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Hotels in Sanya

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¡¡¡¡Sanya hotels can not only offers you emperor-like service, but makes you enjoy your time to its fullest. As the only tropical seaside city of China, Sanya hotels unquestionably top its sector in China.

¡¡¡¡Most of the Sanya hotels are resort hotel for holiday-vacationing with unique service concepts. Sanya hotels are more then 180, hotels in Sanya with guest rooms over 30,000, while individual beds over 53,000. nearly 30 of Sanya hotels are 4 or 5-star hotel, Comparing with the population of Sanya, per capital ratio of Sanya hotel had topped the world average figure.

¡¡¡¡Hotels in Sanya mostly distribute on 4 districts: Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Sanya Bay and urban. Browsing the detailed information of all the Sanya hotels hereinafter will be very helpful for choosing a suitable hotel in Sanya for your Sanya holiday.

Yalong Bay ©q An Intoxicating Hideaway

Yalong Bay is the harbor to most luxury hotels / resorts to be crazy about. Given highest density of top hotel and resort brands of China, Yalong Bay has witnessed presence of a large number of worldly famous hotel names: Ritz-Carlton, Hilton Sanya Resort, Sheraton Sanya Resort, Crowne Plaza, Gloria Resort Sanya, Marriott Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn and the like. Deluxe, sumptuous, noble, elegant, romantic¡­ you name it!

Choosing hotel / resort in Yalong Bay is to choose a way to experience dream of paradise, meanwhile, get ready to pay for a paradise trip.

Yalong Bay is flocked with the most luxurious hotels and resorts of Sanya, given highest density of top hotel & resort brands of China. Resort / hotel buildings at Yalong Bay are multiform, most of those hotels tend to take advantage of the ocean, yet each has its distinctive relation with the waters.

Once arrived, you are in a small kingdom, matchless swimming and diving, international hotels & resorts, superb golf course in one extraordinary package.

The crystal blue sea and visibility over 10 meters makes Yalong Bay an ideal location for scuba divers to enjoy the undersea world with its multi-colored coral reefs. Those who prefer lounging by the pool to swimming in the sea will find pools of every size in the resorts hotels located directly on the beach. Golfers will find the 36-hole Yalong Bay Golf Club comparable to championship courses around the world. In addition to water sports and golf, look out for tennis, rock climbing and hiking among a wide selection of activities and attractions.

Yalong Bay's night is serene and quiet. Pushing the hotel bar door aside, you would be inspired by the House Music. If fed up with the heavy tune, cigar lounge is a good option, where the blues rhythm will bring you deep into fascination of the night; but if you like something fresh and light, simply take a sit at the beach pub.

Go for sumptuous life?
Hotels in Yalong Bay will meet up every special demand you are after.

Browsing the detailed information
of all hotels in YaLong Bay
Resort Golden Palm
Resort Golden Palm ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
Resort Golden Palm   located in crossing one road to the pristine Yalong Bay beaches cost less than 5 minutes. Opened in 2001, Resort Golden Palm backs up by blue mountain and beautiful lake, and face¡­
Top deals£º Garden View Room 690 RMB

Universal Resort Sanya Yalong Bay
Universal Resort Sanya Yalong Bay Pending 4-¡ï
Universal Resort Sanya enjoys a superior healthy environment in a national holiday area and is built to a four-star (pending) standard.Universal Resort Sanya faces the sea with mountains behind and a lake to the west; a u¡­
Top deals£º Mountain view Room 650 RMB

Mangrove Tree Resort
Mangrove Tree Resort ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort is the luxury resort in China with truly "Balinese style" which located in Yalong Bay, Hainan Sanya. The Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort offers 502 rooms in w¡­
Top deals£º Garden View Room 1450 RMB

Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa
Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
The first resort of Hilton Worldwide Resorts in China, situated at Yalong Bay overlooking 750m of powdery white beachfront, the 100,000sqm sprawling resort was conceptualized and built with unique features and services to ¡­
Top deals£º Superior room 1450 RMB

