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Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, a Noble Hermit of the Luhuitou Bay

--- An Interview with Lennkh, the Vice President of Operations and General Manager of South China Area

Stepping into the renowned resorts, I felt that the floating air around seemed t slow down. The receptionist in the antehall opened the door for me, and presented its special honey lemon black tea. Immersed in the oil fragrance in the room, a slight sip of the cool drink had taken captive of my heart even before my full view of the resorts. The interview with Mr. Lennkh, vice president of operations and general manager of south China area, was arranged at the busy time of the resorts. Staffs there would smile and say hello to every guest they met, even when they were in a hurry among the hall and rooms, and you could not feel any traces of impatience from them. Thus, we were more expectative to get known the core management leader of such a high quality team.

Lead a new luxury lifestyle
Coming from the famous music country, Austria, Mr. Lennkh joined the Banyan Tree Group in 2001, and now the person in charge of the Banyan Tree Ringha, the Banyan Tree Lijiang, and the Banyan Tree Sanya. Due to his inherent sense of art and beauty or because of the influence of the picturesque scenery that he has been immersed into for a long time, Mr. Lennkh has an air of quiet and serenity with him. He introduced that the Banyan Tree Sanya was the first whole pool resorts in China, and followed the consistent hermit style of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts in site selection. It is located deep into the serene Luhuitou Bay, and gets much unique Chinese area features. Many other people may consider such secret location bring about more pressure to resorts promotion and marketing, while Mr. Lennkh regards it the benefit, which make the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is to get away from city crowd and chaos and make guests release body and soul totally. The elaborately designed tropical lagoon in the Banyan Tree Sanya connects the 49 secret pool villas artfully. A green and fresh tropical garden of more than 30 hectares is belonging to yourself, and its grace and romance may make people forget unwarily about all bothers on earth. This is what we called the new luxury lifestyle lead by the Banyan Tree, Mr. Lennkh said to us. In his opinion, luxury is consisted of two aspects, ¡°time¡± and ¡°space¡±. Guests spend their holiday in Sanya in their free time off work, and the Banyan Tree provides them a quiet space to rest themselves. Here, people may forget their identities, responsibilities and obligations, and enjoy a leisure, luxury holiday with no disturbance.

Details forge distinguished brand
Mr. Lennkh is good at inspiring work passion of his staff. When he took office of the Banyan Tree Sanya in last August, the first thing he did was to make staff morale coherent and steady. In Mr. Lennkh¡¯s opinion, the most important facts to forge a renowned brand is to execute strictly the brand standards and to keep a distinguished brand feature, both of which must be achieved by a high quality work team. Therefore, Mr. Lennkh talk to all staff to promote their loyalty to the resorts, and try the best to be considerate at lives of his staff so as to clear up their fear of trouble. Troubles of staff are not trivial to Mr. Lennkh. To guests, on the other hand, the states presented by the staff serving them are the most important, and will affect their a clear recognize of this, Mr. Lennkh attaches great importance to the management of the staff serving guests, and directs the Banyan Tree to a great success.

Mr. Lennkh is also a leader who pays great attention to serving details of the resorts. For example, the resorts will make a selection of cuisine, restaurants and tourism resources of Sanya and recommend to the guests who need it, and provide considerately a Chinese card with words "Çë´øÎÒ»ØÔÃéÅׯ£¨Please take me to the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts£©¡± to foreign guests who might have a communication problem of language difference. Every conduct reflects the delicate humanistic care of the Banyan Tree, which make up the fascination appealing to guests consistently.

Face the world with an open mind
A repeated question in the interview was the handing of culture differences. In my opinion, restaurant is a place gathering tourists from different countries, and also one of the places where the culture differences are conspicuous. Especially along with the establishment of Hainan international tourism island, more and more foreign tourists will swarm into Sanya. Obviously, Mr. Lennkh demonstrated great confidence possessed by a high-ranking management leader of an international brand restaurant on this question. He told us that the Banyan Tree was a international restaurant, and all software, hardware and services were comply with the international standards so as to satisfy tourists with different nationalities and status.

He believes that it is essential to keep an open and easy mind in the process of the establishment of international tourism island. Mr. Lennkh had work experiences in many different countries and area such as Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Seychelles, etc., and was familiar with many languages like German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., experienced in cross culture communications. He said frankly that no restaurant was perfect. When receiving international guests, a host restaurant should provide accommodations and services of the highest quality in all efforts, but exaction was not necessary. After all, to truly experience the local culture and customs was the meaning of travel to the tourists. We have all reasons to believe that, by the lead of Mr. Lennkh, we will see a Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts that brings more joys and surprises to us.


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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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