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Deciphering the Password of Sanya Spa

It seems that, in Sanya besides enjoying intoxicating sunshine, sand and breeze, something is still missing? Absolutely! With one more experience of healthy and romantic Spa and hotspring, you will definitely leave your fascinating dream in Sanya forever.
Sanya's spa tour gradually comes into fashion. Sanya's spa reiterates the meaning of high-quality life, spa and hotspring promotes the authentic way about keeping in good health; Sanya spa also drives mode and exalted living style, even more Sanya spa is the layer crystal of ecology and spirit.
Busy urban men, always in a hurry, with the aim to open their inner gates of freedom, and to decipher the thought-provoking code of health, striving, spare no effort, wading through waters, crossing over the mountains, for the single dream of one night's relaxing stay at Sanya Spa.
The following TOP eight professional Spas in Sanya provides you with the imperial comfort, with its charm of pure ecology and masseur's magic fingers, leading you to a piece of dream that is never disturbed, and to the most pleased time and freshest breath. at Sanya spa and hotspring.

 ¢Ù Crowne Plaza Sanya ---- Tea Tree Spa 

Nestled in the aromatic greens and waterfalls, Crowne Plaza Sanya Tea Tree Spa is a refreshing sanctuary from the stresses of life. In Crowne Plaza Sanya Tea Tree Spa, natural architecture materials combine with the very traditional Chinese designs in such blissful decorations as peony gates, traditional hand-carven wooden balusters and chairs, hand-loomed Chinese silk furniture coverings. Immersing you in the relax of this elegant place, Crowne Plaza Sanya Tea Tree Spa, the rejuvenating secrets celebrate the healing power of nature and Chinese tradition with essences of plants, aromas of healing flowers, elements from the ocean and Chinese traditional treatments at Sanya Spa and Hotspring.
You can indulge the luxurious privacy in the 18 treatments rooms accommodating on two floors in Crowne Plaza Sanya Tea Tree Spa. Private treatment rooms on the second floor are connected to outdoor soaking tubs pavilions with adjacent rain showers.

 ¢Ú Sanya Horizon Resort and Spa ---OceanicParadise 

Sanya Horizon Lanikai Spa provides personalized perfect spa experience, high-quality services, and professional masseur, those traits is always accompanied by southeast or local natural care products to bring up extraordinary enjoyment at Sanya spa and hotspring. In meanwhile, Sanya Horizon Lanikai Spa Massage's Technique integrates Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Swedish and other care technologies, and items include slimming body care, massage care, Chinese massage, mud care, body scrub and wrap skin care, facial care and more individual option.
Lanikai Spa in Sanya Horizon Resort and Spa provides with the unique hotspring massage pool in China, called Thalasso Tonic Pool, the principle of the pool is directly extracting seawater Yalong Bay's seabed, in-house guests can enjoy 60% discount.


 ¢Û Sanya Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort---   Spa Centre 

Sanya Mangrove Spa centre targets for Asia to provide a comprehensive package of Chinese and Western treatments about facial care and body scrub. With masseur's each touch and press, variety of aromatic essence oil seeps into your body as well as physical stress is release from stretching muscle at Sanya Mangrove Spa centre..
Sanya Mangrove Spa is composed with eight independent Thai-style cabins nestled in verdant greens, the surrounding garden-city serve as a contrast so that architecture seems especially private and lustration. All spa rooms are equipped with toilets, wet and dry steam spa rooms, you could be overlooking the lake from spa room, beside two garden-style spa pavilions can not only let you enjoy the massage, but also the sea view at Sanya Mangrove Spa Centre.

 ¢Ü Kempinski Resort and Spa, Sanya --- Angsana Spa 

As the Germen luxury brand among global hotel brands, Kempinski hotel Sanya was begun in 1897; Kempinski hotel Sanya is always the synonyms of fashion, honor and efficiency. Kempinski Sanya all aspects continually represents perfectly at the highest level, and one of those aspects must be Angsana Spa, which is managed by Banya Tree, the perfect essential hydropath is gestated from both European and traditional Chinese philosophy.
Through hotspring and masseur's skillful technique of giving massage, people are immersed into the fantastic comfort by Yin and Yang hydropath to unload mental and body fatigue at Angsana Spa. Kempinski Sanya has 12 spa-villas seated in 700 square meters' tropical rain forest garden, and also has a width of 300 meters'private yacht beach, to provide absolute privacy space at Sanya.