Hotels in Sanya Yalong Bay on Recommendation:
Aegean Conifer Resort Sanya Holiday Inn Resort Yalong Bay  The Ritz-Carlton Sanya
Resort Golden Palm Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa
Sheraton Sanya Resort Earthly Paradise Bird Nest Resort Crowne Plaza Sanya
Horizon Resort & Spa Sanya Yalong Bay Villas & Spa Universal Resort Sanya
Cactus Resort Gloria Resort Sanya Tianhong Resort
Pullman Resort & Spa Grand Metropark Resort Yalong Bay Gloria Resort Sanya
Mangrove Tree Resort    
  Browsing the detailed information
of all hotels in YaLong Bay

Dadonghai ©q A Cozy Beach

Dadonghai, which means Great East Sea, located just 3 km from Sanya city centre, has a 2 km crescent-shaped beach with outstanding swimming and diving, all within a short distance of first-class hotels and great dining, shopping and entertainment facilities. Accommodations in Dadonghai mainly consist of two types, resort style and commercial hotel. Choosing hotel in Dadonghai is to choose downtown luxury, where you could find many pubs and cafes operated by foreigners.

Dadonghai Its crescent ¨Clike gulf is spacious and clear like a mirror, where the dazzling sand, sunshine, azure waters, beaches and green trees compose a roll of charming tropical tapestry. With water temperatures of between 18¡ãC. and 20¡ãC. during the winter. All kinds of water sports, including scuba diving and speed boating, parachuting, sailboard, surfing, offshore fishing, and beach activities are also available infront of each hotel.

Many hotels / resorts line up the beach of Dadonghai, from which you are in no distance from the beach fun. You can either enjoy a sunbath on the beach in the daytime, to retreat into the shadows, there is a long array of bars, BBQ and seafood stalls along the beach to take a sit.

Dadonghai is more of a city-inspired holiday community, where the best view is sun-rise. Many young couples love to sit on the beach with climbing traces of soldier crab to enjoy the moments of romance, and some lazy one just stay by the windows in their hotel room or on the terraces to wait for such an exciting moment.

To truly enjoy the comfort with hotels / resorts within Dadonghai, other than early up to view the sunrise, booking with Chinese medical massage may deserve a try as well. This can be carried out on the terrace, in the hotel

garden, or on the beach. If you are lucky to catch the full moon night, you have got to put yourself under control, as the night is too charming to be resisted. Browsing the detailed information
of all hotels in Daonghai
City Link Hotel
City Link Hotel Pending 3-¡ï
City Link Hotel is situated near by the seashore of Dadonghai, one of the most famous beauty beach of Sanya city. City Link Hotel is a 3-star hotel with 150 rooms. within 10 minutes walking to the beach. 5 minutes bu¡­
Top deals£º Guest Room 290 RMB

Marina Spa Hotel Sanya
Marina Spa Hotel Sanya Pending 5-¡ï
Marina Spa Hotel Sanya is opened on February 2009. Marina Spa Hotel Sanya is located in Luhuitou Bay , Dadonghai, Sanya, Where the lush ridges and the azure sea meet. But we should mention that Marina Spa Hote¡­
Top deals£º Superior Ocean View Room 670 RMB

Mandarin Oriental Sanya
Mandarin Oriental Sanya Pending 5-¡ï
Mandarin Oriental Sanya is situated in Hainan, China's southernmost island province with a balmy tropical climate, year-round warm sunny weather, clean fresh air and clear water. Set among 12 hectares of private beachfront, l¡­
Top deals£º Terrace Room 2000 RMB

Sanya Royal Garden Resort
Sanya Royal Garden Resort ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
Royal Garden Resort is a four star hotel situated on the picturesque South China Sea where the mountains meet the sea in the tropical resort city of Sanya. Sanya is an area which is popularly known as the"Hawaii of the Orien¡­
Top deals£º Ocean View Room 480 RMB

