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The Most Luxurious Holiday Experiences

From sightseeing to having vacations, from gorgeous to luxury, people are now pursuing both physical and psychological comprehension as well as higher environmental and atmosphere standards rather than purely sensory and mental requirements. The one who really knows how to indulge himself during luxurious vacations has strong consuming power and focus more on the quality of his journey, showing his tastes in all aspects of the choices including the sensation of product appreciation.

Sanya as the most essential part of Hainan international tourism island is the leader of luxurious vacation market. Our ¡°Experience of Lifetime¡± column for this edition has chosen four luxury hotels from international brand resorts, and these four places will be recommended in aspects of dining, living, wedding and indulgence respectively. All of them provide you with top luxurious.

Dining: Ultimate Temptation of Delicacies in Wonderful Landscape
Recommended Place: Jinmao Hilton Sanya Resort& Spa ¡°IZE Bingyuan Restaurant¡±

"IZE Bingyuan¡± Restaurant is a classic dining palace in Jinmao Hilton Sanya Resort& Spa. It has similar appearance of Louvre Museum, but with distinctive architecture style. The distance keeps it away from the main buildings of the resort, constructing comfortable and pleasant dining ambiance.

Stepping slowly into the dining palace, romantic breath surges towards you. All the tables and chairs as well as inside decorations are made of transparent materials, collocated with flower-shaped pendants and white fabric curtains that ingeniously separate the seats. All these make you feel warm while ensuring your privacy. 360-degree-landscape French windows display the garden and the sea for all guests.

Hilton¡¯s IZE Bingyuan Restaurant is famous for its western snacks and dishes, and it provides fresh seafood and high-grade wine. The pleasant dining ambiance and well-cooked dishes add value to its ultimate charming in your journey. It satisfies your sense of taste while serving you with a perfect spiritual journey.   

Living: Unique Treatment for Distinguished Guests
Recommended Place: Grand Metropark Resort Sanya ¡°Royal Villa¡±

Walking into the royal villa of Grand Metropark Resort Sanya, you can see a great villa with super wide courtyard which covers an area of 1220 square meters with penisular design, reflecting the royal dignity. Surrounding water of the lake is green and clear showing its bounteous and boundlessness, and you may feel it is mild and tender like a graceful adolescent girl.

There are two main bedrooms, one servant room and a separate meeting room in the villa. High-grade modern furniture and appliances in the kitchen as well as the exquisite bathroom facilities fulfill all needs of guests, ensuring the comfortability and the warmness.

Grand Metropark Resort Sanya is the only hotel that has golf villas. Pushing the courtyard door of the villa, the golf course is in front of you so that you can enjoy the swing just outside the house.

Wedding: Luxurious Palace Hall of Dreamlike Wedding
Recommended Place: Ritz-Carlton Sanya ¡°Sea Wedding Hall¡±

If someone asks me where is the best place to hold a wedding, I will answer him with no doubt- The Ritz- Carlton Sanya! The Ritz- Carlton has the only sea wedding hall in Sanya.

 In order to satisfy every couple, Ritz provides complete set of facilities and wedding services from bridal showers to martini night, arrangements including dining tables, floriculture, wedding curd, photographers, videographers, banquet entertainment, and even the wedding invitations will be done for couples.

Romantic honeymoon comes after the wedding. Ritz¡¯s ¡°Romanceologist¡± is waiting for orders and they will arrange for guests all kinds of romantic programs including beach picnics and heart-stirring expresses that burn the love fire in Yalong Bay.

Indulgence: Fascinating World of Spring Water
Recommended Place: Sanya Marriott Resort& Hotel ¡°Springs¡± SPA

The architecture of Marriott¡¯s ¡°Springs¡± Sea Center takes into account the concept of water culture, and it is just nearby the main building of the hotel. Walking through the tropical plants, you can see the central fountain which disperses the summer heat and brings you good mood. The spa center is consisted of four spa pavilions, and each suite of the pavilion has a super-garden-view.

The ingenious design of the pavilion makes you always together with the ocean although you are inside of it. The wall is decorated with all kinds of exquisite conch with the beach color, while the tropical plants inside the suite brings you some green.

As the unique spa center water is actually the steam-water that has been transformed by this equipment.


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