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International Tourists' Entertainment List in Sanya

The deep allurement is from the new entertainment experiences it brings about. No matter they are fashionable and individuality centered, or luxury and gaudiness themed, its omnifarious activities integrate closely with the local tourism resources, and present the culture and spirit of this city. That is the biggest attraction.

In the name of sunshine beach, the most appealing activities in Sanya¡¯s entertainment list must be surfing, sailing, yacht, dive and alike famous water sports. Furthermore, traditional Chinese therapy, golf, hot spring, SPA, bars and nightlife are also been put into the list and brought into schedule.

Surfing: Skillful Swimmer Among Waves
Although not yet a sort of public entertainment sports in Sanya, surfing is getting more popular in surrounding bays, inclining to break into the mainstream. On different flamboyant and powerful surf boards, hot beauties in bikinis and luring handsome men with brown skin are surfing across the hug waves in the blue ocean like dragons. This is an admiring game that you can feast your eyes on. It is very popular among western tourists, and even lots of women are attending this sport. They realized that they can not only get closer to the ocean and enjoy the pleasure from gallop, but can also make body fast evenly distributed and portray a fine and fit-looking body like a devil.

Notes: Surfing is powered by waves, so it has to be performed on beaches with waves, which shall be between 0.3m and 1m high. The surfing resources in Sanya are much like in Hawaii of US. According to prevailing wind in different seasons, some specialist regards it better to surf at Dadonghai in summer, and at Sun and Moon Bay of Wannin gin winter, both of which have nice waves. It is also not bad at Houhai of Sanya. There are several surfing clubs in Sanya, which provide services like tutoring and board renting, etc.
Sailing: Riding the Wind and Waves
Comparing with more popular surfing, sailing is even better. In Sanya, sailing is a hotter tourist activity, which has entertainment, enjoyment, exploration, and competition all in one. It is an attractive and exciting sort, and also a romantic life experience that combines sports and leisure perfectly. Steady wind, broad ocean, high quality water, Sanya ocean is an ideal place for sailboat and sailboard. One the blue ocean surface of Sanya, sails standing in the sunshine, vivid views and strong figures riding the wind and waves make the beauty of sports more enjoyable. The charm if sailing lies into the nature close feeling and the green fashion. The superlative of sailing is to go on voyage and travel around the world.

Note: The sailing competition emphasizes on speed, and the coordination of the contestant, boat and the nature. Therefore, the endurance and willpower of the contestant is another important aspect when appreciating the competition. 2010 ¡°Hainan Nongken Cup¡± Round Hainan Island International Regatta Race launched in Hainan in March this year, which is really expectant.

Yacht: Palace on the Sea
If you want to play cool and et your luxury promoted, then yacht is the top choice. Lately, private yacht is very popular in Sanya. Driving a private yacht across the broad Chinese South Sea is like starting a dream voyage in a shifting palace on the sea. Driving a luxury would only to oneself, breaking through surges and waves, the host can get more than a simple show-off of richness and identity from the pleasure and excitement of speed. If you are not the host of the yacht, you may still enjoy the top luxury experience. What you need to do is to choose your favorite yacht, start the engine, and experience the top luxury voyage. Along with the internationalization of tourism planning and construction, Sanya is becoming the best choice for international yacht industry to develop yacht culture, contests, sales, and registers communications in Asia.

Sanya Hongzhou International Yacht Club, and affiliation of Hongzhou Group, is now the exclusive agent of MERLDLAN yacht brand affiliated to Brunswick Group, with the help of which to boost the development of Hianan yacht economy and forge the biggest international yacht club nationwide with great international influence. Nanwan Monkey Island in Lingshui can also provide concerning services like luxury yacht on sail.

Dive: Fantastic World
Dive is the earliest developed and most popular ocean entertainment activity in Sanya. Tourists been to Sanya may come to a common conclusion that dive is the one that cannot be missed. Clear and transparent water, high visibility, flowery and splendid coral reef at the bottom of the sea all make Sanya Ocean a universally acknowledged dive resort. With no winter and comfortable water temperature, it is suitable to dive in Sanya all year round, which makes this sport more attractive here. Nowadays, more and more mature dive industry and bigger and more professional coach team provide a good place for professional divers, and also provide an opportunity for non-professional divers to experience the fantastic would under the ocean.

Notes: Each dive base in Wuzhizhou Island, West Island, Dadonghai, Yalong Bay is the best ocean travel center. The dive projects in Sanya now include skin dive, boat dive, shore dice, scuba dive, night dive, seabed stroll, single submarine, semi submerged glass boat, etc.