Hotels in Sanya Dadonghai on Recommendation:
Resort Intime Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel Sanya pearl sea view hotel
Pearl River Garden Hotel Liking Resort Sanya Rendezvous Baohong Hotel
Guesthouse Hotel Sanya Huaxin Sea View Hotel  Sanya Royal Garden Resort
Sanya Herton Seaview Hotel Marina Spa Hotel Sanya InterContinental Sanya Resort
South China Hotel Banyan Tree Sanya Resort Serenity Coast Resort Sanya
Mandarin Oriental Sanya    
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of all hotels in Daonghai

Sanya Bay ©q A Pristine Dream Inspiring Fishermen¡¯s Melodies

Sanya Bay closely next to center of Sanya city is only 300m from the downtown at its nearest point and 5km from Sanya Phoenix International Airport as well, cause the bay stretches incredible 25km long sandy belt and makes more breathtakingly beautiful seascape views from the hotel resort's room. A avenue along side the beach, flanked by neatly-lined coconut trees and thus was named "Cocopalm Corridor". The avenue is as well a landscaping belt boasting 870,000sqm of grassland, more than 20,000 selected arbors, shrubs and 1.6 million pieces of earth plants.

If says hotels / resorts in Yalong Bay are luxurious, in Dadonghai is cozy, in the downtown is graceful and restrained, then the impression of hotel / resort in Sanya Bay should be leisure. Choosing hotel / resort in Sanya Bay is to choose a multiple-choice convenience: star-rating resorts, vacation apartments, beautiful seascapes, transportations, sightseeing, local fishing custom etc.

After killing a whole day's time in any of the attraction you may feel exhausted when you come back to the room, open the French window and rush to the huge balcony, it might be the right time to catch the sunset. There is no bay in Sanya could be comparable with the sunset of Sanya Bay, when the sun starts to set, rosy clouds are spread all over sky, at this point of time, you will find that you were flying.

As the hotel attendant claims, as long as you are persistent enough on the balcony, you will find at a time dozens of fishermen dragging their harvest onto the beach. Staying in hotel resort here you can experience the real life of a fisherman by approaching the trawling operating artificially. Two islands on the ocean in a near distance, fishermen's outline joggling in the sunset, their work chanting lingering in your ears, the fish flapping in the net, will you ever want to miss such an occasion? In addition all of these, you can buy some alive seafood from the fishermen and have it processed on a nearby food stall or BBQ stands.

When night gets deep, on the tranquil bay the fishing boat lights still glitter to flash in harmony with the stars in the sky. Under the tree shadow there are unexhausted swimmers stirring the hotel pool, why not dipping you in

water to look up to the starry sky, comfortable and leisure inspired, tomorrow will be another passionate day.

Browsing the detailed information of
all hotels in Sanya Bay
Leaguer Resort Sanya Bay
Leaguer Resort Sanya Bay pending-5¡ï
Leaguer Resort Sanya Bay is located in the middle of Sanya Bay district. It borders on the blue sea to the south, neighbors the dark green mountain in the countryside to the north, and faces the beautiful West Island¡­
Top deals£º Standard Sea View Room 490 RMB

Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort and Spa
Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort and Spa Pending-5¡ï
Situated along Sanya Bay, Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort & Spa is only 15 minutes from Sanya Phoenix International Airport and the city centre. Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort & Spa features 413 Asian inspire¡­
Top deals£º Superior Ocean View Room 990 RMB

La Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya China
La Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya China Pending 5-¡ï
La Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya China is favorably situated on this last precious coastline. La Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya faces the vast South China Sea in the south, rests against green mountains, is embraced by rura¡­
Top deals£º Deluxe Room (king bed) 690 RMB

Narada Resort and Spa Sanya (EX- Kempinski Resort)
Narada Resort and Spa Sanya (EX- Kempinski Resort) ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
  "Narada Resort & Spa Sanya" is Ex- Kempinski Resort Sanya it was renamed in June 2010 ¡­
Top deals£º Deluxe Mountain View Room 1290 RMB

