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Through Ice and Snow to Meet Sunshine

An interview with the Pilot of Transaero Airlines, Mr. Shvaybovich Vladimir
There came the day when Russian Transaero Airlines was bound to fly to Sanya. A Boeing 767 with a huge sign of Transaero Airlines took a circle around in the sky above South China Sea, and steadily landed at Sanya Phoenix International Airport after a 10.5 hours flight. The white body of the aircraft, dazzling in the sunshine, seemed to take along a favor of white snow form the north. The pilot Shvaybovich Vladimir, and his crew, as the last passengers off show to meet sunshine¡±, for which they would stay in Sanya for an expectant 3 days holiday.
Shvaybovich Vladimir, Russian, the pilot of Transaero Airlines, has been flying for 39 years, with 19,000 safe flight hours.

When got to know that this issue of Special Visitor would have an interview with the pilot of Transaero Airline, Mr. Shvaybovich Vladimir, an experienced journalist as me, even felt perturbed. In my opinion, pilot was a great and mysterious occupation. Pulling the maneuvering stick, they drove the silver iron bird and soared into the blue sky with dreams and longings from all passengers, and went to the place they were yearning for. When the room door of Hongzhou Eadry Resort Hotel, where the flight crews of Transaero Airlines were staying at, was knocked open, the warm and easy smile on the face of Mr. Shvaybovich Vladimir soothed me miraculously like the war, winter sunshine out of the window.
Engagement in flight
Mr. Shvaybovich has a typical Russian face with Roman nose and deep-set eyes. Those deep blue eyes tell his wit and experience in the walk of life. He was 60 years old, and liked to introduce his age in a humorous way that he would say ¡°the same old as your country¡±. He told us with a smile that he had actually been resigned for 10 years. Now he accepted a second employment from his old boss, Transaero Airlines, to service passengers and restart his flight career that he loved so much. I can feel, from our conversation, his love in this career. He was born to be part of the huge blue sky. Mr. Shvaybovich said that he had wished to fly an aircraft and soar into the sky since he was a little boy. When he was 16 years old, he attended a flight club. In 1967, he managed to drove the aircraft independently when he was only 18 years old, and has never experienced any dangerous incidents since 1971 when he was engaged into this career in formal. Mr. Shvaybovich loved every type of aircraft, from the very first aircraft with no engine till the latest Boeing767. He was longing for each flight and dedicated into his career in the blue sky all the time.

Embracing destiny in China
Mr. Shvaybovich said that his destiny in China started in 1992, when the civil aviation in China was less developed, and a lot of aircraft were rented from Russia. Mr. Shvaybovich, as a pilot giving friendly support to China, was working at Urumqi airport in Xinjiang Province in that year, and took lots of strange but amiable Chinese passengers to their desired destinations. Now, he started to carry out the flight from Russian to Sanya. He said it was a long but expectant route, which took over 10 hours to fly. Beginning from Moscow, it would fly over New Siberia, Irkutsk, Mongolia, Beijing, Guangzhou, and finally reaches Sanya. When introducing the flight route, he opened the map in his laptop for us to detail his explanation. Such carefulness and preciseness in job makes a Russian pilot¡¯s career attainment. When I asked his if it was difficult to fit into different temperatures form icy careful face expression but answered me in a humorous way with another question, ¡°if there is any difference between winter in Russia and Sanya?¡± Doubting on whether to laugh or to cry, I am deep in admiration for this lovely and respectable senior captain.

Speaking of Sanya, Mr. Shvaybovich became more talkative. He told us that because he just started to fly this route, the time he stayed in Sanya added up to no more than 2 weeks. Even so, he had got a deep impression for Sanya. Counting on the places he has been to such as Wuzhizhou Island, Pedestrian Street, Dadonghai, etc., Mr. Shvaybovich said happily, ¡°There are a lot of time and chances to come to Sanya in future, and I will enjoy myself thoroughly in the ocean of Sanya and beautiful sceneries here. ¡°He said that, like a lot of Russian tourists, he liked the climate in Sanya very much.¡± The climate in Sanya is very moderate. Its summer is not as hot as in Thailand, while winter is not as cold as in Russia.¡±

Shaking hands, take away the sunshine from Sanya
Although as a Russian, Mr. Shvaybovich was regarding Chinese development all the time. Concerning the approval to establish international tourism island in Hainan, he got the knowledge at the very first time, and communicated carefully with us about some of his opinions and suggestions. Been to many countries before, he recommended to us the Canary Islands in Spain and Maldives, both of which had same tourism resources as Sanya, and suggested Sanya and the two places learn from each other. It was our hearty hope that Mr. Shvaybovich may see an increasingly internationalized the more beautiful Sanya each time when he flies to the city, which is changing and developing all the time.

The next day of the interview, Mr. Shvaybovich had to go back to Russia with flight crew. Companying by the interpreter, we went to the airport to seen him off. I said goodbye in Russian that I just learned form Mr. Shvaybovich, but was laughed at by the crew because of my awkward pronunciation. The last words were delivered to him by the interpreter, and I told him that the people and the ocean of Sanya welcome his visiting again. He nodded, and waved to say goodbye to us, golden sunshine dancing in his big palm. I hope the sunshine following him to the icy and snowy north to give warm to the people there.

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