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Exotic Appeals in the La Floret

Six o¡¯clock at the Yalong Bay, covering by the dimming sunset light, the ocean is clean and tranquil like a mirage. Tramping on the white beach rounded by coconut trees, walking in the sunset path gentle like the silk, smelling breezes with the refreshing scent of flowers and grasses, even the soul begins to get drunk. After the sea plays of the day, sweet Russian lovers wander into the leisure La Floret about to dedicate itself to the hazy night, trying to find the key to slow down the time.

Just like an international town with lingering charm, you can find streets and buildings with cross-cultural styles in the valley. Delicate and elegant brand stores are set here to light up the prosperous, stylish, and graceful nightlife, in the name of dining, shopping, entertaining, and enjoying. Red lanterns are raised high along a kind of tourist clue, lighted up with sequence. Festive lights falling out, embellishes the coming Chinese New Year, and even leads the way for the leisure tourists, come and go, to be seated into those featured restaurants with different styles and exotic South Asian theme boutiques.

Foreigners have special favors in Chinese famous cuisine and local dishes, such as hot Peking dumplings, alluring Peking ducks, skillfully made Shanxi noodles, classic Cantonese cuisine, Hainan special seafood, all of which have mighty attractions to their tasting and challenge their fastidious taste. They enjoy themselves in the style of lohas, chatting cheerily with hearty laughter, and nobody wants to call it a close to such a wonderful enjoyment.

The French couple, the Peters, have mango and glutinous rice rolls, dried crabmeat with shark fin, fried prawn balls in hot sauce, two bottles of Hainan local beer, and one French Courvoisier in front of them. Soft and comfortable warm light shapes out the guests from different countries, and a sense of leisure simpleness and happiness fills in the air. Romantic and peaceful music along with intimate eyes, chilly beer flowing into the stomach, tender affection spreads out as the prelude of a merry eve, and a special cross cultural view shows in front of us. Slow food culture represents a part of foreigners¡¯ holiday logic, because they know well about the enjoyment from eating.

Besides the famous cuisine, would renowned leisure clothes, golf series articles, Chinese silk, antiques and jewelries are gathering in the international areas of the La Floret, which are very popular among foreigners. The Salabowas from Russia are more interested in fancy decorations from Li and Miao minority groups with fantastic drawings. You can tell, from their surprised eyes and conversations, that such interest all stems from their fondness and taste in exotic forms. Mysterious local cultures seem to give a special spell to those silver decorations that enchanted them, who like the heavy tactile sensation when they touch the skin and arouse a great pleasure. Buy a silver bracelet with totem of Li minority group, you will find it precious and full of happy memories with it on your wrist for a long time.

Within the time of a cup of wine, I get to know Mr. and Mrs. Jack from US on the Chinese cross-bridge, and they share with me their 7 days romantic honeymoon journey in Sanya. When we parting each other, they said they would stay longer during the next time in Sanya, because there must be a lovely kid come along with them.

Gazing into the deep blue night sky, the moon is so clear, and you can get a serene flourish view as far as your eyesight may reach. The main building of the grand and palace-like Crowne Plaza Hotel, with the contrast of the red lanterns on both sides, gives a great show of the ancient Chinese culture. The moonlight is pouring out with the music fountain behind us, and the splendid and hearty performance by Rythmika Band in the Havana Plaza makes want to dance with the beautiful tone. Just like what Jack said, it is really a great enjoyment to spend such a romantic night in La Floret with nice food and beautiful music, and feel Chinese culture at the same time.



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