Chinese Therapy: Considerably Famous
Recently, it is common to sea Russian tourist come to Sanya by charters to experience traditional Chinese therapy. Related persons in the tourist department said that Sanya traditional Chinese therapy was very famous in Russia, so it helped to expand the Russian market by promoting such special experiencing project. Due to the cold weather I Russia, a lot of Russians suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, so they like to come to Sanya to accept traditional Chinese therapy. Tourists in winter shall be more. The tropical mild and moist weather in Sanya is a gifted advantage for Chinese therapy, so the healing effect, with assistance of nature medicines, is to the tourists¡¯ satisfaction, because of which, more and more admirers are coming. Nowadays, traditional Chinese therapy is a unique sanitarian project in Sanya, and has become more and more popular among foreign tourists.

Notes: According to Sanya Tourism Development Commission, there are currently over 10 institutions offering traditional Chinese therapy. Most Russian tourists will have the Chinese therapy into travel schedule. The traditional Chinese therapy is now a new adding point of tourist incomes.

Golf: Swing all Year Round
Coconut trees, evergreen lawn, well-kept green, beach and waves, high-grade courses. Sanya has become a golf paradise on this tropical island, and a golf area with the highest comprehensive qualities nationwide. Even more, it is a 4 season course that is rare in the world which ensures outdoor sports in all year round. The special experience of the perfect combination of elegant sport and island appeal makes it charming and fascinating. Every year, especially in winter, golf lovers from all over the world flood here like panning gold to raise waves of golf surges. Golf sport, which is popular among Japanese and South Korean tourists, was once an important means to open their markets, and gained a lot of tourists and good comments.

Nearly 10 golf courses are around Sanya, such as Yalong Bay Golf Club, YalongBay Sun Valley Golf Club, Hongtang Bay Golf Club, Luhuitou Golf Club, Sanya International Golf Club. Because golf is very hot in Sanya, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Hot Spring: Enjoy the Nature
It is said that hot spring has healing effects, which is deeply believed in by hot spring lovers from all over the world only with different explanations. Bathing in hot spring can not only loose muscles and joints, remove tiredness, but can also expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and accelerate body metabolism. The hot spring resources in Hainan, gifted by the nature, are suitable to bath all year round. Near the mountain and by the sea, hiding beside a stream or inside a field, they are distributed to inosculate perfectly with the nature and contrast finely with each other. There is no need for the bathers to think about weathers, because it is suitable to bath all the time. Enjoying nature spring, forest spring, flowery spring, caring about health, hugging the warm, holiday is perfectly interpreted in the springs.

Hot spring in and around Sanya include Pearl River Nantian Hot Spring, Yiyang Nnatian Hot Spring, The Divine Land First Hot Spring, Qixian Ling Hot Spring, and Sanya Tianyuan Hot Spring, etc. All of which are natural spring bathing places popular among international tourists.

SPA: Spirit Yoga
Besides hot spring, SPA spirit yoga is another good choice. The biggest characteristic of Sanya APA is to enjoy whole heartedly the special skills and incomparable tropical seascape, feeling the stop of time and transfer of fragrance in a tranquil and beautiful time and space. Enjoying a fancy SPA in Sanya by using a nursing product modulated by fresh pawpaw and coconut oils, you can feel the gentle fruit molecule is absorbed fast by the skin along with the therapist¡¯s skillful massaging, skin awakened and protected. Such feelings are intimate and comfortable as in a different imaginary world.

SPA places in Sanya are all distributed in the seaside resorts and large beauty salons in downtown. Some SPA projects recommended here include: Marriott ¡°Spring¡± SPA, Hilton water SPA, Sheraton Manda Dream SPA, Gloria Thai SPA, Yalong Bay Holiday Inn Resort Tea-tree SPA, Crowne Plaza Holiday Resort International Series Tea-tree SPA, Ritz-Carlton ESPA, Kempinski Resort and Spa Angsana Spa, etc.

Bars: Seaside Night Music
Different from the chaos and overindulgence in the indoor theme bars, the real Sanya special bars are along the seaside. Walking in the night misty Dadonghai, enter into the happy bar corridor with a strong foreigner. Music and beer are still the theme of bar. Instead of deafening DJ, all you can hear is appropriate and moving music, accompanying by which, the spirit can¡¯t help to getting happy. Night getting deeper, in the power of whiskey, you can smell he lingering sentiments in the air. Sea waves like a dancing serenade, far-away shining lights on fishing boats, the moon and stars spreading in the air, leisure people sitting by the ocean, all make up a light and beautiful prospect.

Three bar streets are recommended --- Dadonghai, Times Coast, and La Floret. The one in the La Floret is comparatively private; the one in Dadonghai is broader; while the one in Time Coast is the gathering of fashionable and crowded bars, and it is the most popular one among foreigners.

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