 ¢Ý Sanya Yalong Bay Villas and Spa --- Tai Chi Spa 

The really extravagant vacation in Sanya Yalong Bay Villas and Spa starts with its Tai Chi Spa: In Sanya Yalong Bay Villas and Spa, every traditional-style villa is equipped with luxurious Spa pavilion; Lotus surrounds villas and dance in such a genuine, Bali-style privacy.
Immersing you in the chorus of flowers and birds, thinking in peace and tasting of Chinese medicine hot pack which sticks on exquisite technique of massage at Tai Chi Spa of Sanya Yalong Bay Villas and Spa. Using natural plant cleaning oil to clean up your face then to wrap away the cutin and import pure natural essence oil into your skin, at last let the special cold-jet bring away the fuss of summer or you could have own option from Chinese medicines rock-massage, herbal steam and various aromatic bath and hotspring, all above are considered based on Taiji's concept t aspire after nature at Sanya Yalong Bay Villa and Spa.

 ¢Þ Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa --- The Spa Retreat 

Encountering the flourishing Spa Retreat of 6780 Square meters at Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa has beautifully integrated the charming elegance and modern atmosphere of Southern China, with the Chinese style furniture and exquisite coloring of the interior decoration which embody a mood of Southern China and an attitude of comfort and luxury at Sanya. It is Sanya Hilton's distinguishing feature to provide Spa guide for personalized service. There are options of 5 single and 3 double Spa pavilion all equipped with shower, steam bath and sauna facilities at Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa. The Spa professionals elaborately select the purely natural essential oils products, using the world renowned brand Pevonia at Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa; you may also enjoy the great pleasure brought by outdoor Jacuzzi and water pool, which is a comprehensively pleasant treat at Sanya Resort.

 ¢ß Aegean Conifer Suites Resort Sanya ---- Zenn Spa 

The Sanya Aegean ZENN Spa has integrated the innovative idea of romance and health, with its pure natural elements, choosing the moderate-to-high mode with the traditional Thai massage of Sanya Aegean Zenn Spa that activates blood circulation, the hotspring, the masseur's skillful practice and the right pressure allow every inch of your muscle to quietly relax, into the bones, into the dreams.
Following is the essential oils massage at Sanya Aegean Zenn Spa, using natural aromatic essential oils, through long-time massage and acupuncture point pressing, to help your skin fully absorb the essence, regaining the most delicate care at Sanya Spa, making you feel relaxed and feel like in paradise at your Sanya travel. What is special at Sanya Aegean Zenn Spa is its double four-hand essential oils massage, namely two masseurs doing oil massages simultaneously, which is best-preferred by top-notch enjoyment at Sanya.

 ¢à Narada Tropical Resort and Spa, Hainan, ---  Tianxiang Spa Centre 

You must not miss Narada Tropical Resort and Spa, Hainan to accomplish the perfect tour in Sanya, Narada Tropical Resort and Spa dwells in Qixianling National Forest Reserve, Baoting Couontry, Hainan, P.R.C, and offer you divers temptation of rain forest, hotspring and Spa, experience differences in Sanya tour.
The principle about "health and healing" is the essential spirit for this hotel. Its Tianxiang Spa Centre has adopted ancient fragrant treatment, oriental herb treatment, homoeopathy and age-old medieval chemical philosophy. Lavender bath salt bath or coconut milk aromatic is accompanied with aromatic facial just for you to experience the complex package of traditional Chinese Massage and western fragrant massage at Tianxiang Spa Centre, there are more characteristic package such as body Wrap care, facial care and body scrub which will bring your soul back to nature at Sanya tour.

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