family; Time flies, youths become old people, the only expectation is having serene space and watching children to grow up with happiness.

For the purpose of bring dreams into truth, Sanya Romantic Sea-view Holiday Apartment makes ideal comfortable rooms for different ages: No.55 room looks like the pinky ocean, No.23 room is full with candle, and the panoramic sea-view suite is suitable for happy family, these special rooms reflects owner¡¯s meticulous and thoughtful, she draws a romantic world for guests, just as she says: ¡°romantic is a kind of feeling, only can be felt. As time flies, the passion fade away, but romance is still staying with us.¡±

Location: Lanhai Garden phase 2&3, the interchange of Jinjiling Road and Sanya Bay Road, Sanya; High-end building in Haipo
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249
Features: Location in high-end community in Sanya Bay, all of the buildings have panoramic sea-view. All rooms have exquisite decoration, be equipped with free internet access, local call service, swimming tube, hammock and other daily necessities.

Perfect Trip ---
Sanya Wanmei Sea-view Apartment
A perfect holiday, a perfect trip, near coconut trees and the coast, among all upscale estates, Wanmei Sea-view Apartment completely achieves all goodliness.

Wanmei Sea-view Apartment is located along with the graceful coast-Sanya Coconut Dream promenade. When standing at the balcony and looking far away, the east is attractive coastal scenery, sort of well-proportioned buildings overlook the sea and peeked through rosy cloud. It cannot wait to be integrated into the scenery! Dropping baggage, taking off shoes, throwing away all bondage, running straight into the private territory, playing with sea as simple as a child, when seawater wetting body, then suddenly realizing: I am really at the beach.

Looking back on interior view, country style small flower print and simple stripe are dressed up in each room, combined with rattan furniture to make rooms more close to nature. In early morning, waking up from a sweet dream in sea breeze, and then walking onto the balcony, stretching your body in the fresh air, can you feel the happy journey is ready to launch in such good things? Well then go ahead and have a date with sea! On a leisure day, reading book at Wanmei¡¯s beach bar for whole days: closing eyes and having sun baths if getting tired! Getting trying a cup of iced coconut juice when feeling thirsty; one more thing has to do, that is to record sea¡¯s beauty by your cell phone to say ¡°I am at the beach¡±! When going back to room, don¡¯t forget to send those beautiful photos to your dear friends by internet and share happiness with them. A perfect and share happiness becomes more perfect because of ¡°playing with beautiful¡±.
Location: Coconut Coast Communty, Sanya Bay
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249

Features: There are many room types with area from 40 to 95 square meters, which could meet the different requirements. The apartment is located in Changda Yeling Seashore community, the middle section of Haipo Resort at Sanya Bay, and not far from Phoenix International Airport, Eastern Island Western Island, Tianya-Haijiao Scenic Zone and Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, etc.. The community provides hot spring pool, swimming pool, and also has private beach bar; those facilities are complimentary for house-use guests. Guestrooms are with complete electrical appliance and furniture, as well as high speed internet.

Sea breeze --- Sanya Four Seasons Breeze Sea-view Holiday Apartment
Walking into the rooms of Sanya Four Seasons Breeze Sea-view Holiday Apartment, elegant and clean is the strongest feeling I have. Be different from Hotel, the rooms here are named by ¡°Spring¡±, "Summer¡±, "Autumn¡± and ¡°Winter¡±: listening to the voice of spring in ¡° Spring ¡°, smelling summer atmosphere in ¡°Summer¡±, seeing autumns¡¯ colors in ¡°Autumn¡±, feeling crystal winter in ¡°Winter¡±¡­¡­The beautiful sea-view of Sanya Bay is just outside the window, standing in the room that named after by seasons, facing to the sea breeze, at the same place and same time to feel a blast of wind rustles through four seasons, and then staying in the big balcony, pouring yourself a glass of ice-cold drink, peaceful looking into the distant blue sea, white sand, green mountain, and finally be lost in thought.

In Four Seasons Breeze Sea-view Holiday Apartment, everywhere is filled with warmth. Warm tone and exquisite furniture with each other against background, a kind of ineffable dependence makes people don¡¯t want to leave; it seems to be back to own home. Add to small innovation pendant lamp and comfortable sofa, which made the cozy space more elegant than your own house.

Location: Tingtao Building, Lanhai Garden phase2, the interchange of Jinjiling Road and Binhai Road, Sanya
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249
Features: The owner comes from Jiangnan and is seeking for exquisite style, no matter the small articles such as hair drier and shower head, or big fumiture, the owner choose the best brand! Especially the characteristic decoration for ¡°Spring¡±, "Summer¡±, 'Autumn¡± and ¡°Winter¡±. Every room is equipped with computer, sound box and free internet.

Genial sunshine ---
Sanya Sunshine Holiday Apartment
No matter when and where, when sunshine throw into eyes and warm every corner of the room, everything becomes lovely just like the name ¡°Sunshine Holiday¡±, Sanya¡¯s sunshine sends its greetings and presents a dream of perfect leisure holiday for every guests.