Hotels in Sanya Bay on Recommendation:
Kempinski Resort & Spa Sanya Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Bay
Yuhai International Resort Apartment & SPA Sanya David Legend Resort
International Asia Pacific Convention Center Days Hotel & Suites Sanya Resort
Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort and Spa Yelan Bay Resort Sanya
La Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya China Tianze Beach Resort
Grand Soluxe Hotel and Resort Sanya ST.IVES Seaview International Hotel
Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay Leaguer Resort Sanya Bay
Narada Resort and Spa Sanya Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya
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of all hotels in Sanya Bay

Urban & Sanya Surrounding ©q Unique Lovely Views

Urban & Sanya Surrounding,The best reason to stay with a city hotel or resort is that you can freely retreat into the street lanes and enjoy the city views, lunch or shopping till your feet get soft, then take a quick back to your room for a sound nap and at the night you can indulge in a night-bar till your head get sinking, then take a short walk back to your room for a profound sleep. Anyway, Sanya downtown is just 3km from Dadonghai and 300m from Sanya Bay at its nearest point, what difference?

For choosing accommodation in Sanya surrounding which is a little bit far away from Sanya city, we believe that you've got your own reasons already: for being closer to the hot spring, the special attractions, personal taste and the others.

Not every city can be by the seaside, but there are still rivers stirring the city, without waterscape, a city is boring and simple. A city is largely inspired shined by waterscape and Sanya has been blessed as well, though people usually just concentrate on its ocean and ignore the others.

They are two rivers as jade belt winding across the downtown and join in one in Sanya and makes Sanya the influx of into ocean. Contemporary civilization and oceanic culture, you will fully experience tranquility and clarity of this city.

At daytime, the waters and the sky mingles into one color to make an extremely pleasant view. Mangrove tree grove is playground to flocks of egrets. The birds sometimes surge high into the sky, sometimes grace down to the ground and roam along the shore for food.

When the night fall, street lamps on, nightlife growing, wine & cigar lounges, bars, pubs¡­get inspired by color of the night.

Browsing the detailed information
of all hotels in urban & surrounding
Renaissance Sanya Resort and SPA
Renaissance Sanya Resort and SPA Pending-5 stars
Discover incredible sunsets,spectacular tropical landscaping and pristine beaches at the new and exquisite Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa. Relax and rejuvenate at Renaissance resort and spa located at Haitang Bay on the South ¡­
Top deals£º Deluxe Room 1390 RMB

Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort and Spa
Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort and Spa ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
An idyllic resort destination set on over 11 hectares of landscaped grounds with a beachfront location, Le M¨¦ridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort & Spa is situated off China's south coast on Hainan Island. From sea sports to exemp¡­
Top deals£º Deluxe Room 1050 RMB

Haikou WanLiLong Business Hotel
Haikou WanLiLong Business Hotel ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï
Haikou WanLiLong Business Hotel, HaiNan, with   the   existing 22 - storey   180 - room,   is   alandmark in the commercial area of the city, close to the financial district,   JinLong  ¡­
Top deals£º Superior Garden View Room(twin 330 RMB

Narada Tropical Resort
Narada Tropical Resort pending 5-¡ï
Narada Tropical Resort is the particular five-star hotel in Hainan province for spending your holiday, whose topic mainly focus on tropic rain forest and hotspring in the valley. Narada Tropical Resort is located in the Mt Qi¡­
Top deals£º Superior Room(Twin bed only) 890 RMB

Hotels on Recommendation:
Wuzhizhou Island Holiday Resort Narada tropical resort
Sanya Pearl River Nantian Hotspring Resort Eadry Resort Sanya
Boao Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel Nanshan Leisure Villas
Haikou WanLiLong Business Hotel Meritus Mandarin Haikou
Kangle Garden HNA Resort Sofitel Boao
Le Meridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort & Spa Renaissance Sanya Resort & SPA
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of all hotels in urban & surrounding

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