Besides the sunshine, Sanya Sunshine Holiday Apartment itself is an ultimate romantic place. Open the window, that is a beautiful sea and sky merged landscape, and the room is filled with warmth, comfort and sentiment, everywhere integrates owner¡¯s colorful romantic ideas: such as the "Sweet Dreams¡± made of crystal or color line, curtains and lamp made of light yarn, romantic painting on the white wall, moreover the unique interior design is brought to here: lush tropical jungle and garden stone path taken into the room, let you feel the green, it seems to hear the whispers of summer insects.

Just imagine, greeting the every awakened sunrise and then sending away sleepy sunset in such a leisurely romantic apartment, and then chatting with friends, lover or family under the soft lighting. Whether how may years later, the memories will still be the most romantic and beautiful in life.

Location: No.308 Tingtao Building, Lanhai Garden phase 2, the interchange of Jinjiling Road and Binhai Road, Sanya
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249

Features: Sanya Sunshine Holiday Apartment is the first holiday apartment chain at both Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay. In Sanya Bay, all rooms are with panoramic sea view, equipped with free internet access, swimming tubes and digging tools for playing at beach. In contrast, the room in Yalong Bay is more secluded, which are back on Hongxialing Forest Park, face to Yalong Bay Golf Club, all rooms have two balconies, one bedroom, one living room and opening bathroom, equipped with free internet access and free breakfast.

Zhang Ziyi¡¯s choice ---
Sanya Phoenix Waterside Town Weike Holiday Apartment
Among so many featured holiday apartment in Sanya, Sanya Phoenix Waterside Town Weike Holiday Apartment is the prominent one for both scale and management.The apartment endorsed by the international superstar, Zhang Ziyi, known as ¡°the sea view V-HOUSE for humans live¡±, there has more than 85 rooms in different types, and not only ideal accommodation for couple, family, but also suitable for small gathering group.

Randomly walking into a two-bedroom suite of the apartment, you can find it¡¯s simple and modern in designation with a full set of Southeast Asia rattan furniture. Fresh air can go through south to north in this suit. It is warm, elegant, and noble where can give you the feeling of enjoying a vocation in the tropical city. There are two French windows on the opposite side of the second bedroom, which provide excellent light and air to this room, while the submerged bathtub near the balcony of the main bedroom is really a sunrise. Hiding behind the thick wooden window, the one who is enjoying sunbath can be relived to appreciate the exquisite garden outside the window, comfortable and leisurely, and conceal himself in his private room. You can enjoy this happy moment in any suite of apartment, instead of going to any luxurious hotels.

What makes it even more convenient is that all of the rooms are concentrated in Sanya Phoenix Waterside Town, a high-leveled community. The holiday apartment is managed by the property management company. There is a receptionist for check-in, and you can also choose a room rate include or exclude breakfast. All of the staffs in the community can provide you with convenient and comfortable service, just like a professional resort hotel.

Location: No.555, Hedong Road (At the confluence of Jinjiling Road and Hedong Road, in Phoenix Bay of Sanya Phoenix Waterside Town)
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249

Sanya Phoenix Waterside Town Weike Holiday is a large scale and new holiday apartments with professional management, strong service and support, strategic location, between Sanya¡¯s new urban and the center, convenient traffic to the airport, Sanya Bay and the scenic spots. Most rooms are simple modern design, and equipped with a full set of kitchen facilities, can be self-living.

Personality Style ---
Sanya New Theme Sea-view Holiday Apartment  
 Heart of the Ocean, Rural Coast, Rose Sunset, Sweet Dreams, Invincible Tatami¡­¡­Sanya New Theme Sea-view Holiday Apartment has different styles and themes for each room, and never forgot to give comfortable closeness and warmth to guests. According to one traveler¡¯s introduction, most couples like the room called "rose sunset¡±. Walking into this room, the first thing catches your eyes is a big bunch of 999roses, as coming closer, you¡¯ll find that either bedding or room decorations adopt a lot of ¡°rose¡± elements, even the mosquito does so, needless to say, it¡¯s the favorite for couples. At a bright sunny afternoon, two young lovers come here ,the sun was bending under the sea level from Sanya Bay, the golden sun slowly shines into the room through the balcony, and they hug each other silently await the arrival of the happy moment.

Of course, even if not a couple, there are many choices, the rooms suitable for different ages, such as big sea-view Heart of Ocean room, romantic Sweet Dreams room, comfortable Invincible Tatami, etc. are also very good choices. The apartment pays attention to the emotion of guest, each room is equipped with message wall, and you can leave behind the feeling of your happy trip in Sanya.

Location: Blue Coast, Sanya ( Lanhai Garden phase3)
Tel: +86 898 38264248 / 38264249

Features: The holiday apartment emphasizes on the theme and personality for each room highlight the interaction between owner and guest, as well as guest and guest. Good location, convenient traffic to downtown, scenic spots and the airport, dining and sea playing is also very convenient, and the environment is safety, swimming pool and other facilities are complete, the rooms are software services can be comparable with resort hotels.

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